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 Sculptor sculptress, statuary sculptor, lithographer, sculptress sculptor, sculptress sculptor, sculptress artist designer, creator, originator, producer, old master deviantart fella deviant deviants art art art, accomplishment, artifice, craft, forte, master stroke technique, art, branch of knowledge, branch of science, manner, mode industry, art, craft, mystery talent, flair, aptitude, susceptibility, capacity, art professorship, skill, artifice, workmanship, art, master stroke ruse, craft, deception, trick, trickery, art artisan craftsman, craftswoman, craftsperson, skilled worker, technician, smith, wright, journeyman, artificer handicraft craft, handiwork, craftwork, craftsmanship, workmanship, artisanship, art, skill traditional long-established, customary, time-honored, established, classic, accustomed, standard, regular, normal, conventional, usual, orthodox, habitual, set, fixed, routine, ritual, old, age-old, ancestral; handed-down, folk, unwritten stone tablet, monument, monolith, obelisk, gravestone, headstone, tombstone rock stone, rock, boulder, calculus, flagstone rock, cliff, roach slate, rock, boulder, slab, crag, cliff shake, move, shock, motion, jerk, rock movement, motion, move, bustle, cause, rock logo emblem, trademark, brand, device, figure, symbol, design, sign, mark, insignia, crest, seal Hammer mallet, beetle, gavel, sledgehammer, jackhammer Peg pin, nail, dowel, skewer, spike, rivet, brad, screw, bolt, hook, spigot, piton, tee strike industrial action, walkout, job action, stoppage tired exhausted, worn out, weary, fatigued, dog-tired, dead beat, bone-tired, ready to drop, drained, zonked, wasted, enervated, jaded, done in, bushed, whipped, bagged, knocked out, wiped out, pooped, tuckered out crash grind, squelch, pestle, smash, exterminate, crash Rubble debris, remains, ruins, wreckage working employed, in (gainful) employment, in work, waged work labor, toil, slog, drudgery, exertion, effort, industry, service, grind, sweat, elbow grease, travail job occupation, profession, trade, position, career, work, line of work, livelihood, post, situation, appointment, métier, craft, vocation, calling, vacancy, opening, McJob workshop workroom, studio, atelier, factory, plant, salt mine stonemason, stonecutter building, mason, base, establishment, masonry, structure build, construct, erect, ground, mason, put up sledgehammer mallet carving sculpture, model, statue, statuette, figure, figurine master lord, overlord, profes professional paid, salaried professional, paid, white-collar worker, office worker salaried white-collar, nonmanual occupational, handicraft 
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