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While this piece is brilliant and I really like it, however, as someone who studies Crows and Ravens, I'd like to kindly mention that t...

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good god
there's a lot of old art on here

if ya'll want to see my NEW art, follow EgoLobster instead
Heyyy guys, it’s ya boi here
Yeah ik I said I was going to make it be a comic but I’m lame and better at writing than drawing.
Here we go!
Also writing is a form of art shut up this is what I meant by artists block. I literally couldn’t think of an opening sentence.

So I present to you my new story:

Imprisoned Phobics

Zora stared up at the ceiling, her thoughts and heart racing. Sweat beaded on her forehead.
Here we go. Just like always. Happens every day. I’m going to be ok. It’s not real.
Zora’s roommate opened the door a crack, ancient hinges that should have been replaced long ago making a terrible grinding noise, startling Zora out of her train of thought.
You could see almost nothing of Elise through her hair, which was covering her entire face to the point Zora wondered if she could actually see and might have accidentally walked into Zora’s room thinking it was her own.
“Turn the lights off, will you? I need my beauty sleep. I don’t look as good if I don’t sleep in pure darkness.” Elise asked, in a tone that was almost commanding. Zora felt a twinge of annoyance at her vain ‘friend’, and mumbled an unconvincing promise to turn off the lights ‘in a few’, more focused on preparing herself for her nightly terrors.
Elise left nearly immediately, which was one of the few things Zora actually liked about her. Elise lived in her own little world as well - but this one did not involve Zora and there was an unspoken rule that the other never intruded on what the other did.
Zora never questioned when Elise came home with a new guy from the next door college dorms, never questioned when Elise threw her report cards into the trash can, never questioned when she argued with her parents over the phone about her ‘promising career as a model’.
Elise never questioned when Zora came home battered and bruised, clothes torn to near shreds. Elise never questioned when Zora threw disturbing art of the previous night's events into the trash. Elise never questioned when the cops were called because Zora was screaming her head off in her room and disturbing the neighbors.
Shaking her head, Zora walked over the light switch. Before she could turn the lights off, she felt a stab of anxiety. Just a few more minutes. I need to prepare more.
She knew she couldn’t hold off any longer. There was going to be a time when she would not have control over these variables and wouldn’t have the time to prepare.
Zora turned off the light, the transition into darkness was so sudden it left her blind for a few seconds.
She blinked a few times, staring around the inky black interior of the room. She calmed herself slowly as nothing approached her. She waited until her heart was beating at a semi-acceptable rate and laid down in bed. She pulled the covers over her head just as she heard it laugh.
Elise glanced over at Zora, but neither spoke a single word. After the silence became near deafening, Elise spoke up.
“What was all that about?”
Zora broke into a cold sweat but kept calm.
“What are you talking about?”
“You know exactly what I’m talking about. Last night.”
“I don’t want to talk about it.”
“Bull. You say that all the time but if you are going to scream bloody mary at the top of your lungs like someone destroyed all your makeup kits, you better tell me what’s going on. I’ve tried to be polite and not focus on it too much, but you are pushing it too far.”
“Like… Someone destroyed my makeup kits?”
Elise rolled her eyes.
“Fine, like you were dying or something.”
“For the record, I wasn’t dying.”
“Sure sounded like it.”
Zora let out a frustrated sigh and slammed her head against the table.
“Elise, seriously, I don’t want to talk about it.”
“This is serious Zora. The cops have come 8 times in the past month due to your little tantrums. I need to know what happened last night. I can’t get kicked out of here because of you. I was nice enough to let you come live with me, now do me a favor and tell me what’s going on.”
Zora frowned. Elise did let her come with live with her. She would at least have to tell her something - but she wouldn’t believe the full story. She’d just tell her half of it.
“I have auditory and visual hallucinations. They only happen at night though.” Zora mumbled, getting up from breakfast to grab her bag, but of course, Elise probed further.
“When did it start? What are they like?” She inquired curiously, and Zora trembled, remembering last night.
“He comes for me at night. He’ll never let go because he is a part of me.” She whispered.
“What does that-”
Zora slammed the door behind her before Elise could finish, and headed towards her first class of the day.


Oh heccin
That last line makes this sound more like a romance XD
Trust me, there isn’t any romance in this story. I might add one later to make that plotline thicc but I dunno
I hope you all are at a minimum slightly intrigued. Ik it’s a short prologue but I had like
No time
Alright yeah I’m outta here bye
I don’t have plans for when the chapters are coming out so at random intervals I’ll release a new one so check bacc oftennn

Cya my dudes I have art to do


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