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In an effort to make journals more often, and also while I procrastinate drawing the picture that needs to be done by Friday and sewing the dress that needs to be done by Sunday, I took this quiz that I filled out on here 12 years ago and I do it again now and compare the difference. I dunno, thought it'd be whimsical? 12-year-old Anna's answers appear in quotes, with comments and then current answers after. 'Same' is where answers haven't changed. Here goes.

Full Name:: "I’m not telling, but my first name is Anna" said 12y.o. Anna. My last name can be found signed on most of my pictures on here, though. I lied about 'Anna' being my first name as well.
Birthday:: "Oct. 17" Same, obviously.
Birthplace:: "Uh, a hospital?" It's true!
Eye Colour:: "They’re kinda blue-ish greenish" Same. Sometimes I just call them gray. Says blue on my driver's license.
Hair Colour:: "Brown" Same.
Height:: "I don’t know" Says 5'6" on my driver's license. Pretty sure that was just my guesstimate when asked, though.
Weight:: "130, yeah, I’m fat, you can keep your opinons about it to yourself!" :rofl: Definitely fat for 12, but man I'd love to be able to say 'same' on this one. My goal is 145, which I am slowly creeping down towards.
Right handed or Left handed?:: "Right" Same.
Your Heritage:: "Paternally Scottish, Maternally German" Same.
My Worst Habit:: "Flapping my hands about when I’m excited (I think I have brain damage)" Still do that, but I've narrowed down when I get the urge. There are worse things I can think of now... I'd say a big thing I need to work on is not forgiving people.
Zodiac Sign:: "Um, er, uh, um, uh…. Libra ?" Yes it's true.
Shoe Size:: "I have no idea" Depends on the brand and whether they have wide-width. Usually 10 or 11.
Pants Size:: "I really don’t check these things" If memory serves, 2007 was the year I switched exclusively to skirts, and have not worn pants since, save a few times for costumes. I still don't know the size.
Innie or Outie?:: "The first one" Same.
Parents Still Together?:: "Ch, yeah" Same. Not sure what I meant by the 'ch.'
The Shoes You Wore Today:: "uh, um, I wore my sandles, but mostly I’ve been barefoot" Black tennis shoes for work, otherwise I still prefer going barefoot.
Your Weakness:: "Weakness, what are you talking about, personage ?" You'll find alot of this attempting to be witty nonsense in here. I'd say a weakness I have at the moment is just about every time I stand up I go blind for about 3 seconds.
Your Fears:: "The alians from Signs, the infection from 28 Day Later" Note that I couldn't spell 'aliens.' Not really scared of those anymore... Heights, caves, llamas. Probably more. :shrug:
Your Perfect Pizza:: "Just cheese, with lots of garlic sauce !" Same. Specifically from Papa John's... which sadly seems to be well into getting woke and going broke. :noes:
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year:: "It’s a secret !" Gosh, I dunno what that was! XD But I'd say... yeah, no, my goal for THIS year is a secret too.
Your Most Overused Phrase On An Instant Messenger:: "What’s instant messehger" I know what it is now, but I still never used it.
First Thoughts Waking Up:: “AAAA !! WHAT’S THAT NOISE !?! WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE !!!!!!!!” Riiiight. But the point still stands that they're generally nonsensical.
Your Best Physical Feature:: "My eyebrows ?" I learned later that while *I* think thick eyebrows look good, they're not generally considered attractive on women. Currently I'd say it's the fact that even at my fattest I'm still an hourglass.
Your Bedtime:: "10:00-10:30 p.m." I remember that being self-imposed. My parents stopped enforcing bedtime when I was 10. I try to get ready for bed at 11. Usually am in bed by midnight.
Your Most Missed Memory:: "This weird memory I have that I don’t know where I got it" I think said memory was a cross between a dream and something on Preschool Power. Not totally sure what the quiz means here by 'most missed,' but I guess... I miss the 'summer trip to Minnesota' which I know sounds dumb since I live here now, but I miss when the nearby town had stores worth going to, and my Grandpa, and being able to just swim all day and not worry about things. I miss being a kid, I guess is the gist of it.


Favourite colour?:: "Yellow" That's not true! Now it's a chocolate brown.
Food?:: "French turkey" Still good, though now I think I'd say... spring rolls from Empress. RIP. ;_;
Sport?:: "I no like  ‘um sport" BOOOOO to self-righteous holier-than-thou nerdsona! Obviously, the current answer is football.
Animal?:: "dog" I like dogs. But I like bears better.
Ice Cream?:: "Cookies and cream" Same.
Candy?:: "white chocolate truffles" They're ok. I'll go with Reeses.
Store?:: "The Sweetrey in Atkin" One of aforementioned stores in town here that's no longer around. Also I can't spell my own town name... or the store name either... :iconheaddeskplz: Currently I'd say Hobby Lobby, on account of really feeling the lack of one around here.
Salad Dressing?:: "I no eat salad" Homemade one made of mayonaise, sour cream, sugar, and vinegar. Italian's alright.
Actor?:: "Jason Marsden" Sure? I still love his voiceacting, and I still love looking up filmographies of every actor in every thing we watch, but Hollywood is such a cesspit of filth that I no longer get emotionally attached to any of them.
Song?:: "Promise" Currently I'd say 'Sleep' by Typhoon
Letter?:: "Who’d care about what letter ?" 12y.o. Anna makes a legitimate point.
Number?:: "I repete…" But she still can't spell.
Gum?:: "strawberry flavour they discontinued" Turns out they didn't; Kroger just stopped carrying it. I referred to strawberry Bubblicious, and it's still my favorite.
Holiday?:: "Easter" I remember feeling obligated to say as much because it is the most important day. Acknowledging that, but answering now what my *personal* favorite is, that would be Halloween.
Season?:: "Fall" Same.
Toothpaste Flavour?:: "there’s more then one ?" Being willfully ignorant here. Now I have to use 'sensitive' toothpaste. It does taste better than regular.
Radio Station:: "Whichever one is playing good music" I listen to the radio less now than I did then. No preference.
Perfume?:: "I don’t wear perfume" Nor did I until very recently. I have a vanilla one and a peach one. I like 'em both.
Scent?:: "the gym at the university" Still like that, and cigar smoke, which was another answer I considered at the time. At present I'd say it's a particular mix of a particular shampoo, particular laundry detergent, and... particular cologne? Idk. :XD: I'm pointlessly trying to make an addition problem out of this when I could just answer straight: my boyfriend.


What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?:: "A housewife/stay-at-home-mom" Wow hey. I was still on track at 12. I got a bit lost in the meantime, but I'm back on track now!
How Do You Want To Die?:: "old age" I'm down with that.  
Which One Of Your Friends Acts The Most Like You?:: "Susie" Dunno if this is still true, since I'm not really in contact with this person anymore. I very much doubt it. And... currently I don't really have any friends outside of our tiny close-knit group in which... I don't think anyone acts like me.
Who's The Loudest?:: "Out of who ?" Legit question. But out of aforementioned group, GamerintheZone
Who Makes You Laugh The Most?:: "Uh, Steven ?" Oh hey, he's going to be a priest, I'm told. Currently also GamerintheZone
Who Have You Known The Longest?:: "Well, my mom" Still true.
When Have You Cried The Most?:: "None of yer darned businus" Mostly just during movies/video games. Noticing lately that I hardly ever cry without there being music.
What Is The Best Feeling In The World?:: "Arriving at our summer house" I'm not wrong here, but I live here now. Sooo... kissing GamerintheZone? :blush:
Worst Feeling?:: "None of yer darned businus" I'd say 'my knee almost went out, here comes a seizure' is pretty bad.
Where Do You Want To Live When You Grow Up?:: "A farm by my grandparents’ house" That continued to be my plan, and I have sort of done so, but where I end up ultimately depends on a lot of things, and I'm determined to be happy to follow wherever I'm led.
If You Could Change One Thing About You What Would It Be?:: "We would live in Minnesota" Well I achieved that! Now how 'bout killing that self-loathing?
How Long Do You Think You'll Live?:: "I don’t know, I’m not planning to die tomorrow" I know of no immediate threats to my life, but one never can be sure. :paranoid:


Let's walk on the: peir.
Let's look at the: slits.
What a nice: peir.
Where did all the: bourds go?
Why can't we: count de bourds?
Silly, little: Ollie
Isn't it weird that: when you’re out of slits, you’re out of peir.
Never under any circumstance: should you count the slits.
I wish: to count the baords.
Everyone has a: peir
I am: Sven

12y.o. Anna was on point here. I leave the above section as is.


Been In Love?: "Uh, yes" No, no, 12y.o. Anna, you hadn't. You had a pathetic crush on a rich glasses boy and made an idiot of yourself over him. 24y.o. Anna is in love. Not the same thing at all.
Been Rejected?: "No" Still no, as I never asked anyone out.
Ran Away From Home?: "No" Same.
Skipped School?: "I can’t, I’m homeschooled" As such, I never did!
Thought About Suicide?: "No, I’m not one of those depressing emo people" Ahaha. Wow. You've got a bumpy road ahead of you, kid.
Slept Outside? "When I was camping" It's true!
Laughed So Hard You Cried?: "Yeah" Yup.
Cried In School?: "Okay" I said 'okay' that's ridiculous...
Thrown Up In School?: "I don’t think so" Yeah, no.
Wanted To Be a Model?: "No !" BE a model, no. Have a figure more like a model? Maybe...
Cheated On Someone?: "No" Still no. Will be never.
Done Something Really Stupid That You Still Laugh At Today?: "Probaly" Why was I so bad at spelling??
Seen A Dead Body?: "Yes." Twice, I think.
Drank Alcohol?: "yeap" Is that a word?
Smoked?: "I puffed on a pipe and a cigar" Same.
Been On Drugs?: "No" If this means taken the drugs the doctor prescribed than yes, if it means addicted than no.
Eaten Sushi?: "no" Yes. Didn't like it.
Been On Stage?: "yes" I once dreamed of being in plays in college, but I only went for one year and only had time to audition once. Didn't get the part.
Been Drunk?: "No" Yes.
Been Called A Tease?: "What does that mean ?" Still not sure what that means. If it refers to a nickname one doesn't like, I always hated when people called me 'Anna Banana'
Been Beaten Up?: "um, no" Still no.


Swear?: "in my head" Yes. Trying to cut down on it. ^^;
Sing Well?: "I don’t know" Yes.
Shower Daily?: "No ! Ew !" Alot of these answers are telling for why I had such trouble socially... I do now.
Want To Go To College?: "hafta" Ha! I got out of it!
Want To Get Married?: "Yeap" Same, though I'd spell it 'yep' these days.
Believe In Yourself?: "I exist…" It's true.
Get Motion Sickness?: "No" But then the seizure happened and NOW I do...
Think You Are Attractive?: "Nah" Still not much, but I am encouraged to make an effort to do so, and am obligated to accept the verdict of one person who says I am.
Get Along With Your Parents?: "Sure" Same.
Like Thunderstorms?: "Yeap ! They’re great 1" Same. Not sure why the '1' though.
Play An Instrument?: "I can kinda play the piano" Was desperate to have an answer for this. :roll: No, no I cannot.
Own An IPOD?: "nope" Never did since.
Pray?: "well, yeah." Same. Much more than I did then.
Go To Church?: "Well, yeah, of course" Same.
Sleep With Stuffed Animals?: "Sure, why not ?" Same. MUCH more than I did then.
Keep A Journal/Diary?: "Uh, not currently" Ohoho. Starting the year after I wrote that, I started keeping one, which I have continued to keep, an entry for every day, to the present.
Dance In The Rain?: "what ?" Legit reaction.
Sing In The Shower?: "sometimes" Haven't for years, I'm happy to say...


Pepsi or Coke?: "I don’t drink ‘em" Don't like either much, but Pepsi is worse.
McDonald's or Burger King?: "If I had to choose, I’d choose Burger King" Burger king is fine idk why the hesitancy.
Single or Group Dates?: "What ? Dates ? Like the fruit ?" Willfully ignorant again. Single. If I'm on a date I want to be able to make out without an audience.
Chocolate or Vanilla?: "Vanilla" Kinda depends on what we're describing. If it's ice cream, I concur with 12y.o. Anna.
Strawberries or Blueberries?: "blueberries" I'd never had fresh strawberries back then. They are the finest fruit of all. Blueberries are good though.
Meat or Veggies?: "meat! Salty, fatty, meat! Blood dripping meat! Dead animal meat!" Same, though the phrase 'dead animal meat' is redundant.
TV or Movie?: "Movies happen on TV" Still true.
Guitar or Drums?: "Drums wouldn’t sound to nice in a song without anything else" This is so. The world needs more guitars.
Adidas or Nike?: "I’m not paying attention to you" I now know these are brands, but I still have no experience with either.
Chinese or Mexican?: "I-uh, food ?" XD Good answer. If it does mean food, then Chinese, though I may be obligated to change my verdict on that later.
Cheerios or Corn Flakes?: "cheerios" Same.
Cake or Pie?: "Depends on what kind" Same. In general cake.
MTV or VH1?:"huh?." I... still have no idea.
Blind or Deaf?: "You mean which kind of people I like better ? I haven’t met that many." Same!


Do The Splits?: "I doubt it" No.
Write With Both Hands?: "not very well with my left" Same.
Whistle?: "Yeap" Same
Blow A Bubble?: "A spit bubble ? A gum bubble ? Soap bubble ?" I didn't answer though...
Roll Your Tongue In A Circle?: "le’, ‘m doing I’ ligh’ now." Ahaha wasn't I cute.
Cross Your Eyes?: "Mm-hm" Same.
Walk With Your Toes Curled?: "sure" Probably alot easier now than it was then...
Touch Your Tongue to Your Nose?: "Hm, apparntly not" Spelling, what is it? Still no.
Dance?: "Yeah" Debatable. I took partner dancing classes in middle/highschool. I don't think that really qualifies me to say I 'can dance.'
Eat Whatever You Want And Not Worry?: "I don’t worry anyway" Is this meant to mean you don't gain weight or you just don't WORRY about it? Either way, no.


You Touched:: "I’ve got a feeling my brother’s about to hit me" Didn't answer the question. Currently, FireFiriel. She's the only person I've even been in arms' length of for the past three days.
You Talked To On The Phone:: "A tellamarketer" GamerintheZone
You Instant Messaged:: "I don’t instant message" And I never did.
You Hugged:: "The tall one" Ugh. He was still around. :doh: Currently FireFiriel.
You Yelled At:: "Uh, the tall one" This is more justified. Currently the cat. Oh wait it says person. Probably FireFiriel then.
You Played A Sport With:: "A boy and also a girl who are brother and sister" I wonder who that referred to... I don't know that I can think of the last time I played a sport...


Time You Laughed?: "The thought of Mel Gibson in Smash Brothers" But... why? At present, when I reminded FireFiriel how much I'd freaked her out the night before as she stepped out the front door and I casually asked if she could "see that terrible man out there."
Time You Cried?: "None of yer darned business" End of the Lady Layton anime.
Movie You Watched?: "Spider-Man 3" Gosh... we don't watch alot of movies lately. Cave Dwellers, I think.
Flavor Of Gum You Chewed?: "gum-flavour" Gumball from the lil machine.
Joke You Told?: "About the fox that hurdeled through the grape vine" That wasn't a joke so much as a play on words. Probably some MST3K style wisecracking during Nero Wolfe.
Song You've Sung?: "I sang along with the chorus to the ly ly ly song" which I meant 'The Boxer.' I sang 'Branded' while driving home from work to get a different song out of my head.


Where Are You?: "What are you, some kinda murderer !? I’m not telling you !" I? At home.
What Can You See Out Your Window?: "The fusebox" Nothing. It's night.
Are You Listening To Music?: "The ly ly ly song" On and off.
What's On Your Mousepad?: "blackness" I don't have a mousepad.


Do you believe there is life on other planets?: "Maybe un-intelligent life" Flat no.
Do you believe in miracles?:  "Ch, yeah" Again with the 'ch' I think it was meant to connote 'of course.' and yes same.
Magic?: "Well, there’s witchcraft" There's also fairies.
Love at first sight?: "Nah, not true" Ehehehehehh.... Wait two years, kid. You'll know him when you see him.
God?: "Yeah!" Naturally.
Satan?: "Yeah" Same.
Ghosts?: "yeap" Same.
Santa?: "yeap" Same. I just have to help him out more now.
Evolution?: "physical, not mental" Trying to sound smart there. Big fat NOPE.


Fav Eye Color:: "brown ?" Same.
Fav Hair Color:: "black, red, or white" Going with black.
Short or Long Hair:: "long" Short is fine too.
Height:: "4’7”2cm." I made that up as a joke about being super specific, but dang that's a short guy I made up. Currently, if I had to guess I'd say... 5'10".
Weight:: "there’s more!" Good answer.
Best Clothing Style:: "1920s" That's fine. Jeans and T-shirts are better.


What Country Would You Most Like To Visit?: "Scotland" Russia, specifically Moscow.
Number Of CD's You Own:: "2" Oh geez... Lots. I'll go with lots.
Your Good Luck Charm:: "THAT MAN AGAIN !!!" None.
How many pillows do you sleep with?: "2" Same.
Do you drink milk?: "All the time" This was never REALLY the case. But still with at least one meal daily.
Person You Hate Most:: "I don’t hate anyone" 12y.o. Anna was pretending to be righteous. At the moment I'd say it's something that rhymes with Lishop Bopes.
Most Outdated Phrase:: "what ?" Same?
Where do you think we go when we die?: "depends on if you’re good of evil" Or to be more specific, it depends on whether you're in unrepentant mortal sin.
How many rings until you answer the phone?: "I wait to see if mom’s gonna answer it" As soon as I can get it out of my pocket, typically.
What is something scientists need to invent?: "something that’s not evil ?" Always a good metric. Mint ice cream without chips. Idk why you'd have to be a SCIENTIST for that, but apparently no one's figured it out...
Are you a health freak?: "no way, that’s so stupid !" I started taking my health more seriously, I still wouldn't say I'm a 'health freak.'
If you could travel into space, where would you go?: "Persephony" Nah. I'd go back down to earth where I belong! I have no business being in space!
What is the worst weather?: "really hot and humid" ...Or eternal slush and ice.
Did you play with Barbies as a child?: "shamefully, yes" Dunno what I was ashamed of...
How many grades have you failed?: "noel" 'noel,' she says...

And that's how that went. Any fun? Idk.


They didn't play down the romance!!!! :iconiloveitplz:
When a woman hires a hitman, there are two victims:
One, the person she's having whacked.
And two, she herself, because as a female, she cannot be held morally accountable for any of her actions. Besides, the hitman was probably a really pushy salesman, or something.
One of the few upsides to losing a fandom (and not just not being into something anymore, but that thing being ruined and you now want nothing to do with it) is that now you're GLAD you never got around to all that fanart you had planned instead of feeling guilty about it.
Personally, of the groups clamoring for 'victim status' one I find very annoying is when mothers do it. Motherhood is a blessing, not a curse, and there are hundreds of us that have to see constant 'mommy complaints' posts who would give anything to have what you have.
Shame Protestants don't have the book of Tobit. It'd make a hilarious VeggieTales episode...
Ok hear me out: VeggieTales episode about Paul the Apostle and you've got an Emperor Nero character that carries a fiddle everywhere and plays it annoyingly, and he has a sidekick/henchman character who's a potato and is named 'Starchy Goodwin.'
Brother picked the WRONG damsels to distress...
Does God not keep us safe from the galbleteegoos?
Of course He does. If He didn't, you would know what they are.
Think of all the girls living their lives...
Being attracted to guys not wisely
and doing crafts not well...
LMAO Just found out that knitting is now racist. Guess I should stop corrupting my hispanic boyfriend with my evil white hand knit presents, eh?

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* (Ran out of room in "favorite books" section. Putting more here.) The Hunger Games trilogy, The Keepers Trilogy, Coraline, Till We Have Faces, The Silver Penny, Peter and Wendy, Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, The Candymakers, The Two Princesses of Bamarre, Bloomability, Xxxholic, The May Bird Trilogy, Fairest, Entwined

** (same in "movies" section) Batman: Under the Red Hood, Princess Mononoke, Kiki's Delivery Service, The Prestige, Inception, Kung Fu Hustle, Hero, 28 Days Later, Sunshine, Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust, Up, CN Batman trilogy, Summer Wars

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