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PI: A Dreadful Fate by Eiliakins PI: A Dreadful Fate :iconeiliakins:Eiliakins 3 0 TP: Fast as a Slug by Eiliakins TP: Fast as a Slug :iconeiliakins:Eiliakins 3 0 TP: Pizza Night by Eiliakins TP: Pizza Night :iconeiliakins:Eiliakins 4 0
TP: Seeking Shelter From the Zombies
It was day four for Aran's trip to the post-apocalyptic Earth. He had not been able to get much rest and food was scarce, especially for a group of four. Of course, Smile did not really need food, being a Ghost type, but Muscle was whining for both of them. Face was much calmer about the situation but Aran knew enough about cats to know the Skitty was not feeling as great as he claimed he was.
It was afternoon and the zombies were making their rounds as usual while Aran tried his best to stay hidden and move from building to building in hopes of finding something useful. He jumped out of the broken window of what used to be a clothing store. The place had been looted empty and all Aran could find was a couple of zombie corpses rotting on the floors. It was a shame. Aran had hoped to find something to keep as a blanket for the chilly autumn nights but guess he would have to make do with what he got.
What was the next building going to be? He hadn't brought his visor with him to the simu
:iconeiliakins:Eiliakins 0 0
TP: Offended by Carrots by Eiliakins TP: Offended by Carrots :iconeiliakins:Eiliakins 1 0 TP: Training Again by Eiliakins TP: Training Again :iconeiliakins:Eiliakins 2 0 TP: Vincente the Artistic Geek by Eiliakins TP: Vincente the Artistic Geek :iconeiliakins:Eiliakins 4 0 TP: What Are You doing With His Spoons? by Eiliakins TP: What Are You doing With His Spoons? :iconeiliakins:Eiliakins 3 4 Almud Doodle by Eiliakins Almud Doodle :iconeiliakins:Eiliakins 2 0 TP: I LOVE Zombies! by Eiliakins
Mature content
TP: I LOVE Zombies! :iconeiliakins:Eiliakins 3 2
TP: Meeting Face And Muscle by Eiliakins TP: Meeting Face And Muscle :iconeiliakins:Eiliakins 1 0 TP: Feeding Strays by Eiliakins TP: Feeding Strays :iconeiliakins:Eiliakins 1 0
TP: You Fear the Guilt, Don't You?
The egg Aran had agreed to foster eventually hatched into a Miltank. He was not all too keen on having such a large Pokémon roam around his small apartment and was relieved to see how quickly someone else was willing to adopt it. Of course, what to Aran was fortunate, was less so in Smile's eyes. While Aran was less prone to running off on his own while the egg was around, Smile had hoped taking care of the infant would help him see he can bond with a new companion Pokémon. But no... That was not to happen this time, at least.
But then... A couple of days after all that, Aran came upon a rather peculiar duo; a Zorua and Skitty who were begging for food around the ship. Now, why they were looking for people with food in the hallways was beyond Aran. He wanted to press on that a bit, having a feeling they might be on a lookout to slip into someone's apartment to steal food instead. But after a brief chat he decided not to even question their motives. They... Th
:iconeiliakins:Eiliakins 0 4
TP: Not a Good Idea, huh? by Eiliakins TP: Not a Good Idea, huh? :iconeiliakins:Eiliakins 2 0 TP: Training Fever! by Eiliakins TP: Training Fever! :iconeiliakins:Eiliakins 2 0 TP: Fear the Bats! by Eiliakins TP: Fear the Bats! :iconeiliakins:Eiliakins 2 2

Random Favourites

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((Do ignore if you're not in :iconpocket-island:. xD))

Bullet; Red~~~~~ About the Shack ~~~~~Bullet; Red

Gallery Folder Here!

Trainer: Almud the Witch

Ranch Inventory on Google Sheets!

Bullet; Purple Almud really likes Pokémon! It's just in his nature to be very experimental and he can't just help himself if he gets his hands on something cute... How can I turn this into something more interesting?

Bullet; Purple When Almud was released from being sealed away by that spirit he tried to commune with, he was thrown onto a plot of wetland. There are several ponds and the ground is very soft and moist. He decided to stay there due to the fascinating flora and the smell that he honestly finds quite homely. Honestly, the waters are horribly polluted by several Poison types that have lived there for a long time... The water is not drinkable to humans. Almud has to get his drinking water from further away.

Bullet; Purple At the moment his home is just a small lean-to for a shelter and no one really knows he's there. Eventually, though, we can assume he will build a little hut there and find a way to officially claim the land for himself. You know, once he finds out this future is pretty dang particular over who owns what plot of land. No one thinks about the little freeloaders like Almud!

Bullet; Purple Almud's swamp is best suited for Poison types but he also has a personal love for Dark and Ghost types. Bug and Water types are also very welcome as long as they can stand the rather... questionable state of the water. You can expect to see a lot of Ghost-hybrids and Deltas here.
Bullet; Purple Almud loves everything creepy and weird. He was always fascinated by demons and the undead so... You can expect his Pokémon to look quite horrifying. And if they don't look horrifying or strange? You can expect that to change eventually.
Bullet; Purple Looks may betray you. Even the most demonic-looking bests may still have a heart of gold! Almud knows this very well and will do his best to take loving care of his little demons~. :heart:

Bullet; Purple Almud doesn't really dislike any kind of Pokémon. Though as mentioned... If it's too cutesy or normal, he will probably find it boring and try to do it a favour by turning it into an interesting monstrosity. You can't believe how excited he was when he heard about modern technology and stuff like Type Gems and DNA Splicers!

Bullet; Red~~~~~ About Breeding ~~~~~Bullet; Red

If the Pokémon is open for breeding and you'd like to have one of your Pokémon breed with it, feel free to throw me a note or comment about it. vuv 

Though some pointers:
Bullet; Yellow Both Pokémon MUST be level 10 or more. Let's not take risks~.
Bullet; Yellow Clutches will be split in half, in the case of odd-number clutches, we can just settle it as they come.
Bullet; Yellow I really am open-minded with these stuff, don't be afraid to ask. xD

Bullet; Red Breedable Pokémon will be marked with a red (underleveled) or green (open) bullet. Bullet; Green

Bullet; Black If a Pokémon has a life-mate, they will usually be unavailable for breeding. These mons will be marked with a black bullet. There may also be other character-related reasons that may lead to the Mon being unavailable to breeding. Bullet; Black

Bullet; Red~~~~~ Current Residents ~~~~~Bullet; Red


Star! Level 100 ~Bullet; RedHalf Star Level 50+ ~Bullet; RedNo Star Under Level 50


:iconunownplz: Half Star Scribbles the Unown/Meowth Bullet; Purple Traits: Hybrid Bullet; Green Breeding Status: Open. Bullet; Green
:icongengar-plz: No Star Armin the Gengar/Binacle Bullet; Purple Traits: Hybrid Bullet; Green Breeding Status: Open. Bullet; Green
:iconjoltikplz: No Star Milian the Joltik Bullet; Purple Traits: Shiny/Mutant/Delta(Dark) Bullet; Green Breeding Status: Open. Bullet; Green
:iconsableyeplz: No Star Maro the Sableye Bullet; Purple Traits: Shiny/Mutant/Delta(Water) Bullet; Green Breeding Status: Open. Bullet; Green
:icongrimer-plz: No Star Giradin the Grimer Bullet; Purple Traits: None Bullet; Green Breeding Status: Open. Bullet; Green
:iconduskullplz:/:iconheatmorplz: No Star Goyle the Duskull/Heatmor Bullet; Purple Traits: Hybrid Bullet; Green Breeding Status: Open. Bullet; Green


:iconlinooneplz: No Star Lin & Niue the Tranquility Linoone Bullet; Purple Traits: Oddity Bullet; Green Breeding Status: Open. Bullet; Green

No refs yet:
- Deerling/Paras
- the rest of his ever-growing ranch list...
- Several spooky scary ghosts from eggs
- Some of the Mons in my Storage. (Gotta figure out which order I want to introduce them in. *Thinking*)

Clutches to be made:
- None!

Heart Canon Couples: Heart

Bullet; Black If you would like to have a baby from one of these couples, just give me a word and I can breed them and even let you design your own baby from them if you so wish. vuv

- None!
  • Listening to: Nature sounds. There's not much music on a swamp.
  • Reading: His old notes that got here along with him.
  • Watching: The night sky over the trees.
  • Playing: With Scribbles.
  • Eating: Whatever he can find.
  • Drinking: He can't believe he had to walk 3km for water.


Artist | Professional | Varied
My art blog on Tumblr:

Studied game art at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences!, now a real Freelance artist!
Commission status: TBA

Welcome to my artistic junkyard! Woo!

Nuts for medieval fantasy~.

Elisabet/Eli is my third name, but I dislike the first one so much I'd rather just be referred to as either just Eli. vuv Hence also Eilia.

Please, don't thank me for the llamas. Chances are you gave me one first anyways and I don't really care for them.


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