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Hi, everyone. I decided to draw something different, I have been drawing fanarts and portraits since I joined Deviantart. Many knows I'm a furry. I like a mix of furry arts on Deviantart.
I had a dream during a thunderstorm night summer 2012. I tried to think something, I was on a vacation, my dad suggested for me to sleep in the car during thunderstorm.
I tried to thinking to furry arts. Martian mouse on a motorcycle came to me. Her name is Mousy (a similar name from a character in Spider-Man: The Animated Series), she wants to keep me company. Later she took me to an another place, it looks like the scene from Terminator 2, (The Terminator asking a guy about clothes and a bike). It was a peaceful place, I was eating, dancing and later we was alone in a room.
I felt safe to think of her. She suggested for me to watch Biker Mice from Mars (1993).

In another I was on Mars to help her people. On the planet I met Carbine (a character from the show), the meeting was similar to the video game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare training level F.N.G.
Later we invaded an enemy base, I was in a flying ship with unkown soldiers from other countries, Canadian, Russian, Irish, British and Dutch. The ship was chrashing but I sruvied, it was unkown what happened to the other soldiers, I was not looking back and was running to the enemy base and planting a bomb and the base was destroyed.

Later at a ceremony I got an honor medal, Carbine asked if I want to stay on Mars. I answered yes beacuse I didn't want to go back to watch the news about the Movie theater massacre in Denver 2012, the Norway attacks 2011 and the war in Syria.

In another I was going back to Earth for research, but suddenly when I was landing I was sorunded by the press and FBI. It was unkown where Mousy was. FBI asked me for help and later I traveled to Pentagon, Washington D.C. with the FBI. I met president Bill Clinton (he was president when the show was broadcasting), he gave me folder about activites in Chicago, he want me to get information from Limburger (the villain in Biker Mice from Mars). I traveled to Chicago and dressed as a cleaner to get in, I walked in a room and took some photos in an archive. Later after left the building I was hunted by Greasepit (a henchmen) but I was rescued by Biker Mice, I was injured in my head and woke up later. I met Throttle, Vinnie and Modo, known as Biker Mice and there human friend Charley. I told my all my story why I was here.

Martian stranger by EgonEagle

I want to thanks these artist for great arts and inspiration: :iconblackstorm::iconjivra::iconartaith-21:

I have been watching some episodes, most notable are Back to Mars and Once upon a time on Mars.
I was going to was earlier but was busy to watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and became a brony.

About Me:
Sweden Stamp by l8 Furry and PROUD::stamp by CelestialWolfen RGB stamp by SeishinKibou Friendship IS Magic by Mistralla DA Stamp - Bikermice from Mars by virago-rs NHL Stamp by Skokut Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers Fan Stamp by JRWenzel Holmes Stamp 03 by L-mon Batman Animated Series stamp by Bourbons3 Angry Video Game Nerd Stamp by IndustriousRage The Simpsons by Cavin family guy stamp by GoPurifyYourself I Love My PS3 Stamp by angelslain Nintendo Stamp by TrippFoxx Call of duty 4 stamp by impyton<da:thumb id="123245921"/> Modern Warfare 3 Stamp by ADDOriN<da:thumb id="178514114"/> Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Stamp by vasselli Call of Duty: Ghost by Skeett Freakazoid Stamp by Miiroku<da:thumb id="287125712"/> Fairly Odd Parents Stamp by Mintaka-TK MacGyver Stamp by LoudNoises Back to the Future Stamp by Blue-Fox MM Power Rangers Stamp by Nessarie the addams family by sguegue Spider-Man Stamp by nakashimariku Eurovision Song Contest (generic logo) - stamp by V1KA Tintin and Haddock stamp by Ad1er YouTube by angelkittin James Bond 007 Stamp 7 by dA--bogeyman Command and Conquer GDI stamp by Rattler20200 Command and Conquer Nod stamp by Rattler20200 C and C RA Allies by Rattler20200 C and C RA Soviet by Rattler20200 Be one with Yuri - Stamp by kjthemighty C and C RA Empire by Rattler20200 C and C Generals USA by Rattler20200 C and C Generals China by Rattler20200 C and C Generals GLA by Rattler20200
Clubs I've joined:
:iconrangerphiles: :iconshenmuefan: :iconmaple-leafs: :iconrealghostbustersfanc: :iconmeitantei-holmes: :iconthetintinclub: :iconthenaviavatars: :iconghostbusters-fanclub: :iconswat-kats-fanatics: :iconrobinhood-fanclub: :iconavgn-fans: :iconteccf: :iconobeyyuri: :iconteamegonspengler: :icontherealghostbusters: :icongadgetforever: :iconswedish-bronies: :iconhq-rescuerangers: :iconrgbpeter:
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Artaith-21 Featured By Owner May 28, 2015  Professional General Artist
Very intriguing!  

Thanks for the mention!
EgonEagle Featured By Owner May 30, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I also edit a wiki about the show.…
Artaith-21 Featured By Owner May 30, 2015  Professional General Artist
Awesome job :D  I hope to see it grow!
EgonEagle Featured By Owner May 31, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's hard to found users who knows the show. There has been a few.
EgonEagle Featured By Owner May 28, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice to meet you. For a long time ago I forgot to watch the show, I SAS instead to watch Sailor Moon.
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