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flight lessons - 3

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Have a great holiday season, regardless of what (if anything) you celebrate!

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3
Part 4:
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HAHA Woona's face in da last panel
Celesia and Luna looks  ciute.Clap
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Woons is trying so hard!
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"Your Highness, can you really teach us to fly?"


Poor Frolicsome Meadowlark... :(

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Awww, how adorable :love:
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Is that Cartographer's Nurse's Cap on Woona?
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How to Fly: Pegasus & Bat-Pegasus Wings

Bat & Pegasus:
Get used to feeling air under your wings (with the soft pallet like texture of a bats wings upward drag plays a big part in flight) Practice repeatedly trying lift your body off the ground.
Then start jumping and flapping your wings in a pattern like form 'You will need this for when your flying at extreme or pegasus heights'
The pattern goes - FLAP GLIDE FLAP FLAP GLIDE and repeat, Continously start trying bigger hieghts when you jump off. but dont skip to the biggest hieght you know immediately (for safety reasons). When you flap to go higher use alot of force, when you push down, you will go up
When you want to descend slowly flap slower and slower until you are near to the ground. To decend FAST, quickly tuck your wings tight against your body and let your self speed toward the ground, pull your wings out when you are close to the surface and pull or lean back from the ground for lift just dont do it too long you will end up in a continous cycle and probably crash. To land flap slower and slower as said earlier and lean back when your hind-legs touch the ground, stop flapping all together

(And thats all you need to know about flight) 
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Heheh. Merry Christmas. And have fun.
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Huh. That was really helpful.
Thanks! :D
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Not a problem.  
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