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November 20, 2009
Suggester wrote: "Wow, The Fibonacci by =Eibo-Jeddah is gorgeous, the colors are fantastic and the shadows are great!"
Featured by dandelgrosso
Suggested by PatrickRuegheimer
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The Fibonacci

A close up of a pink rose 1:1.5 Mag.

This is one of the rare roses i found as a perfect demonstration to the Fibonacci curve/ Golden spiral! I just couldn't stop myself from crabbing my macro lens and capture the moment!

The Fibonacci Curve

As an architect i have made a lot of researches about the Golden Ratio and how it's found in every natural thing on our planet, Which really inspired me through out my career that i actually designed one of my college projects using the golden section. It was one the the most difficult projects i have ever worked on since it was an aquarium too, but i cant deny it was fun and it really made me look at things with a whole new perspective :)

The Nautilus Aquarium
Designed and modeled by me in 2007

Read more about the golden ratio [link]



I'd like to thank you all in advance who have added my images to their favorites, my pages to their watch and for all your wonderful compliments. It's a big encouragement, it means so much for me and I truly appreciate it

special thanks to :iconpatrickruegheimer: for suggesting it and our great :icondandelgrosso: for featuring it as my third DD


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Nov 12, 2009, 3:37:54 PM
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Excellent!! Congrats on your well deserved DD. 
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I want anyone who decides to read this to spend the rest of the day thinking about the universe. I want you to contemplate your existence for the rest of the day, and consider anything you want to consider. In one day, try as hard as you can to unlock your own personal secrets from our amazing, infinite universe. Im not saying youll have a wonderful life changing apepiphany, but this can be the first step towards your own enlightenment. also, try to feel absolute unconditional love for everyone you know or see. If not, that's cool too. also, try to express your love tot he Earth. after all, you came from it, and it nurtures you, and you go back to it when you have passed, so why not show your love? If you read this, that makes me immeasurably happy, and I am proud of you, even though you might not care. anyway, do what I said, or not. if you do do what I said, write down your findings and then share them with me. Laets talk, lets converse about life, mine and yours and everybodies. I want to get connected to everyone, I want to know them. I want my consciousness to be aware of your consciousness, so lets make that connection.
Thank you, I bid you adieu
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Contrary to popular belief, the fibonacci sequence is rarely (if ever) found in nature. The pseudo-science of numerology is is just like any religion. The fibonacci spiral is a perfect mathematical shape, and no perfect mathematical shapes exist naturally. Chaos fractals have been found in nature in the way plants grow, but NOTHING will follow the fibonacci spiral in nature perfectly. Anything plant/animal activity that does resemble it is usually a different type of spiral, or a non-recurring coincidence.
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How have you come to this conclusion? I am not saying you are wrong, its just this the first ive heard of what you are saying. Is this from some sort of source, or your own discoveries?
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Great photo! Featured ;) [link]
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May I please use this as a reference for my drawing???
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I LOVE the Fibonacci!!
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Through whichever law He impels particles like Mevlevi dervishes, He makes the earth spin through the same law, like an ecstatic Mevlevi dervish rising up to dance the sama‘. And through that law, He causes worlds to revolve, and the solar ...system to travel through space.

Through whichever law He renews, repairs, and dissolves the particles in your body’s cells, through the same law, He renews your garden every year, making it anew many times every season. And through the same law, He renews the face of the earth every spring, drawing a fresh veil over its face.
Through whichever law that All-Powerful Maker raises a fly to life, through the same law He restores to life the plane-tree before your window every spring; and through that law, He raises the globe of the earth to life in the spring; and through the same law will raise creatures to life at the resurrection. The Qur’an alludes to this with the verse,

Your creation and your resurrection is but as a single soul. Qur’an, 31:28.

And so on; you can make further examples in the same way.

There are many laws of dominicality like these which are in force from particles to the totality of the world. Consider the immensity of these laws within dominical activity; note carefully their breadth, and see the meaning of Unity within them. Understand that each law is a proof of Divine Unity. Yes, through each of these numerous and immense laws being the manifestation of knowledge and will, and being both the same and all-encompassing, each also proves most certainly the Maker’s Unity, knowledge, and will.

Letters / Twenty - Fourth Letter - Second Station- p.345
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This is an amazing photograph. :love:
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I've wrote an essay about the combination between art and mathematic in a lot about the golden ratio wich has a lot in common with the fibonacci code...really interesting stuff ^^..

Keep the good work up
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this is awesome, i love the idea of the fibonacci. I've actually been thinking of getting a fibonacci flower tattoo and I may use this as a reference if that's ok!
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:airborne: I have featured this lovely piece in my latest journal! [link] :airborne:
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Sooo amaziing!!! Really nice picture!
~Gii Loves
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in my journal-> [link] :aww:
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very nice pic mashalla.
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This work has been featured on my latest journal! :)
I hope you like it :aww:
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hello it's been featured here [link] i really love it, hope you dont mind :heart: thanks
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