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Gloves Tutorial: Part II, Sewing

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I recently did up a pair of gloves for my Boushh cosplay, so I figured I'd do up a little tutorial to go along with them. Here's part two for sewing together a pattern made for your hands.

See part one (making the pattern) here!

Feel free to leave any questions you may have for me here!
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i dont even know why id want to make gloves, but i need to save this tutorial, its so useful, its so beautiful
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This is a great asset for glove making.
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Awesome, thanks so much for taking the time to put this tutorial together!
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Would we still need to add gussets if this pattern were converted for fingerless gloves?
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I actually used it for fingerless gloves on a project not too long ago. Yes, you do need to still do gussets, otherwise the actual fingers will be too narrow for you to put yours through. I suggest drawing out and cutting out the pattern as pictured, then cut off the finger tips before you start sewing anything together. Fold the gusset strips in half and then line them up between the fingers so that you can see where to cut the ends off to make them match in length.
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whoah this is great! :3
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what kind of material did you use?
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For those gloves, that was a faux suede with a glossy backing.
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This was SUPER helpful!!!! I was following another tutorial with the same pattern and all they said was to attach the thumb piece. They didn't even show or explain how they attached it!!! But you have saved the day for me!!! No more having to pull out the seam ripper on this dang thumb piece.
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aaah this is so helpful thank you!!!!
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at step 3-4-5, thats where i get confused. is there a way you could explain it a little different?
thanks :D
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Ha, well, I can try.

So the idea of the gussets, which are those strip pieces, is that they go in between your fingers. Rather than sew the two big glove pieces together, you put those in the middle of them. The tip of each gusset starts at the middle of the fingertip, and then you just sew along it between the two fingers until you reach the fingertip of the next finger. Then you start with a new gusset strip and sew that between the next fingers.

If you look at the picture of the strip sort of folded in half in Step 3, just imagine that the piece of paper beneath it is one of the glove pieces and that you're going to sew the other glove piece overtop.
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ooohhhhhhhhhhhh, now i get it :P lol
ok, thanks sooo much!
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so... (lol sorry) you cut out one hand (out of the fabric) with a thumb hole, and one without it, and then you sew the gussets in between those two? (and then sew the pinky-down and add the thumb)
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This is very helpful. I actually tried to follow a pattern I'd bought, but I could not figure out how to do the damn gussets.
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I'm glad it helped! I wish I could have taken better photos of how to do gussets, not easily photographed those things. :)
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You have been featured here: [link]
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Great! I had a pattern for gloves but when I sew them thy just turn up horrible >:C
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Oh god. I wish I would have found this two weeks ago :o

Thanks, I'll try it !
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