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Favorite Pokemon Meme

Blank here --> [link]

Huge ass version for download just because there is one.

Filling up the (in)famous "favorite pokémon of each type" meme. Mostly done for color practice and as an excuse to draw pokémon.

But really mostly color practice - I tried to use as many different drawing and coloring styles as I could for testing.
Drawings aside, if I can get some input on the coloring(s), that'd be great C:

Can you recognize the pokémon? (are the drawings good enough for that? =3=; )
If you can, say their names in the comments, and I'll fill in this list here, just for fun, because I'm retarded:

Bug: Leavanny
Dark: Honchkrow
Dragon: Reshiram
Electric: Rotom
Fighting: Croagunk
Fire: Volcarona
Flying: Drifblim
Ghost: Gastly
Grass: Cherubi
Ground: Gliscor
Ice: Snorut
Normal: Jigglypuff
Poison: Crobat
Psychic: Swoobat
Rock: Lileep
Steel: Magnemite
Water: Chinchou

Some were obvious to me, some were hard to pick, some I had to "cheat" using dual types >3>
But I had a lot of fun with this <3
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awesome^ ㅂ ^
Raserniss's avatar
This picture is truly fantastic, though you spelled Snorunt wrong in the description but i can look past that ^^
ehllychan's avatar
Sorry about the mispelling. I'm not very good at typing, so I tend to mistype stuff orz
Thank you very much <3
I need to make a new one of these... a lot has changed.
CrystalWolf953's avatar
They're like a bunch of EX pokemon Cards!
Awesome artwork!
ehllychan's avatar
Thanks! <3
I think they'd fit more as normal cards, though. EX cards usually have a more rectangular shape instead of square, more dynamic poses, and no backgrounds~
CrystalWolf953's avatar
well all that matters is that they are awesome
tenko72's avatar
I like the mix of styles.
Verderinde's avatar
Oh my God!!! They're stilish!!!!! Good Job!!! :)
deaththeprincess's avatar
never will you cease to amaze me! *in a good way*
Gloomy-Butt's avatar
I love how all of the styles are different and unique. ^.^
Noodlesing's avatar
ehllychan's avatar
Mutenroushi's avatar
I only reconize the Jigglypuf XD
Great coloring variation :) I think I like those ground and poison the best :3
ehllychan's avatar
Uhh, not even Magnemite? Or Crobat? =3=
Poison type is Crobat. It's my favorite Pokémon ever. And it evolves from a Zubat, which I doubt you don't know :P
And thanks~ o/
Mutenroushi's avatar
Well, I know some of them but cant't remember their names XD Hum, yeah, I think I remember that bat one :)
ehllychan's avatar
The blue bat that is everywhere. Everywhere.
PhuiJL's avatar
I really love how you use different art style in each panel! <333 :love: :D :D I recognized all of them too ^U^
ehllychan's avatar
Thanks! <3 That's the main point: style practice C:
Yay for pokémon lovers o/
PhuiJL's avatar
Welcome! :D It's super fun to use many different syles :love: :heart:

Yay! High-five! :iconhigh5plz: Also, glad to see you back again!! 8D :happybounce:

ehllychan's avatar
It is <3 Some don't turn out too well, some are okay, some are a real surprise :iconhappybounceplz:

Thanks! o/

alpin-j's avatar
using dual types isn't cheating
types are irrelevant meaning that Volcarona is fire type as much as a bug type
no importance what type is first
ehllychan's avatar
They're generally classified as "main" or "sub" type though... At least most listings and websites I see go with that. For the sake of classification only, I guess.

It sometimes affects which skill type they learn more of... More like affinity, maybe? C:
When pokémon with different type combinations from their evolved forms evolve, they tend to keep the main type and change/gain another.
That's why I tend to imagine them having a "main" type. Volcarona is the "Sun" pokémon, after all, and Larvesta is a "Torch"~
alpin-j's avatar
yes some pokemon even though are dual type they usually have a move-pool with few moves as "sub" type moves
like bulbasaur its fam has a few poison moves
but that goes for classification cause as far as the gamemplay the game sees dual type as equals - no difference if it is water/ice lapras or ice/water walrein

all i was saying is that you chose well so no worries hehe
ehllychan's avatar
Both types work the same way for STAB, so it's all the same, I guess. But they do tend to have more skills of one type than the other.

Thanks :D
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