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>>Please Don't Forget FAV<<

Bye Fella (Reactions)Hey!
if You want to use my Emoticons, type and search tag series; " ehsanreact " in the +add media on your comment!
Or You can click & drag for Select and ctrl+c for Copy and Ctrl+v to Paste!
and for use on other deviantart place, copy and paste this phrase without the stars * also change the sightly ThumbNumbers;
<*da:emoticon id="475708314" profile="deviation"*>

*Fella Waiting (Reactions)*

Right fella (Reactions)(for view all my Emoticons - click "+add media" then search my tags " Ehsan-m " or " Ehsan ")
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 miff sentiment wait deviation donation grumps movement salt da profile sulk folder stand giveget waittime frown gave get sensationalism dadeviantart emotions feelings fret gallery idle lower fav monaliza scowl hellohi feature loading pool waiting angry heart sentimentalism wrath sulky fella sentimentality upload vinci davinci reactions tantrum submite deviantart glower heartbeat time lour sulks standing grief happy rate hold on, hold back, bide one's time, hang fire, mark time, stand by, sit tight, hold one's horses; await, anticipate, look forward, long, pine, yearn, expect, be ready delay, holdup, interval, interlude, intermission, pause, break, stay, cessation, suspension, stoppage, halt, interruption, lull, respite, recess, moratorium, hiatus, gap, rest emotions feelings fret frown glower grief grumps happy heart heartbeat lower miff movement rate reactions salt scowl sensationalism sentiment sentimentalism sentimentality sulk sulky tantrum wrath lour sulks angry da davinci deviantart deviation donation fav feature fella folder gallery gave get idle loading monaliza pool profile stand standing time upload vinci wait waiting submite dadeviantart hellohi giveget waittime expectation supposition assumption presumption conjecture surmise calculation prediction hope; anticipation expectancy eagerness excitement suspense wait hold on hold back bide one's time hang fire mark time stand by sit tight hold one's horses; await anticipate look forward long pine yearn expect be ready delay holdup interval interlude intermission pause break stay cessation suspension stoppage halt interruption lull respite recess moratorium hiatus gap rest waiting 
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I took yours and made an update where he could be waiting for anything. (or anybody who's late)
waiting for an explaination by CapnDeek373