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>>Please Don't Forget FAV<<

Bye Fella (Reactions)Hey!
if You want to use my Emoticons, type and search tag series; " ehsanreact " in the +add media on your comment!
Or You can click & drag for Select and ctrl+c for Copy and Ctrl+v to Paste!
and for use on other deviantart place, copy and paste this phrase without the stars * also change the sightly ThumbNumbers;
<*da:emoticon id="495354587" profile="deviation"*>

*banned fella (Reactions)*

Right fella (Reactions)(for view all my Emoticons - click "+add media" then search my tags " Ehsan-m " or " Ehsan ")
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 limit maximum ceiling limitation upper limit restriction check control restraint limitation restriction constraint circumscription finiteness finitude stop halt end finish close standstill cessation conclusion stoppage discontinuation prisoner inmate jailbird termer captive slave caitiff restriction reduction limitation diminution curtailment restriction limitation restriction constraint circumscription finiteness finitude restriction confinement limitation monopoly circumscription restriction restriction curb abatement snub prevention suppression restriction rules pandect provision rule regulation ruling directive order act law statute edict canon mandate command dictate decree fiat injunction commandment stipulation requirement guideline direction ordinance Outlaw fugitive (wanted) criminal public enemy outcast exile pariah bandit bandito robber desperado ban bar prohibit forbid veto make illegal proscribe interdict; banish exile expel Offending delinquent violating transgressive red no parking not freeze No entry Noentry enter cant can't No admittance Noadmittance enter go in/into come in/into get in/into set foot in cross the threshold of gain access to infiltrate access not shut close pull/push to slam fasten put the lid on bar lock secure closed barred near close nearby relative neighbor adjacent tight narrow close fleshing scarce thick-set intimate friendly familiar bosom comradely close close nearby about hand-to-hand nigh close shut congeal lock attach ban block clog shut off blank wall enclose close compass embay embower end terminate finish conclude close complete connected bound banned cage free freedom Bottleneck bottleneck impasse pinch fix strait warpath cul-de-sac hairbreadth jaw poor substandard below par bad deficient defective faulty imperfect inferior appalling abysmal atrocious awful terrible dreadful unsatisfactory second-rate third-rate tinpot shoddy crude lamentable deplorable inadequate unacceptable crummy lame crappy dismal bum rotten unfortunate unlucky luckless unhappy hapless ill-fated ill-starred pitiable pitiful wretched bout effort attack fit spasm paroxysm convulsion eruption outburst period session spell exertion tug scramble bout strife slog tussle wrestle bustle agony muss nisus strain scrabble stress error problem difficulty trouble worry complication difficult situation snag hitch drawback stumbling block obstacle hurdle hiccup setback catch predicament plight misfortune mishap misadventure authorized authorized approved, recognized, sanctioned, accredited, licensed, certified, official, lawful, legal, legitimate authoritative dilemma quandary headache nightmare; nuisance bother pest irritant thorn in one's side/flesh vexation drag pain pain in the neck 

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let him free. what did he do to deserve this-