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Bye Fella (Reactions)Hey!
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*Sulky Fella (Reactions)*

Right fella (Reactions)(for view all my Emoticons - click "+add media" then search my tags " Ehsan-m " or " Ehsan ")
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 sulky sullen, surly, moping, pouting, moody, sour, piqued, petulant, brooding, broody, disgruntled, ill-humored, in a bad mood, out of humor, fed up, put out, bad-tempered, grumpy, huffy, glum, gloomy, morose, grouchy, crabby, cranky sullen surly, sulky, pouting, sour, morose, resentful, glum, moody, gloomy, grumpy, bad-tempered, ill-tempered, unresponsive, uncommunicative, farouche, uncivil, unfriendly unlike dissimilar, unalike, disparate, contrasting, antithetical, different, diverse, incongruous, heterogeneous, mismatched, divergent, at variance, varying, at odds, poles apart, like night and day, like apples and oranges Against Disagree take issue with, challenge, contradict, oppose, be at variance with, be at odds with, not see eye to eye with, differ with, dissent from, be in dispute with, debate with, argue with, quarrel with, wrangle with, clash with, be at loggerheads with, cross swords with, lock horns with, gainsay anguished, devastated, broken-hearted, heavy-hearted, grieving, grief-stricken, inconsolable, crushed, shattered, desolate, despairing, upset, distressed, miserable, sorrowful, sad, downcast, disconsolate, crestfallen, despondent, down in the dumps brokenhearted glum gloomy, downcast, downhearted, dejected, despondent, crestfallen, disheartened, depressed, desolate, unhappy, doleful, melancholy, miserable, woebegone, mournful, forlorn, in the doldrums, morose, blue, down in/at the mouth, in a blue funk, down in the dumps no absolutely not, most certainly not, of course not, under no circumstances, by no means, not at all, negative, never, not really, nope, uh-uh, nah, not on your life, no way, no way José, ixnay, nay nah 
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