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By eikepopeike
Eike Erzmoneit: Earthapplepot pouring out a brickseasky - Erdapfelkanne einen Steinseehimmel ausgießend. Acrylic paint on board
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This is awesome, inspires creative thought...
Hi Eike, you may not remember me but I used to hang out at the mucky duck in Woolston, Southampton and was a big fan of your band Trike. You gave me a postcard of Earth Apple pot in a brick sea sky and I never forgot. 
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Dali and Roger Dean in a same pic!!! Excelent!!!
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Amazing work - Just a touch of Magritte & Dali, but very original too.
This is beautiful and it really does surrealism justice..excellent work.
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This art work is simiar to Rene Margrete and Savidore Dali. Great Work. I do the same thing you do but diffrently.
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Hello! I want to say that today it's small "great day" for me - 4 month on dA! I decided to write in Journal about it friend, your work have been featured! Link here: [link]
Thank you so much for your awesome, great work! You're amazing! :hug:
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AMAZING,that is all i can say
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Reminds me the old R. Magritte, I mean that's good, very good ; )
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Thank you! Eike
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This is completely awesome. Every time I look at it, I see a detail that I didn't notice before. Wonderful job! :clap:
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Thank you! Eike. Seen my website?
Very tasty. I love the imagination
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it has a very dali feel to it
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Dali was one of my influences, as was Magritte, Escher...
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Super awesome concept and painting. Love it! :thumbsup:
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Funny and fantastic concept !! Totaly crazy and surreal !!
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You're very Welcome ! :huggle:
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I'm absolutely smitten. The color palette, the depth of space (ha ha), the surrealism, it's flawless to me. And I love the retro school science poster quality it has. I think it's the space+red brick wall+ apple factor, and that's a compliment for sure. Just thank you for painting this.
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