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Learning Wingdings Pt.1

By EightTheKat
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Papyrus isn't very happy about Sans' wingding lessons Giggle 

Gaster Meme Undertale Emoticon 

Dub!! youtu.be/ZCmlCaBQpRY?t=27

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What a wonderful compliment :3

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Why are all your characters so stinkin’ cute!?

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For those who don't know:

Sans taught Frisk to say "FUCK YOU"

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GoldenMaiden98Hobbyist Writer
Why would he do that? XD
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sans told frisk that this is hello in winding

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LunarEclipse325Hobbyist Digital Artist

Why wouldn’t he lol

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GoldenMaiden98Hobbyist Writer
True but still Toriel would kick his butt if she knew
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*Spears of Justice intensifies*

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3jaagerHobbyist General Artist
oh this is so good
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DecimaDragonoidStudent Digital Artist
Sans... Why?

The comic dub was amazing, by the way! ^^
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Thank you so much for this!! It was so funny and cute!!
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tashhhh4 Digital Artist
On that second-to-last panel... For a second I misread it as "sup short bro".
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UndertaleComicTVStudent Digital Artist
Hi Buddy. Could We dub your comics ? We really love and wanna promote your comics to our fan and viewers in the world. Example of our dubs - Sans Comic TV Channel on Youtube : www.youtube.com/channel/UCpNh0… Thank you so much
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EightTheKatHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes! Absolutely!! Thanks so much wow! :D (Big Grin) 
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simonandluluHobbyist Digital Artist
(Roleplaying text) I remember it ought my daughter azel to use a wand and blast her foes to dust but she used it to steal candy from bulk barn 😣
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simonandluluHobbyist Digital Artist
I remember I taught
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OMG Sans, what have you done?!?! What did you teach to Frisk???
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TimeKidLinkSans2000Hobbyist Writer
I am so Sans here! Paps’ face LOL
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