Deviation Actions

Painting Effect Actions

By egulumse
I share the actions which I've done in Photoshop programme. Used in the quality of the pictures, colors and sizes is important for the result. I benefited the stock of images of Deviantart.
I would like to let me know if you have trouble using actions.
I made the actions in Photoshop CS3.

Yaptığım Photoshop Aksiyonları paylaşıyorum arkadaşlar. Aksiyonların başarısı kullanılan resmin kalitesine, renklerine ve boyutlarına göre değişiyor. Deviantartaki stock resimlerden faydalandım.
Aksiyonları kullanırken sorun yaşarsanız bana bildirmenizi rica ediyorum.
Aksiyonları Photoshop CS3de oluşturduğumu da eklemek isterim.
© 2011 - 2021 egulumse
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Sorry for my bad english. Thanks you so much, is just the action that i was looking for. You really got talent.

claudya06's avatar
Thanks! Much better than some paid actions out there :)
Thank you very much.
excellent MANY thanks
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Thank bro! Nice apport DeviantArt 
Direct to my favorites
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Very well done. Highly recommend :)
how can I download this action?
ShiftgraphiX's avatar
appelt65's avatar
This action is PERFECT!!! Small, but with awesomes effects and much better than the greats commercials actions such as graphicriver.Thank you for share and congrats for this REAL and COOL action!  =]
it's ok! i found it! thanks!!!
How can i get this actions please?
TheCozyAuthor's avatar
Ive been looking for this forever! YAY! Its awesome :)
Hunley2013's avatar
Great action been looking for something like this, thanks!
Eleawine's avatar
can u explain me how to use, pls ?
Jaromira's avatar
Oh gods, this is so AWESOME! Thank you so much!
marika3110's avatar
I used your actions here. Thank you :D
KerensaW's avatar
So excited to find these!  Thank you so much!
so sorry these are not in  regular file type ABR...cannot use any RAR's
Nhilim's avatar
tx, really cool!
WW2-WARDOG's avatar
Crashes CS4, to bad it's nice action, an update perhaps?
WW2-WARDOG's avatar
Crashes CS4, to bad nice action, an update perhaps?
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