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((Do ignore if you're not in :iconpocket-island:. xD))

Bullet; Red~~~~~ About the Hall ~~~~~Bullet; Red

Gallery Folder Here!

Trainer: Ceros the Paladin

Ranch Inventory on Google Sheets!

Bullet; Purple Ceros lives in the ruins of an old monastery in a forest overtaken by year-round winter. While he sees and feels the place as it was in its glory times, all his Pokémon except Tekoen see it in its ruined state. 

Bullet; Purple Ceros likes all animals but his favourite kinds are the large ones! He is especially fond of anything resembling dragons or bears.

Bullet; Purple Ceros' monastery is currently best-suited for Fire, Ice and other cold-resistant Pokémon. He will eventually realize the discomfort of his new pets and will find a way to accommodate them more comfortably. After all, if he makes a fire, it will warm up both his people and the Pokémon in this Pocket Island's  dimension!

Bullet; Purple For now, Most of his Pokémon will come and go instead of staying there all the time as the place really is just that cold. They may be tame but Ceros lets them roam free!

Bullet; Red~~~~~ About Breeding ~~~~~Bullet; Red

If the Pokémon is open for breeding and you'd like to have one of your Pokémon breed with it, feel free to throw me a note or comment about it. vuv 

Though some pointers:
Bullet; Yellow Both Pokémon MUST be level 10 or more. Let's not take risks~.
Bullet; Yellow Clutches will be split in half, in the case of odd-number clutches, we can just settle it as they come.
Bullet; Yellow I really am open-minded with these stuff, don't be afraid to ask. xD

Bullet; Red Breedable Pokémon will be marked with a red (underleveled) or green (open) bullet. Bullet; Green

Bullet; Black If a Pokémon has a life-mate, they will usually be unavailable for breeding. These mons will be marked with a black bullet. There may also be other character-related reasons that may lead to the Mon being unavailable to breeding. Bullet; Black

Bullet; Red~~~~~ Current Residents ~~~~~Bullet; Red


Star! Level 100 ~Bullet; RedHalf Star Level 50+ ~Bullet; RedNo Star Under Level 50


:iconcharmanderplz: Half Star Tekoen the Charmander Bullet; Purple Traits: Shiny/Mutant Bullet; Black Breeding Status: Unavailable due to story reasons. Bullet; Black
:iconpyroarplz:/:iconalolanmarowakplz: No Star Aavu the Griffon Pyroar/Alolan Marowak Bullet; Purple Traits: Shiny/Mutant/Delta(Fairy/Flying)/Hybrid Bullet; Green Breeding Status: Open. Bullet; Green
:iconarcanineplz: No Star San the Shishi Arcanine Bullet; Purple Traits: Shiny/Mutant/Delta(Rock/Dragon) Bullet; Red Breeding Status: Underleveled. Bullet; Red


None yet!

No refs yet:
- A lot of cool stuff!

Clutches to be made:
- None!

Heart Canon Couples: Heart

Bullet; Black If you would like to have a baby from one of these couples, just give me a word and I can breed them and even let you design your own baby from them if you so wish. vuv

- None!
  • Listening to: The choir in the hall singing
  • Reading: Reading stories to his Pokémon
  • Watching: The fire in the fireplace
  • Playing: With his Pocket-Dimension Pokémon
  • Eating: Meat some of his fellow paladins hunted
  • Drinking: Water they melted from snow and boiled.


Artist | Professional | Varied
My art blog on Tumblr:

Studied game art at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences!, now a real Freelance artist!
Commission status: TBA, currently doing a small contract-project for a local game company!

Welcome to my artistic junkyard! Woo!

Nuts for medieval fantasy~.

Elisabet/Eli is my third name, but I dislike the first one so much I'd rather just be referred to as Eli or Eil. vuv Hence also Eilia.

Please, don't thank me for the llamas. Chances are you gave me one first anyways and I don't really care for them.


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