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Seventh Soul - 11

By EightTheKat
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Heyyyy got it done before it hit the 1 month mark :'D Slowly but surely getting better at getting them out sooner ^^" However...it is kind of a short page...But i kind of want to start making them shorter from now on so I can start getting them out more often. Now that the holidays are just about over, I'm hoping to not take a month to make a single page anymore...I hope...

1 more page for chapter five, then onto the sixth and final chapter of Volume One >:3 Then the real story begins...

Once again, thanks for always bearing with me. I'm so glad people seem to like this story so far <3

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54virusesHobbyist Writer

Yay, another letter. The last one turned out so well.

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PhuindradHobbyist Photographer

"You are fired!"

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Poor Sans, this is a bad idea if he is invited to join the Royal Guard. He won't be able to keep his promise to Frisk for long about not revealing that Frisk is a human.

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risa05Student Artist
Oh no is undyne gonna make sans a royal guard? that would be heartbreaking for papyrus.....
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Zanny-GarrettHobbyist Digital Artist
Whaaaaaat's happening?!
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Why must you always end on some kind of cliffhanger? I mean, it is a good hype technique and I will definitely stay on the edge of my seat but STILL!

*concerned screaming*

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higgihaiStudent Traditional Artist
dang im concerned
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Gee paps looks so sad, I'm afraid of that letter now
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Nice page, it is a little shorter, but its still really long, and because what u consider short is still pretty long, haha.  I liked the longer pages, but if it means getting pages somewhat faster, this length and even somewhat shorter in need be seems prefect.  Its so exciting that Volume 1 is almost over, looking forward to the rest of Vol 1, and then for Vol. 2 and the real story to begin after that.  Well the story is really cool, interesting, and unique so far, so of course people like it, ur art and comics defin. deserve the praise.  Happy holidays, I hope u keep enjoying them. 

Page 10 and 11 were great, and the finished Vol. 1 cover looked great, u drew the ruins door so nice, but broken and sad looking, and Sans and Frisk looked really nice too, I just really like how u draw them in general, them and the ruins and the whole cover really, gave off a kinda melancholy look, looks great.  I also like how on top of the ruins door on the Vol. 1 cover there is flower that looks like Flowey, dont know if that was on purpose, but it still looks good.  And the Sans Paint looked great, esp love how u did his eye, and his hoodie looked really ruffled, shiny, and pretty detailed, basically the picture looked good.  I bet the next volume covers will look just as good.  It makes me happy that now that u are less busy, because the holidays are almost over and the pages somewhat shorter, that we will be getting more pages and stuff sooner, and hopefully not a month, but again I can be patient, ur stuff is nice, and this is one of my fav new (UT AU) comics, so yeah I can always wait.  Hope u have been doing well.  :)
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*le gasp* letter? o nu.......he being invited into the guard isnt he? Dx
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