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kissing Fellas (Love)


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love love deep affection, fondness, tenderness, warmth, intimacy, attachment, endearment, devotion, adoration, doting, idolization, worship, passion, ardor, desire, lust, yearning, infatuation, besottedness; compassion, care, caring, regard, solicitude, concern, friendliness, friendship, kindness, charity, goodwill, sympathy, kindliness, altruism, unselfishness, philanthropy, benevolence, fellow valentin valentine feeling, humanity; relationship, love affair, romance, liaison, affair of the heart, amour kiss peck, smack, smooch, buss, sexy sexually attractive, seductive, desirable, alluring, toothsome, sensual, sultry, slinky, provocative, tempting, tantalizing, nubile, voluptuous, luscious, lush, hot, beddable, foxy, cute, bootylicious; erotic, sexually explicit, arousing, exciting, stimulating, hot, titillating, racy, naughty, risqué, adult, X-rated, rude, pornographic, crude, lewd, raunchy, steamy, porno, blue, skin, XXX kiss, X, osculation hug embrace, cuddle, squeeze, bear hug, clasp, hold, clinch deviantart deviants fella fellas Caress blandishment, endearment caress, mollification, affability, appeasement, propitiation tenderness, caress, dearness, endearment face to face lip lips oral spoken, verbal, unwritten, vocal, uttered, said, by mouth, viva voce friend companion, soul mate, intimate, confidante, confidant, familiar, alter ego, second self, playmate, playfellow, french kiss classmate, schoolmate, workmate, ally, associate, sister, brother, best friend, kindred spirit, bosom buddy, bosom friend, pal, chum, sidekick, frenchkiss crony, main man, mate, buddy, bud, amigo, compadre, homeboy, homegirl, homie, dawg, gal pal, BF, BFF, peeps, compeer friends lick dab, bit, drop, dash, spot, touch, splash, smidgen Pair match, put together, couple, twin Pair pair, placenta, coupling, couple, mate, cobber couple, pair, even, spouse, conjunction, twain hermaphrodite, intersex, couple, pair couple, pair tongue tenon, tongue, catch, prong, uvula, tang HUGGED friendship relationship, close relationship, attachment, mutual attachment, association, bond, tie, link, union, bromance sweet sugary, sweetened, saccharine, sugared, honeyed, candied, glacé, sickly, cloying pleasant, pleasing, pleasurable, agreeable, delightful, nice, satisfying, gratifying, good, acceptable, fine, lovely, great pleasure happiness, delight, joy, gladness, glee, satisfaction, gratification, contentment, enjoyment, amusement sweety honey nectar, honey, ambrosia, molasses, ooze dear, honey, sweetheart, turtledove lover, honey verb popular, beloved, favorite, loved, cherished, honey sweetheart darling, dear, dearest, love, beloved, sweet, honey, hon, sweetie, sugar, baby, babe dear beloved, loved, adored, cherished, precious, esteemed, respected, worshiped, close, intimate, bosom, best; precious, treasured, valued, prized, cherished, special darling, dearest, love, beloved, sweetheart, sweet, precious, treasure, sweetie, sugar, honey, hon, baby, pet lesbian les lezbian warm hot, thermal, muggy, ardent, peppery 
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The9Lord's avatar
are they kissing or they are just hugging each other?
casa3544's avatar
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
InsanityToriel's avatar
Only joking of course XD
InsanityToriel's avatar
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
Powerfluff's avatar
dat ass touch though
Master-of-Senshi's avatar
Maybe boy&boy kiss.
casa3544's avatar
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
mshellee's avatar
I Love this lol
Mr-Alvania's avatar
lauraypablo's avatar
aww :iconaawplz:  it's really original, so cute!!! really nice!!!well done

my friend, you can add some hearts on the top of the fellas :D i really

love this gif :heart:
PurpleInk777's avatar
Together Fellas (Love) and Embrace kiss fella (Love) - so cute! Lovey-dovey Fella (Love)

Thanks for sharing, Ehsan! Blowkiss valentine fella (Love)
VampiraLady's avatar
how does female Fella looks like? (if IS this female XD).
Ehsartem's avatar
I think Fella have not gender, somehow childless of course maybe ;)
Muzyija-El-Qaafiza's avatar
Or maybe he is gay. xD
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