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So...after lots of fighting with stock, nearly two days of work and lots of hair pulling it's finally done. xD

This is meant to be a 'Dragonkin', one of three species available to play on a new and upcoming site. This guy is quite extensive and really dragon-like, however not all 'Dragonkin' have to look like him or her, they can be as normal looking as possible xD the site is still in the works, but once it's ready to be opened up I'll let you guys all know if any of you are interested :D

So I really tried my hardest on this, and really wanted to see how far i could go with different stock, as opposed to simply drawing it all in like i normally do. And I actually quite like the outcome and I hope you guys do too :heart:

Horse to ~Breathless-dk
Background to =Sed-rah-Stock
Crocodile texture to ~Della-Stock and ~sevenbullsboy
Crocodile tail and 'face armor' to *Chunga-Stock
Horns to ~Cynthetic
Species to the site owner.
Artwork and character to ~xapostrophex
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Eeeek thank you! >///<
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I just returned from a camping trip where I had a tent in the woods. In the middle of the night, in the pitch darkness, I heard something creeping around it that scared the heck outta me. I think it might have been this!
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Hahaha it must have been! Though I'll admit if i ever saw this guy in the middle of the night, I'd definitely be running for the hills hahaha! :XD:
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This is the definition of art, the epitome of beauty and talent. I am absolutely amazed by this manip... it's inspiring <3
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Oh wow that is such a wonderful comment :blush:, thank you so much! I really appreciate it :heart: :tighthug:
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This is fantastic!!
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Thank you so much! :love:
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Apo <333 You rock!
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sdfgkj xD thank you deary :heart:
ho shit. this is great! <3
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Thank youuu! :hug:
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So beautiful, I love the concept. ♥
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Aw thank you so much! :tighthug:
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