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This is Hot of the oven!!
I used Prismacolor Art Markers, Ink and a Tecnical Pen...

Feeling kind of stressed...

I blew some steam doing this, It made me feel better.. This Markers ROCK!!!! :headbang: by the way.... Nice bright Colors... He he he he COLORS.....
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parece que tenemos los mismos gustos...nos gustan las mismmas cosas hehehe[link]
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He he... Gracias por el comentario.
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wow that's impressive and intriguing hehe..
It's more like a face than a body ..:D
very abstract hehehehehe
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Thanx! I like abstract art, because everybody sees something different, depending on their perspective, experience and personal views in life... That's what makes it more rich in content...

My vision is just one of many it could have, I enjoy very much when people comment what they see in my work...

Thanx again!
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You're welcome ... and you're right too ..
makes me love abstract art ....... lol
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Really cool drawing, nearly psychedelic I'd say. I love the colors, but it's has a bit much 'hair' for my taste ;) I hope you will post some more of your art soon :D
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Thanx for the comment! Yeah she does have quite a BUSH...

I'll post some new stuff soon!
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Cool, I'll keep my eyes open for it =D
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