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ok... um.. well, really stating the obvious there. but YAY!!! um...

I read this really interesting post the other day. Isn't it funny how diligently people follow their computer screens? I mean, if a computer record tells someone that I don't exist, then well, who am I to argue? It's an interesting thought....

*yawn* It's a good thing we're on holidays. I find it very interesting to note that NO-ONE is on MSN at 9:40 am this Wednesday. Very very interesting....

have a good one!
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eikasia-aisakie's avatar now?
oh. ok.

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Haha! Scared you!
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I'm a cookie.
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its 10:30 am on thursday morning and i am not on msn.

just because.

if a computer record tells me that i do not exist, then i tell it something that would prolly form an error of some sort.

have a good what???? :D
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Some people would think you're crazy for waking up so early. Others would not.

It's funny but true. And at the same time sad but true.

"Have a good one" is a way of indicating to the reader many things- things like "have a good day", "have a good holidays", "have a good trip", "have a good week", "have a good life" and "have a good existence". Choose what you will.
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i know what have a good one means


i normally wake at 6.
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Thank you Incomplete Combustion for your concern. :D

but lil's like that, aren't you lil?
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:nod: yep

sorry annie, i didnt mean to turn his dial to "freak"
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You just asked her what she meant by "have a good one", and yet when she explains, you claim you know what it means! Or maybe I'm just taking it too seriously!? No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!
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it wasnt meant for her to explain. i do speak english, and if its one thing i know a little about, its a lot of things, one of them being aussie slang, which has its roots in english slang, like....apples and pears.




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Then start making sense. If you say something no-one else understands, its not because you're smart or subtle, it's because you made a nonsensical statement
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Wow! look at the big long chain of arguments! I think i'd like to join it and make it longer.
Yay! someone's arguing my pov!!! yay!!!
*shrug* i'll just go now. who screwed up devart anyway?
why is it so sssssssssssslllllllllllllllllllllloooooo ooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww........????
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