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*Fella Watch (Badges)*


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✖✐Cheers fella (party) Party series;
✖✐✐✐Fella Heart Kiss (Love) Love series;
✖✐✐✐✐✐Gangster fella (Action) Actions series;
✖✐✐✐✐✐✐✐Vomiting Fella (Reactions) Reactions series;
✖✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐Serviceman Fella ( Works ) Works series;
✖✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐Da Vinci Fella ( Artists ) Artists  series;
✖✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐DJ Fella ( Music Band ) Music Band series;
✖✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐Devil fella ( Universe ) Universe series;
✖✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐Boxer fella ( Sports ) Sports series;
✖✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐Remember Captain Robin ( Star ) Stars series;
✖✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐Llama fella (Badges) Badges series;
✖✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐Meow fella (Smileys) Smileys series;
✖✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐Ok fella ( Messages ) Messages series;
✖✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐✐Amazing icon (Words) Words series;
deviant staff awesome broke ultimate no or longer lucky advantage racing spooky submitted support contestation get available animation people wink ALL OK badge contest have proud got category competition icon introduced publicly to cartoon excellence reach rankings fella had everyone deviantart kiss love badges design rivalry YES THANKS charitable rise earn enjoys give watch watching me blue add thank sort, type, variety, style, form, class, category, genre, genus, species, race, breed, flavor badg badge birthday birthdaycake cake caper child cute exultation fun funny gaiety gala glee grace happy happybirthday here humor jubilation kind llama member mirth party pleasance please point premium profile rejoicing slice take thx tiny upgrade watch airiness joyance cakebadge curvet THANKS little donate donation gimme giveaway giveme giveup llamas membership watcher watching badge deviantart fella get trade giveget watching add
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nemishe ye icone pishok besazi?! :D
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chera nemishe agar bekhay sefaresh bedeh va axe pishioketo bedeh taa barash dorost konam :D
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vaghean?! pas hatman barat mifrestam, poolesham midam :P
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pooolesho ke hatman MONEH :moneyshower: Greed  :moneylaunderingGreed Emote i love poool :foolsmoney: Penny saved is a penny earned:ShutUpandTakemyMoney:   :omgomg: 
albate point ham mipazirim Points glompMake It Rain - NaNoEmo Day 12  :omgomgbb: 
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آخجون، باشَد 
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