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A Knight of Cydonia

By eilidh

This was done back in early 2016 for an art anthology, and was under NDA until about last April, when the project fell through.

I usually don't have very much to say about my works, but there had to be a bit of text going with the image in the book, so here it is:

"When I saw the first image of a sunset on Mars, sent by NASA's Curiosity Rover back in 2005, I was captivated by its unexpected colours. Since then, I have often imagined Mars at a time when life may have existed on it, though the world itself was dying. It was against such a backdrop I also imagined this woman; riding to battle, grim and determined, her presence had lingered on my mind a long while before I sat down to paint her.

The title is a nod to Muse’s song, Knights of Cydonia."

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Beautifully dystopian.

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  A beautiful painting of your imagining! 

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Both the character and the painting style feel so weathered and sombre, it's not hard to imagine this is a dying world.
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Thank you. That was more or less the idea: riding out to a futile battle.
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Hi Eleni.  Such an interesting backstory.  The sunset on Mars is indeed strange.  I really like the hands how they hold the reins and flagstaff.  Beautiful colours throughout as well.
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Thank you, Niall!
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