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CSH winter trees

i use these trees in architectural illustrations.

if you like them, let me know !


hamburg, germany
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thank you for your hard work! can i use it for commercial purpose?

looks great! thank you

Thank you,love them

nice to see, stay healthy !

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Thank you! :hug: You too!
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thanks man, much apreciated
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OMG I loved these!! Thans once again!!
tx for letting me know... :)
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Hello! I've used this stock here: Die Zauberflote by AvantiNostalgia
Thank you very much!!! It's so awesome and useful! I've used it in many images of mine...
wow, great work.

i just love these trees as custom shapes
because their borders just stay f***in sharp ; )
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Aww, thabk you so much! :hug: I'm so glad you like what I did using your trees...
And some more I'd like to ask... How did you create them? What program did you use?
I've tried to make something like this by myself by tracing a photo of dead trees in Adobe Illustrator. 
hi there, i used just photoshop.
i remember that i seperated illustrations (no pictures) of trees
which i found in a chinese book
into black and white colors.
selected the black colour with the magic wand (pixels are selected)
right click
save as a path (vectorpath)
and somehow converted or saved the pathselection as a custom shape.
last part was the annoying one for some reason i can´t remember.

the csh peole i did too, have all been selected with a photoshop path by myself, handcrafted ; )

i hope that was a help.
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Hmm... Thank you for the explaination!
Your way seems much more simple than mine... I must try it, thanks a lot again! :hug:
Here are my trees which I've traced in AdobeIllustrator (used personal photos): 
They were very labour-taking! XD Though had a lot of fun doing them and watched a lot of movies while tracing... IIPOMblIIIJIEHHOCTb / Industry / Katya Lee by AvantiNostalgia  
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These are fantastic, thank you so much!
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They're beautiful. Thanks
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Thanks for sharing these!!
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Beautiful, eiermann1952. Thanks
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Using these for an assignment thank you ! Ill tag you if i ever put it up
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