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Wealthy fella (works)


>>Please Don't Forget FAV<<

Bye Fella (Reactions)Hey!
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*Wealthy fella (works)*

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 avaricious bank banknote cigarettes cigars cuba cuban currency denomination deposit deviant deviantart dough fan fee fella folding gold green greenback loll lolly lounge lucre mafia miser miserly money paper reliable scrooge shiner silverspoon stingy trust wampum wealthy handsel parsimonious tightwad trustful fanner fiducial welltodo papercurrency welloff wellheeled bill wellfixed godfather mafiaboss rich wealthy affluent moneyed well-off well-to-do prosperous opulent silk-stocking rolling in money rolling in it rolling in (the) dough in the money loaded flush stinking rich filthy rich well-heeled made of money money cash hard cash ready money the means the wherewithal funds capital finances (filthy) lucre coins change specie silver currency bills (bank) notes dough bread bucks loot greenbacks moola dinero shekels mazuma pelf cigar cigar case cigar holder cigar store cigar ash loll lounge living room sitting room front room salon family room parlor drawing room lounge  laze lie loll lie back lean back recline stretch oneself drape oneself relax rest repose take it easy put one's feet up unwind luxuriate sprawl slump slouch flop loaf idle do nothing take a load off kick back chill (out) chillax bank edge side shore coast embankment bankside levee border verge boundary margin rim fringe marge skirt 

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Dis fella is cool :D
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his so lucky ,,, I wish i was instead him =P