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Gloves Tutorial: Part I, Making a Pattern

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I recently did up a pair of gloves for my Boushh cosplay, so I figured I'd do up a little tutorial to go along with them. Here's part one for creating a pattern to fit YOUR hands.

Part Two (with actual sewing) here!

Feel free to leave any questions you may have for me here!
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I'm doing an Anakin Skywalker genderbend cosplay, and I'm using this for my glove! Thank you, this was really helpful!! :D
chasmyn's avatar
This was so helpful, thank you! 
FallenAngel235's avatar
you SAVED me!! <3 I needed gloves for my cosplay, and i was starting to freak out bc i couldn't find the ones i wanted. THANK YOU! <3
Eightohsixtythird's avatar
Oh, I'm glad! Hope they turned out great! :D
xuza's avatar
Ahhh, this is so handy! *o* (ha HAAA that was by accident I swear). Thank you for sharing!
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This is brilliant. I wish I had this when I first was trying to make gloves. I can't wait to try this out! Thank you so much for this wonderful help! It's set up so easily too.
Lyfa-Li's avatar
thank you for your help!
orribu's avatar
Ahh this is awesome! Thanks for the share!! :3
heardtheowl's avatar
Awesome! Thanks so much! This is a really wonderful, easy to follow tutorial! <3
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Reeeeeeeaaaally useful!! :dance: Thanks!!
Reecey-Boy's avatar
I'm so glad I found this, I may be able to make gloves that fit my disproportionately short little finger!

No longer will there be a tent of excess material!
No longer will I have to wear children's gloves!

technicolor-werewolf's avatar
You're awesome! ^_^ I can't find any commercial glove patterns that fit my tiny hands! Usually I can draft patterns really well, but I guess my brain just wasn't adding things up right. Thanks a zillion.
Eightohsixtythird's avatar
Aww, thanks! I hope it works out for you! :D
XoBrittuhoX's avatar
wow this is pun intended. XD Do you usually hand sew or machine sew the gloves?
Eightohsixtythird's avatar
The one pictured was hand-sewn, but only because my sewing machine was broken at the time. If you're confident enough with your ability to do even curves on your machine, you can do it either way. Personal preference FTW!
XoBrittuhoX's avatar
lol thanks for the info. :B
Dante-Aran's avatar
Seriously. Thanking you so much for this. Gloves always have been my biggest issue every time I have a new cosplay coming around the corner. OTL
PyroTogepi's avatar
This is going to be useful once Halloween rolls around. Thank you! :D
Kelos-Kreations's avatar
WoW! this will be helpfull! Thank you
Airunm's avatar
ohh it's very interesting! :)
Athey's avatar
This is great! Thanks so much for this :D I'm making my daughter's halloween costume, but couldn't find any gloves that aren't just terribly oversized for her, so this will help a lot.
Syric's avatar
Hahaha! I found you! (It's Lyb) -stalker time-
paultrainer's avatar
Love it!!!!! Absolutely (winter has just ended in the southern hemisphere, practice for next year I see !!!!)
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