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hello yes its been 600 million years since I've been on this account but onto the main point;
I've moved to burnedmemories and the account is still a work in progress, but in a year my coding has gotten ten times better along with my editing skills.
:iconmeo-daemonia: meo-daemonia

The first three people to favorite this journal will get a smut starter in notes !!
[ I'm in the mood for smut shush
Also please no ocs! I am not comfortable doing smut with OC's just yet ]

stolen from sa-crificing 

First meeting {Sentence Starters}

   "Pretty quiet place, isn't it?"
   "Can I pet your dog?"
   "I love your ____! Where did you get it?"
   "Didn't know anybody else was here."
   "Sorry, is this seat taken?"
   "You haven't seen this ____ anywhere, have you?"
   "Wow, this line's really long isn't it?"
   "So, you come here often?"
   "Yeah, can I help you with something?"
   "What do you usually order when you come here?"
   "So- weather's pretty nice."
   "I'm so sorry! I didn't see you!"
   "Don't suppose you know where to get a great meal around here?"
   "Can you tell me how to get to ____?"
   "Mind if I share your umbrella for a minute?"
   "Hi! I just need you to pretend like you know me!"
   "You need directions or something?"
   "This seat's open!"
   "Haven't seen you around. Need something?"
   "Um, hi. How long have you been standing there?"
   "Don't ask, just run!"

Send me a “(O,.,O)” and my character will react to your character accidentally causing mine to bleed when attempting to make a hickey.