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Watercolor Foods Collection - Sample

This is the first set of a project I'm doing. I plan to draw food from various countries in watercolor and use them for calendars, notebooks and postcards. I don't plan to post all the sets here, but I'll certainly post the second set (Japanese food) here for you to see :). I find sharing experiences about food from different cultures very interesting!

Media: watercolor

EDIT: You can now buy prints and mugs with some of the food drawn for this collection in my Society6 store:…

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awwwwwwwwwwwww~ the bunny looks cute♡
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It's so cute what you did there. I love the ice cream taiyaki! :3
yurwity's avatar
Hold on, wait a minute, coffee jelly, is this Japan's quick way to get caffeine without resorting to energy drinks or not?
eikomakimachi's avatar
I don't think it's quicker than getting a coffee can from one of their vending machines / konbinis (small retail shops), but is sure is a good caffeine alternative for hot days.
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Ho, você não pensa em fazer prints dessa ilustração? (Com os nome, inclusive!) Acho que ficaria uma graça na minha cozinha! Hehe! :love: 
eikomakimachi's avatar
Tem prints na minha loja da Society 6 :)…

Não tenho impresso aqui no Brasil porque ainda tenho print de coisas antigas empacadas aqui.
Inushi's avatar
Mas na Society 6 só tem 3 docinhos, queria um print com a coleção inteira! :love: #aexigente #sorry Woohooooo! 

Quem sabe pra uma próxima leva de impressões nacionais...? Airborne 
eikomakimachi's avatar
Ah, mas o original nem é o que você tá vendo aí, isso é só uma parte. O que tá no Society 6 tá corretamente diagramado para ser impresso, o que tem aqui no DA não serve pra imprimir pra quadro.

Eu até ia fazer o quadro completo, mas me falta tempo e também como tô com muita print parada não tô fazendo novas prints porque senão tomo prejuízo =/
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OMG I've had Ice Cream Taiyaki before. Sooooo gooooood! Beautiful watercolors....
eikomakimachi's avatar
Ice Cream Taiyaki is really yummy! :D
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Que fofo, e parecem tão gostosos :heart:
eikomakimachi's avatar
Haha, se todo mundo achar que estão gostosos então atingi o meu objetivo XD!
Xx-Feathergaze-xX's avatar
Oh! So cute! I like it!
OnlyTheGhosts's avatar
My kids love ichigo daifuku
eikomakimachi's avatar
Ichigo daifuku is really good ^^, I love it as well!
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Usagi Manjuu *u* <333333333
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This looks both delicious and adorable! :D
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These look great!
i really wanna try coffee jelly now...
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