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Toy Spider

Made of the finest plastic. Illustrator CS, though I could've done this one in 8.

T-shirt available.

(Huh. Shame I missed the deadline for this.)
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Congrats on the back cover of the new issue of HM
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Oh, that finally happened? Cool.
WickedRedGrin's avatar
yepp, was inside the last issue too i believe.
egypturnash's avatar
Cool. I'll have to go hunting for 'em!
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This--is VERY COOL! Wow, what a great graphic! Would make a killer T-shirt! Thanks for being part of the Heavy Metal contest--best of luck to you! Kevin
egypturnash's avatar
Thanks! It'd be totally awesome to be in HM; it was such a beacon of something else than the world I knew when I was a kid.

I actually did put it on shirts years ago, but it was just nasty Cafepress stuff. Maybe I should try again now that there's a zillion t-shirt "contest" sites that can do stuff on dark grounds.
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very nice, I like the feeling it delivers and how you've worked it out in that cell-style. -> f
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Whoa! I love her expressive hands, and how it's all almost as simple as a silhouette.
giza's avatar
Nice creature and design
fotodog's avatar
nice work.

the shadow is a great effect.
Good use of colour!
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dance spider dance
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I love this-- it looks like she's dancing! The lines and style are absolutely gorgeous.
jebadiah831's avatar
vector art. period
jebadiah831's avatar
I think I know her.
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love the subject, well done piece. the complimentary colors really bother my eyes (but then again that's what they're supposed to do). nice work
egypturnash's avatar
Yeah, the contrast is supposed to glow. Originally it was even more shocking; I toned it down because it distracted from the figure too much.
minimonster777's avatar
The hands are wonderfully expressive, and the shadow on the ground really pulls it all together. Nice!
snail-lady's avatar
awesome. I love her hand gestures .
kage-neko's avatar
Wonderful piece.

Great design.
The hair style and body art really add some nice touches to the overall piece.
Belabras's avatar
Pure awesomness in design form.
potlan's avatar
Damn that hairstyle is awesome.

Man why do I always pick up on the least important thing in the picture?
osandstorrm's avatar
I love the way the shackles are one with the background color. That's the kind of sleek economy of line that I love so much about your artwork.
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