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Romantic lesbian AI erotica.

GLaDOS is the intellectual property of Valve, while SHODAN is of course the property of whoever owns the corpse of Looking Glass Studios.

This is the second piece of SHODAN/GLaDOS rule 34ing I did; the first, sillier one is here. Also I did a much sillier one some time later.
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This would make a great t-shirt.
Tsuki222's avatar
Pretty beautifull, even if those two together could destroy all the universe...
EonOrteaShadowmaster's avatar
Shodan/Glados.  We're doomed.
tglooker's avatar

Don't ask why
Tsuki222's avatar
Maybe they will be nicer to their moms, than Shodan MANY previous children XD
matthew10a's avatar
The naming rights to System Shock 1 and 2 went to EA i believe they bought it out, but LGS kept the coding rights, but i assure you that LGS is still alive and prospering #Bioshock
egypturnash's avatar
I dunno, I think there's a pretty big difference between running around doing the bidding of a megalomaniac AI, and running around doing the bidding of an Objectivist. The latter feels dirtier.
matthew10a's avatar
Just a different story line :/

Take Margret Peterson Haddix for example, two of the book series she wrote were the Shadow Children  series and the Missing Children series, they both have majorly different "feels" to them, but it was made by the same person.
egypturnash's avatar
Given that I generally hate FPSs and only played System Shock 2 so I could meet SHODAN, story was pretty important in this case. Sometimes you love everything a creator does, sometimes you only love one or two of their works, you know?
AviHooves's avatar
I think the most logical option is that the licence of SHODAN went over to Irrational Games. I'm not sure tho.
Icyshadowlord's avatar
Made me think they're trying to hack each other. XD
Thejboy88's avatar
A sam-sex relationship between two computer AI character? Interesting.

I especially like your contrasting colour scheme between the two character.
triskadancer's avatar
I love the poses, especially SHODAN clinging to that one taut wire of GLaDOS.

also why do I ship this now, damnit
egypturnash's avatar
'cause Portal 2 has you thinking about GLaDOS again, most likely...
robbicide's avatar
This is beautiful. I love the simplicity of this. Very elegant.
Razzek's avatar
I saw the print of this for sale at a con I was at and it killed me that I couldn't afford it. This is pretty much one of the neatest pieces of art I've ever seen. It'll be on my wall someday. :)
egypturnash's avatar
I tried making it available here but DA took it down the moment someone bought it. I really need to get off my ass and set up a shop on my own site...
BrutishDandy's avatar
Very much creepiness offset by artsyness.
spliter's avatar
This is my new wallpaper :]
PeppermintSchnapps's avatar
This is fantastic art though.
Good work.
ProfessorLysander's avatar
I like your use of negative space. Your color choices work rather well together.
Bartpab's avatar
I think that Shodan is a sort of mother for GlaDOS. BTW nice draw =D
egypturnash's avatar
Incest only makes it hotter.
Cedarbox's avatar
My friend, this is quite simply epic.

Speaking on a more technical level, this piece is very crisp, neat and simple while being utterly pleasing to the eye. There are far too many traditional pieces out there with this general concept. It's nice to see something original.
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