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FELLA -The Biting Pear of Salamanca (Badges)
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Published: April 1, 2017
© 2017 - 2019 Ehsartem
Biting Pear of Salamanca  Biting Pear of Salamanca 
(Participated in April Fools' Day 2017)
Introduced March 31st, 2017
Available to everyone
To acquire this badge, submit a piece of art to the "DeviantART Related / Biting Pear of Salamanca" category.
The original artwork can be found…

Hey - Bye Fella (Reactions)Hey!
if You want to use my Emoticons, type and search badges series; " ehsanbadges in the +add media on your comment!
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and for use on other deviantart place, copy and paste this phrase without the stars * also change the sightly ThumbNumbers;
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* FELLA -The Biting Pear of Salamanca (Badges)*

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Lady-Rococo|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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ClaraWild|Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's just a picture of bestiality. A Fella fucking a pear X3
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Speech Bubble - Right speaker 1 They see me banging . . they hating ! . . Speech Bubble - Right speaker 2 FELLA -The Biting Pear of Salamanca (Badges) Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1Kill me ! . . Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2 
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ClaraWild|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Patrolling trying to get me riding dirty Dog Dance (gif animation) 
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ClaraWild|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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For me I say this is very innapropate if you ask, the Devantart staff should not be doing such acts, this person is lucky that nobody has reported this yet so for know it will be reported!
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ClaraWild|Hobbyist Digital Artist
They probably already saw it, it literally appears every time you write something on add media. 
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 CHICA INTENSIFIES chat iconMadoka Embarrassed IconPMMM - Kyubey Creepy PMMM - Homura Cursed/Witch Miku Hatsune Gif :ievanpolkka:    
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Zinzebar|Hobbyist Digital Artist
i see this every time i search for lgbt emoticons for my character refrence sheets
send help
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ClaraWild|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Same When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) 
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xFurriwolf|Hobbyist Digital Artist

I guess we're gonna have a alien come to life because of a pear..... and a fella......

I think I found the alien they gave birtha lifu to

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birdly-queenfisher's avatar
birdly-queenfisher|Hobbyist General Artist
oh shit???
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Argodeon|Professional Digital Artist
I keep coming back to this its so fu cking funny
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SonicFanGrill267|Student General Artist
My kink
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Purple---girl|Hobbyist Digital Artist
why just why
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littleluv04|Student Filmographer
Why a pear?
Out of all the fruits in the universe.....
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RanchBerryCrunch|Hobbyist General Artist
sans - fuk dis shit im out :D 
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FennecFax|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Those eyes know whats happening by FennecFax  
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SSmiley1|Student Digital Artist
OWO Micky Mouse Cum Face 
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xNikito|Hobbyist Artist
this looks so wrong
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