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deviant hat palette virtuoso oil artistpalette da entertainment painter painting artificer craftsman leonardo monna autor draw gallery lisa color joconde la monaliza gioconda canvaspainting amuse artist brush handicraft pen colorful colorist leonardodavinci artartist detail drow fella oilbrush vinci leonardoda davinci paint artistpainting deviantart paintdraw paintingpaint canvas author drawer paintings painter portraitist portrayer colorist drawer drow color hue shade tint tone coloration skin coloring skin tone coloring race ethnic group professional occupational handicraft draw lottery draw drawing sortition tension traction pull draw strain extension drag draw pull stretch avulse chart draw trace depict plot extract evoke draw elicit solicit aspirate approximate draw plan bring forth propose scheme draft draw imprint depict draw engrave ballot draw receive cash draw pull down recover implicate confuse draw embrangle enlace enmesh draw plan sketch model artist designer creator originator producer old master studio workshop workroom atelier workspace gallery museum exhibition room display room
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All of these fella emojis are fantastic, ehsartem.  I only have one addition: this set needs a drawing or sketch artist (similar to the Writing or Painting Fella).  Artists who use pen or pencil on paper, or who use digital tablets to "draw" their art are sadly unrepresented.  Otherwise, this is an incredible set, and you obviously put so much work into it.
Applaud fella (Reactions) Leadership fella (Badges) 
cookiebaby722's avatar thank you and happy thanksgiving
cookiebaby722's avatar
vanndra's avatar
I love this series!!!!
pamelamc's avatar
this is such an imaginative series
canttel's avatar
UGH i want to put this in me profile but im too lazy
a fav will do
Vampirekittycat3172's avatar
Why would he erase Mona Lisa?
Ehsartem's avatar
Maybe for scrupulous fella thinking ( Reactions ) 
also he needs to refresh canvas ;)
LilianBell's avatar
Cmac13's avatar
more with fella taking photographs please :nod:
Ehsartem's avatar
Surprise fella (Smileys) oho!!  Nice Idea, absolutely Ok fella  So please wait Wink fella (Smileys) 
LittleWolf-Dreamer's avatar
Love it Ehsan. He's gorgeous. :heart:
Ehsartem's avatar
Blower fella (Party) im so happy you like it, Thanks a lot Biggrin fella  (Smileys) 
LittleWolf-Dreamer's avatar
Most welcome Ehsan. :hug:
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