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Seventh Soul - 09

By EightTheKat
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Hoooly crap I'm so sorry it took over a month to finally get this page done but here it is! I've been so busy with moving stuff (and I'm still working on moving) so I've had hardly any time to work on it...but soon I should have a lot more time for art (I hope).

Also we're nearly done with the first arc for this comic. I think there'll be about 5 arcs total? Hard to say so early but that's my guesstimation. Hope you all enjoy this little cliffhanger until I get the next part of chapter 5 done^^

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oh no( she signs while groaning)

SashyArt's avatar

Ahhhhhhhhh >o< uhoh

MrETheComic's avatar

Welp. That cat's out of the bag

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Oh nu. I can’t read the words properly.

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When will the 10 come out?


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EightTheKatHobbyist Digital Artist
I've been working on it, it's been busy due to holidays. But it'll be out before 2020 😂 I'm hoping to have it done soonish
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Yes! im so happy thank you so much.

btw i love your art style, keep it up!

Littletale Sans Icon

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AAAAAAA I want to see what will happen
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EightTheKatHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm working on it haha^^ Glad you're enjoying it so far Heart 
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I'll be waiting ^^
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Hi this is my favorite comic ever i hope, comic sans tv dubs it

keep up the great work!Littletale Sans Icon

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EightTheKatHobbyist Digital Artist
Aww thank you! And I hope they do too^^ : P
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Endtime101Student Artist
THIS IS SOOOO GOOOOD!! I LIVE YOUR ART AND COMICS!!! ( Keep up the good work!)
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Hello, i really like your amazing comics and plot of this story is really good. :)

I want to See more

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RexTHeroHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Zanny-GarrettHobbyist Digital Artist
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GoldenMaiden98Hobbyist Writer
Sans... please dont get them killed!!!
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InshagomeHobbyist General Artist
It's ok they've been friends for years,
Being human won't change that!
Right? >_>
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ManyHappyWidowsHobbyist Traditional Artist

There's no words for how excited I am about this installment :D :D I've been waiting for him to figure this out since day one!

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Haha, that chapter name, makes me worried for Sans and Frisk.  Also, cool we are almost done with the 1st arc, and we are probably getting at least 5 arcs of this comic, sweet.  Maybe u can have an epilogue or something to wrap up everything after the probable 5 arcs are complete, or like a post ending thing, or "true" ending or something, kinda like how you did an introduction/ prologue for this comic.  Which means there is still lots more to read in the future.  And that this comic wont be over anytime soon, which makes me pretty since I really like this comic. 

Totally worth the wait, since this page seems extra long, pretty sure its longer than the last one, which was pretty long already.  Also, we get u were busy moving and stuff, sucks we had to wait longer than usual, since I love this comic, but at the same time Im also even more patient with the stuff I like.  Plus I know u have a life, Im just happy ur making this comic and other stuff in general when u can.  Cant wait for the next part of Ch. 5, hope its release date isnt too far off, but take ur time.  :)
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DecimaDragonoidStudent Digital Artist
Cat’s out of the bag now! Things are getting intense!
I hope this doesn't mean the end of their friendship! PLEASE!!! XD
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DragonChuuStudent Digital Artist
* hit fav furiously * 
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