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SPIDERMAN 2 jim lee stlye

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when i saw spiderman yesterday i had do this up , i kinda forgot how to draw spidey so i took from this one from jim lee, it was was an overall badass movie ,it had alot of drama but what would be spidey with out mj? but this is another tribute to spidey and jim lee.if i can find pencils of mcfarlane i would love to take him on...but anyways enjoys
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Wonderful work!
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I loved the movies as well. In Fact, until I saw Thor, they were my favorite comic movies. You did a good job emulating Lee's style.
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Ah! I was eager to see the movie too! And I did! It was magical. And when I got out of the theater the magic disappeared. :(
Anyway, I don't know who Jim Lee is but if that's his style - I love it! :D
Is-Cooler-Than-You's avatar
amazing paint job, spiderman is awesome.
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very nice jim lee adaptation.
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Way cool!!! Awesome job--Spidey rules the superhero world!
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This looks really good:)
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really amazing!
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That is amazing!
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hey man, im gonna beg you to color some of my stuff, please check out my gallery and let me know what you think.
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the soft colouring is just sweet, brings a mood to it that wouldn't be present in standard comic colouring
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yeah i hate the way the inudustry has the same type of coloring...thanks for the comment!
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jim lee stlye nice!!!!
o0xxPaperFlowersxx0o's avatar
This is great! ^_^ I love Spidey!
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Ay Guey! came out great man. The spidey came out awesome.
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Thats bad ass, really nice job on ol' Ocks arms
PuertoRicanRaven's avatar
Pretty awsome. i like the ock with bigger "fingers" on the arms. But this Pic is awsome
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Awesome job! Very dynamic! Definitely an inspiring piece. (*'.')b
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jim lee will always be the bestest one, no matter what others say! and you made a grat work coloring it!! do you own the pencilled uncolored piece? show it to me!!
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daaam mang,you aint got to to the lords name in vain!haha naw man i got it off his special book from wizard,its was a unreleased pic.
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oh, I will try to find it, thanx anyway!!
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WHOA. This looks really really GREAT!!! I loved the movie--- I love this pic!!! :+fav:
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My God you definitely have comic art down perfectly. Totally convincing in every respect.
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