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Yamamoto Takeshi from Reborn.
Just rough sketch,killing time among boring in afternoon class. =_=@
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He's handsome if you ask me! :D
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You do his TYL form so well! :) I can see that you like him with Hibari. Any other KHR pairings? ;)
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I dont care if this is just a sketch ma dear. but..

M-r--R-o-b-o-t-o's avatar
your sketches are so amazing! :O wow.. i wish i could do stuff like this . GOTTA PRACTISE! :D
iLOVEshino4567's avatar
I LOVE your sketches, but does Yamamoto really smoke? Turnoff. 8C
Subba-kun's avatar
Waa~~~I love it *U*
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uhmm.., is that pencil or ink?
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Still beautiful though =]
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Did you steal Gokudera's cigarettes again, Yamamoto?
god damn when i see pics as good as these
i feel like i suck doney kon butt D:
but seriously awesomeness :D
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Nice work. Keep it up. ^-^
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YOU CALLLllll THIS JUST A ROUGH SKETCH!!!!! Common! this is good!
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PD:. I have fallen in love with your oc, I can't stop looking at the drawing, he is very pretty! *¬*
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oh my god... is very beutiful *¬*
dayum- he looks so sexy xD

I wanna read the manga just for him lol
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Thats one amazing sketch!!!! :icondragonwant:
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Yamamoto's smile is really a good medicine!
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It's funny cuz it's true! <3
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กิซ!! หล่อมากค่ะพี่
> <!

ยิ้มก็น่ารัก จริงจังก็เท่ห์ เจ๋งจริงๆเล้ย
นี่สิ ถึงได้คู่ควรกับคุณฮิบาริ XD
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Ahhh awesome sketch work ^^ I wish I could sketch as clean as this ;o;

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oooh, older Yamamoto is soo beyond sexy >_______< <3<3<3
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