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Seventh Soul - 14

By EightTheKat
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Hot diggity damn I got this one done in less than two weeks wooo

Guess sans really does like sleeping out in the snow ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Welp guys, this is the home stretch. Only 1 or 2 more pages left (probably 2 if i do short pages, which I want to try to do) before we conclude Volume One! I'm getting really excited to wrap this up and start really planning out Volume Two^^ Thanks for sticking with me thus far :D

Also goddamnit Sans, you and Frisk had a secret whistle for a reason 
The stare. 

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OH F*** (she signs excitedly)

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54virusesHobbyist Writer

Quick Sans! PUN for your life!

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KirstenanlaurHobbyist Digital Artist
Great mother of Jesus! Toriel!!
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Zanny-GarrettHobbyist Digital Artist

OHHHHHHHHH hell!!!!!! :nuu:

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CatsRcuteLikeMe101Hobbyist Digital Artist

*Insert to be continued*

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InshagomeHobbyist General Artist
Shortcut!! SHORTCUT!!
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OMG where is Frisk? it doesn't smell good
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reader202Student Digital Artist

Oh no goat mom knows!

Great btw😊

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uh oh!!!!! D8 angry goatmom
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okapi777Hobbyist Digital Artist
o o f
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Der ain’t nothin moar terrifying than a protec momma.

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On the last part, think shoud play


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UndertaleComicTVStudent Digital Artist
Awesome as always <3
Acumensans's avatar

You guys shoud make a comic dub about this!

nonorama's avatar
Ooooh sans your in trouble!
LastYear5's avatar

You will die in 10 seconds

DigitalGame's avatar
Good job sans, you woken the mama tori, you would have been better off sticking your head in the mayors mouth.
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GoldenMaiden98Hobbyist Writer
Oh dear... Sans you should've checked better
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kyliec100Hobbyist General Artist
Oooooooooo. 😯
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Oh crap it's about to go down! Ahhh!!!
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