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blooming flower by Ehsol-namu blooming flower :iconehsol-namu:Ehsol-namu 2 0 bouncing ball by Ehsol-namu bouncing ball :iconehsol-namu:Ehsol-namu 1 0
to power we bend
not to right or fairness
how vulgar
:iconehsol-namu:Ehsol-namu 1 7
your worth
you love yourself
but if others don’t, does it matter?
tis fickle, your worth
:iconehsol-namu:Ehsol-namu 0 3
The Lady (Christmas Present) by Ehsol-namu The Lady (Christmas Present) :iconehsol-namu:Ehsol-namu 3 2 The Child (Christmas Past) by Ehsol-namu The Child (Christmas Past) :iconehsol-namu:Ehsol-namu 1 2
red is candy cane
gold is bread and pudding
and green is the tree
:iconehsol-namu:Ehsol-namu 1 3
what you need for life
불행의 순간 무너지지 않을 희망을
주저앉고 싶은 순간 멈추지 않을 의지를
망설이는 순간 앞으로 나갈 용기를
hope, for the misery
determination, for the doubt
courage, for the hesitation
:iconehsol-namu:Ehsol-namu 0 12
Affections Touching Across Time (sing-along ver.)
the cold season passes by like a blade
severing, slicing all that is us
the cruel wind lingers at our finger tips  
mocking our fragile vows and love
a single word holds our goodbyes
and we hope for the unplanned reunion
yet in this endless flow of time  
our paths painfully but surely meet  
my dear, please wipe those tears away
this is not a lasting goodbye
across this flow of time  
over this wall of age
I will always be there for you
:iconehsol-namu:Ehsol-namu 3 1
Affections Touching Across Time(rough translation)
the cold season passes time
touching and filling our hearts
the cruel wind remains at the tip of our fingers
an unfulfilled and incomplete promise
in a single word we hold our goodbyes
and wait for the reunion that might never happen
in the endless time
our paths
painfully, very painfully reemerges  
my dear, please wipe your tears
for no farewell lasts forever (chorus: wait for me)
across the time
beyond the era
I shall protect you
:iconehsol-namu:Ehsol-namu 1 5
do whatever
if you like it, do it
even if you’ll lose sleep
:iconehsol-namu:Ehsol-namu 2 5
Confidence part 2
smile, listen, nod  
to yield isn't to give
so do what you do, but step back when needed
:iconehsol-namu:Ehsol-namu 2 8
Confidence part 1
be loud, be proud, be strong
do not dare to yield
stand straight, go for it
:iconehsol-namu:Ehsol-namu 1 6
Orange Flower by Ehsol-namu Orange Flower :iconehsol-namu:Ehsol-namu 0 5 Opera(Mayo) by Ehsol-namu Opera(Mayo) :iconehsol-namu:Ehsol-namu 3 5
black, milk, sweet, bitter
no benevolence but
helpful with caution
:iconehsol-namu:Ehsol-namu 2 7

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Usually I get impressed by drawings and painting that are done so well that they look like they're photos, but this time I am impressed...

I honestly can't believe that this hasn't received a critique already! The most amazing part of this artwork is Danny's pose. His pose ...



There's something fudging annoying about South Korea. Often to even make an account online, you just have to give residence registration (at least that's how it is with Google), your phone service agency and phone number, and it's not even optional. Just imagine how it'd would be when your try purchasing something. WTH???!!!!!! URRGHHHHH!!!! This was why I don't use korean sites but why GOOGLE TOO?! you even have to use your phone to get confirmation that you're of age to watch 19+ stuffs on youtube! 
Hiya everybody! I'm starting a personal translating project. I'll be translating a Korean Harry Potter fanfiction called 'Agapanthus.' 
You can find it on FFN. The progress is gonna be slow, but please check it out and leave your opinions on it whenever you can! 
I love criticism and I don't mind nitpicky dissing either! I just want some damn comments!!!! lol 

here's the link >>…

p.s ALL HAIL 윈델 for writing this masterpiece! 

Why is it that so many of us tend to not appreciate those who has stood along side us through thick and thin and would do anything for us and has done so much for us? Why is that? WHY?! 


I hate that we humans who take pride in being “civilized” are as just as “savage” as other animals. 

The strong live, and the weak die…..”savages” that bend down to “power.” 

I hate this instinct of ours, even if it allows us to survive. 

I especially hate it when this “power” is brutal physical strength and those who are “strong” become those who are willing to abuse their “power.” I hate that we humans instinctively bend down to that “power” even when those with “power” are clearly wrong and mean. 

And I am disgusted at the fact that I am too, a human. I was force to bend down to “power,” I instinctively tried to please the one with “power” even when he was the one who was wrong, and I took out my frustration on the weaker person and she didn’t deserve that at all. 

Humanity, no matter what you claim, you are still just as “savage” as any animals on this planet, and I am disgusted that I am part of it. 


Ehsol-namu's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist
I'm a Slyvendor (Slytherin + Ravenclaw + Gryffindor),
who also highly values loyalty, patience, and kindess but has sadly never been sorted as a Hufflepuff on Pottermore. Yes, I got sorted into the other three houses on Pottermore. I did the sorting more than three times, just for your information.

Like I said, I've never been sorted into Hufflepuff on Pottermore, but I managed to get the result of Slytherpuff (along with Ravenpuff, Slytherclaw) in a Playbuzz quiz though. >>…

My Patronus is a Wildcat and a Hedgehog. Yup, I did it twice. I may do it again just for fun. It's not fair that you can only do the Patronus discovering once, when even in the book it is declared that the Patronus can change if the person goes through a drastic internal change.

I was the head writer for a fan visual novel, Moonlight Virgin, under the nickname Minty (and when my username was thePeppermint1223). I 100% came up with the current storyline, and 99% of the story in the demo game you'd find on CloudNovel is by me. The 1% goes to Sonya for a bit of Zero's story. (written in 2017, April 6th)

My own quote: "When life gives you lemon, demand for sugar and water."
"Understanding needs to be mutual for true progress and peace."


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oh whoaa you're here and cool artist/poet too~
 (am wind spirit irina LOL sorry >- < haven't check ffnet for while)
hiya ! XD mind if i watches?
Ehsol-namu Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2018  Hobbyist
Hiya! Aw gee~ thanks for the compliments! I practically just post whatever words that come to my mind here. As for my art...I need to work on it more ^^;

Anyways, it's nice to hear from you ^^ I hope you're doing well. LOL You also had a DA account! COOL XD 

Um..."mind if i watches?" Do you mean that you want to watch me? If so, you are toats free to do so. You do what you wanna do girl~ \^0^/ I'd be flattered if you do watch me but I appreciate your interest nevertheless! 
Violet-Illusions Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2018
^~^ hehe well is nice yea~ and i think your art looks nice :D as for working on.. doesn't everyone? XD haha but yea

nice to hear from you too! :la: thankie~ hope you're doing well also! ^^ and yea LOLs

yep just what i meant ^^ // and just did yayaya

your icon is really cool btw ^~^

and i'm curious, is hufflepuff your fave house then? ors just that sad since like, not recognised with the traits of it you have too? i only did pottermore stuff once lol got ravenclaw and mink XD
Ehsol-namu Featured By Owner Edited Mar 7, 2018  Hobbyist

Thanks for the love^^ And thank you~ I made the icons myself!

I won't say Hufflepuff is my favorite house. I absolutely adore its values and I like yellow, but unfortunately I don't like its name and mascot very much lol But I am happy that the badger is a natural enemy of snakes/serpents XD 

Not to say I hate Slytherin. Green and silver is my favorite combination, but the values of Slytherin can become really dangerous without proper moral guidance, so I am wary of that house. 

Similarly to Slytherin, courage and chivalry is good but Gryffindor’s values is also in danger of being misused without proper insight and wisdom, so yeah, I am just as wary of that house as Slytherin. 

I see myself as a Ravenclaw the most because I do enjoy learning and I have to admit I value wisdom the most of all, but Ravenclaw is a very...moderate compared to all the three, you know? It’s kinda sad. I suppose it comes be being the house of scholars. Not many likes to learn.....(tho i too dislike tests and homework!) 

You know, the funny thing is Hufflepuff and Slytherin's dorms are both underground while Ravenclaw and Gryffindor's dorms are in towers, but they're all practically opposites of each other; both in atmosphere and tendencies ^^

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Yamigirl21 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2017
Thanks for another fav! :D Yami and Teana - Chapter 8 inspired by Yamigirl21
chocolapeanut Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey! w00t! Thanks for all the comments! I appreciate them a lot! 
Ehsol-namu Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017  Hobbyist
You're welcome! Your art works are amaze as always! ^^ Please keep it up XD I love me some good YGO art! And I just like your style in general Love 
chocolapeanut Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww I will! Thanks~ :hug:
Yamigirl21 Featured By Owner Edited May 28, 2017
Thanks for the favs! :) Dedicated to Dan and Michal  ++Read Below++ by Yamigirl21 Commission for Black-Wren: Yugi and Atem by Yamigirl21
DrX-Raven Featured By Owner May 14, 2017
(OoC: You gonna be good now?)
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