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The Smash Club: Act 5
Act 5: The Ultimates
And now, we arrive at the polar opposite, of the Wii U: The Nintendo Switch.  Nintendo’s latest Renaissance.  The console that looked at the Wii U, and laughed out of sheer spite.  The console, that gave us Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, Kirby Star Allies, and carried the promise of oh-so-much-more.
Mario stood in his hometown for a change: New Donk City.  The town where everything officially began for him.  In this town, there were three important people in his life: Donkey Kong, Luigi… and Pauline.
Pauline, who was standing in front of the performance hall, waving over at Mario. “I’ll be inside in a bit, but are you feeling ready?”
“As-a ready as I’m-a ever gonna be,” Mario answered.
With that, Pauline rushed back inside.
Mario turned around… and exclaimed the golden words, that would make this game, the peak pillar of the Switch:
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 0 9
The Smash Club: Act 4
Act 4: The Fourth Act
Three mega hits in a row, from the 64 entry, to Melee, to straight-up Brawl.  All three, from consoles, far more popular, than the Nintendo WiiU was ever going to be.  Being blunt, the WiiU was failing.  And nothing that Nintendo was going to release, was going to change that fact.
This was, of course, the main cause of concern, that was brought up in the next Smash Club meeting, hosted this time at Jungle Hijinxs, with Mario, DK, Luigi, Link, and Captain Falcon, maintaining their as-of-this-point traditional executive seats (read: the gold tent with the Smash Logo), with Marth surprisingly enough being promoted to this executive group as well, and with everyone else taking seats at logs, or sitting down on sleeping bags, or some third thing.  These were the people, Mario had to work with: himself, DK, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox, Pikachu, Luigi, Ness, Captain Falcon, Jigglypuff (the original 12 were guaranteed mainstays, no one argue
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 0 4
The Smash Club: Act 3
Act 3: The Edgiest Brawl

If the original Super Smash Bros was insanely profitable, Melee was in a completely different ballpark.  This was a game, that achieved a status of sheer prestige, only Metroid Prime beforehand had managed.  A game that, going completely against Sakurai’s wishes, cemented itself as a fighting game pillar in the fighting game community as a whole.  A game of sheer legend, revered even to this very day.
A game… that Mario and Co. were busy wracking their heads around, trying to justify continuing off from, resting at Peach’s Castle one day.
Mario and Luigi were both sitting on a couch, with Link and Captain Falcon sitting with them.  Samus was busy, placing Bowser in a stranglehold, DK and Yoshi were both engaging in a pie-throwing contest, Toads everywhere were busy working their asses off, cleaning after the mess, with Fox, Kirby, and Falco chasing after a mischief-making Pikachu and Jigglypuff.  Zelda was off
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 0 7
The Smash Club: Act 2
Act 2: The Melee Elites
As Mario and Co. learned, ever since the release of Super Smash Bros, having an entire crossover, of Nintendo characters, fighting eachother… was extremely fucking profitable, with sales being downright insane.  So much so, it was completely overwhelming.
And it was these overwhelming sales, that Mario commented on, upon crashing on the floor, in his house, one fateful afternoon.
“...Mama Mia…!” Mario groaned, in exasperation.
Link was at the table, drinking tea, Samus was on her laptop, Yoshi was playing Super Smash Bros with Luigi, Captain Falcon and DK with controllers, Ness was writing a journal, Fox McCloud was being chased around by Kirby, and the Pikachu and Jigglypuff were both engaged in a Pokemon match, right outside Mario’s house.
“Can’t keep something like this lowbrow, eh bro?” Luigi asked.
“I guess-a not…!” Mario answered, picking himself up. “Like, I saw ambition-a
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 2 6
The Smash Club: Act 1
Act 1: To The 64th Power!
Super Smash Bros, Nintendo’s tour de force, and muscle flexing display, showcasing their massive overarching over the videogame industry.  It can be easy to assume that this massive behemoth of a franchise was planned from the start.
But, turns out it started small.  How?  How did we get here?

01 Mario
Mario and Luigi were both at their humble abode in the Mushroom Kingdom, plotting out the next truce call event idea that would work wonders.
“...Mario Party only makes everyone-a want to kill each other,” Mario said flatly, setting down an Italian take-out menu. “And-a kart racing is also not advised.”
“I don’t see the problem, bro,” Luigi said, sipping on tea.
“Well you win without-a doing anything, Luigi,” Mario replied. “And Peach cheats, Donkey Kong beats up Bowser, and Wario’s unpredictable.  I’mma need to plan an event, without them for s
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 2 7
Ego-Prompt: Questions
Q: "Where do babies come from?"
Zoro looked up from the interview chair. "They come from two people fucking.  End of sentence."
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 3 25
Pirate Time Chapter 12: Now Back To Business
*Southwestern Marshav Sea*
Maxwell was lying down on his back on the Lowrider, looking up at the blue skies above. “...God Damn, do I miss this…!”
Mao was cooking up some fish, Carmen was welding scrap metal together, and Wilfred was looking around, with a telescope.
“I suppose anyone would miss this simplicity and grace,” Wilfred answered. “Skies are blue, waters are tranquil… and the islands, oh, the islands… they work wonders.”
“...Hey, wait, didn’t we totally see some strange, dark shadow-ish shit back there?” Carmen asked. “You’d think that’d be a bigger deal.”
“Yeah, you’d think,” Mao agreed, turning the fish around.
“...I dunno, there’s music from people like Pat Benatar out there,” Max brought up.
“...Alright, Maxwell,” Wilfred answered, keeping his eye looking through the telescope.
“...Eyup.” Mao said. “Same a
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 2 24
Pirate Time Chapter 11: The Reunion
Previously on Pirate Time…
Max and company basically went from island to island, going from small potatoes, to kicking ass and taking names.  And money.  And the hearts from the ladies.  Anyways, they got two admirals interested in them, a chubby queen who fired Max from a cannon to some Gritz Pit, and Max’s sister VIOLET, who bailed them out, and is travelling with them despite being a naval chick.

“And did I get ALL of that right?” Mao asked, reading the script.
Carmen, Wilfred and Violet nodded. “Oh yes, very good Mao.”
“Good,” Mao said, putting down the script, “because now I gotta ask: HOW THE HELL ARE WE GONNA MOVE THIS PLOT AROUND, WITHOUT OUR LEVEL-HEADED CAPTAIN, MAXWELL?!?”
The Max Pirates, and the Ludreich forces, were all staying in an inn, off the southern coast of the continent of Marshavi,
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 2 27
One Piece: The Lombard Pirates: Chapter 3
*In the throne room, of Castle Lombard*
(BGM: Mr. Crowley, by Ozzy Osbourne)
Sitting atop a throne, which in itself was atop a massive heaping swathe of gold and riches, clutching onto the two arm rests, staring down upon the entrance... was but a tall imposing man, adorned in black spiked boots, black leather pants, black poofy and spiky hair, sharp black glasses... and a white spiked leather vest, with black spiked collars around his wrists, and on his right ring finger, an obsidian black ring.
“...Ruby, if you would.”
The two doors opened, with the intense swordswoman from earlier, Ruby Lombard, walking up to the man in question, even walking over the gold... before sitting upon his lap, with her arms around him, bridal-style.
"...Oh, Lewis...," Ruby said. “You know already.”
"It’s Straw Hat Luffy," the man said, rising his right hand in the air. “...Is Dr. Crowley inside as well?”
“Yes... HE’S here too...” Ruby answ
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 3 34
One Piece: The Lombard Pirates: Chapter 2
(BGM: Fierce Battle! Zoro Vs Sanji, from One Piece OST)
Keigo the Piranha Fishman dashed straight towards Luffy, swinging his cutlass wildly. “FOR CAPTAIN LEWIS!!!!”
Zoro yawned, stepping forward. “...We’re doing this now.”
Keigo’s cutlass was forces straight off of his hand. “...HEY, ASSHOLE!!!”
“...Don’t you have, like, Fishman Karate skills or something?” Luffy asked.
“I don’t know martial arts!” Keigo answered, before diving into the pond, bringing out a massive cannon on his shoulder. “No, I have firepower!”
Usopp responded by firing Pop Greens straight into the cannon. “Try and fire now!”
Instantly, a massive and vicious biting plant immediately chomped on Keigo’s head, causing his face to contort to cartoonish pain. “...YEEEEOOOOCHH!!!!  GET THIS THING OFF OF MEEEEEEEEE!!!!” He ran all over the place, back and right, before tripping i
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 2 53
Wilfred And Brandi by Ego-Man25 Wilfred And Brandi :iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 7 36
One Piece: The Lombard Pirates: Chapter 1
*Lombardo Jungle, Fleeko Island*
Luffy was swinging forward with his stretchy rubbery arms, from tree branch to tree branch. “Alright guys, it didn’t take long, but these guys already seem like assholes, so stay sharp!”
Zoro and Robin were both able to keep pace as they were swinging forward with vines, Usopp was riding aboard Chopper in Deer Point, Sanji was dashing through the air on his own, and Brook was dashing through, slicing away shrubbery that impeded his progress.
Nami and Franky, on the other hand... were struggling.
“...Wait...!  Slow down, I suck at traveling in jungles...!  Fuck...!” Nami was panting, tripping over the place, and just in general was trying to swat at bugs. “Why did we have to go on an island with jungles...?!”
Franky was pushing aside shrubbery, and hostile falcons and hawks alike. “Back off, ya freakin’ Birds!  Sis and I are trying to speed up!”
A mass
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 4 33
One Piece: The Lombard Pirates: Prologue
It was yet another normal morning aboard the Thousand Sunny in the New World, with the Straw Hats looking far and wide for yet another adventure to dive into.  There was Luffy and Usopp, running back and forth with a stupid game of tag, with Chopper dragged in, there was Zoro leaning against the mast, drinking up hard booze, Nami laying back on a sun bed, getting a tan, Sanji walking over to her, serving tangerine pie, Robin sitting on the stairs to the sky deck, reading a novel, Franky working on repairs towards the starboard, and Brook playing on his violin, tunes of old.
“Don’t cry...
Don’t raise your eye...
It’s only teenage wasteland...”

“...Baba O’Riley, by The Who,” Robin guessed, looking up.
“Yoho~!  You got that right, Robin~!” Brook cheered, before chortling. “Yohohohohoho~!”
“I gotta admit,” Nami said, looking up, “everything has been... SO nice and relaxing... over her
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 7 28
Pirate Time Chapter 10: Maria Strutengald-Ascourt
Back in the Aratian Sea, The Max Pirates were sailing to their hearts' content towards Scarlet Island, with Max standing at the front, Mao playing The March Of The Black Queen from the speakers, Carmen forging a spear at the starboard, and their newest member Wilfred studying, and correcting their map.
"...I say," Wilfred said, "it is surprisingly liberating to join piracy, after Vincent's lockdown."
"We just chill out and hang." Max said. "Unless I feel like pirating.  BTW, the movies we stream, we stream illegally."
"I can get behind that," Wilfred said.
"Yeah... we cool that way." Mao said. "By the way... never got your full name."
"Wilfred Langsley Strutengald." Wilfred answered, bowing. "So with proper introductions out of the way... do you mind if I address the VERY large elephant in the room?"
"Yes~?" Carmen answered, grinding out some rough patches on the spearhead.
Wilfred pointed to the swimming Novana, who was 20 meters behind The Lowrider. "This lady has been ch
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 3 30
Ego-Man Prompt: The Freedom
Luffy woke up to the alarm clock blaring heavy metal, causing him to fall out of bed. "AHHH!!!  HAD A NIGHTMARE!!!"
"Luffy... shut the fuck up..." Sanji tossed and turned in his sleep. "No one cares about your birthday..."
"...Wait, a nightmare?" Usopp asked, facing Luffy. "What gives?"
"I had a terrible nightmare, that I was afraid of things!" Luffy said. "That is so not me!"
Cue Chara walking in. "...At this point, either I'm in these stories, or I'm not.  Undertale is fucking dead."
Cue Yuri (from Doki Doki Literature Club) entering the room. "I heard someone else was interested in knives."
"...FUCK THIS, I'M OUT!!!" Chara jumped through a window, glass shards and everything, getting the fuck out of there. "FOR FREEDOM OR DEATH!!!"
"...How low can we go?" Zoro asked, stepping in. "How do we degenerate further?  How little does the author need to care?"
"We have a story." Luffy said. "About The Fre
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 1 7
I Finally Did It. by Ego-Man25 I Finally Did It. :iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 0 7
The stuff I make, and wish there was more of. Because that's how I am.

Random Favourites

AT: Copic Youko Kurama by Tiha90 AT: Copic Youko Kurama :icontiha90:Tiha90 172 86 Goku Vs Ichigo by sub-z Goku Vs Ichigo :iconsub-z:sub-z 157 163 Trust by MeSecretNinja Trust :iconmesecretninja:MeSecretNinja 132 78 Sebastian Wallpaper by DinocoZero Sebastian Wallpaper :icondinocozero:DinocoZero 50 26 Soul Eater (Weapon Ver.) by Kyuukeru Soul Eater (Weapon Ver.) :iconkyuukeru:Kyuukeru 180 11 Soul Eater (Meister Ver.) by Kyuukeru Soul Eater (Meister Ver.) :iconkyuukeru:Kyuukeru 232 11 MOTHER- Kumatora by Shinji-Leaf MOTHER- Kumatora :iconshinji-leaf:Shinji-Leaf 251 22 Maka from Soul Eater by AgentSharpie Maka from Soul Eater :iconagentsharpie:AgentSharpie 5 21 Mr. T by erostrato Mr. T :iconerostrato:erostrato 126 57 Ichigo Kurosaki by AgentSharpie Ichigo Kurosaki :iconagentsharpie:AgentSharpie 8 3 Alabama Beach Party by TheAmericanDream Alabama Beach Party :icontheamericandream:TheAmericanDream 90 29 Hatsune-Miku (NIGHT) by PriyoNewvKy Hatsune-Miku (NIGHT) :iconpriyonewvky:PriyoNewvKy 105 8 You're A Messy by TheAmericanDream You're A Messy :icontheamericandream:TheAmericanDream 260 68 Hieijotarorobin by TheAmericanDream Hieijotarorobin :icontheamericandream:TheAmericanDream 82 41
Air Hockey: A Crossover Fanfiction
Air Hockey: A Crossover Fanfiction
(I do not, nor will I EVER, own One Piece or Bleach. They both belong to Eiichiro Oda and Tite Kubo.)
   Just a nice, normal day. A day like any other. One Monkey D. Luffy and Ichigo Kurosaki are playing a good game of air hockey. Since Sanji wouldn't have lunch ready for a good thirty minutes, Nami suggested they play a bit of air hockey to keep busy.
"Ichigo, think fast!" Luffy exclaimed.
He hit the puck to Ichigo, who hit it back.
"Nice try!" he said.
"Dammit!" Luffy cursed. "How do you do it?!"
"It's a gift," Ichigo answered. "and I'm a giver."
On that, he hit the puck back at Luffy, who hit it back at him.
"Hah!" Ichigo yelled as he hit the puck.
Luffy ended up missing.
"Yes!" Ichigo cheered. "Score one for Kurosaki!"
"All right, smart guy," Luffy spoke as he put the puck on the table. "Let's take it up a notch...Gear Second!!"
He pumped blood into his arm, turning it pink as steam came out.
"Hope you're ready to lose, Ichig
:iconmoonlitinuyasha1985:moonlitinuyasha1985 5 126
The stuff I wish I could make, but instead others make.


Well... this is a pretty humorous picture, to put it lightly, not to mention as in-character as you could possibly make it for Usopp. P...

Okay, this reminds me of a certain story that I've written, where some dudes were in a bathhouse rather than chicks. It had nothing to ...

Well then, let's get started, shall we? For starters, I like the idea of centralism being tossed out the window. You bring more of a na...

Now, as a One Piece fan, I must say, I very much enjoy how in-character you have Robin's reactions here. Yes, this not being OOC is a n...


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Ryuko Time
Ryuko Time is a commission series where people can go nuts with what they want Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill to experience... within my limits, obviously.  That's right: I string together several random requests regarding Ryuko Matoi in a way where it become one coherent story.  That being said, One Piece is the series it's currently crossing over with. So yeah, go nuts, but keep in mind that my writing magic will be felt even here.

Price: 20:points: (may be subject to change)
Persona 4 Brig
You know that one videogame Persona 4? That one really, really good game?

Well I've decided to make a little commission stand about it. That's right: 40:points: will get me to making one of these stories.

Unlike Ryuko Time, these stories won't exactly connect together. (Though I can easily recind that statement later.) But they will ALWAYS be really good.

So, what'cha waiting for?

It's That Time Of The Four Years Again! Which Is Your Poison Of Choice? 

11 deviants said The Left Poison.
5 deviants said The Right Poison.


Why is it that talking about other stuff, while not impossible, needs some build-up first for me to get into the swing of things, but the MOMENT that Nintendo becomes the topic, I jump right in?
One Piece Chapter 933: ...Damn, they... killed her off...?

Ladies and gentlemen: beauty does not guarantee survival in the One Piece world.
...Fucking hell, how did tonight end up being such a drag?
Obviously I started the day off wrong. Sorry about that.

It’s V-Day, people, which means take the significant other in your life, and SPOIL them. And if you’re single like me, don’t worry: I am here for you.

Let’s get the day going right.
Those who have dates on Valentine’s Day, shut the fuck up, good god. Nobody really cares in the long run, whether or not you’re dating someone.

Santa Claus is here early, and he's giving out fucking handjobs.

We are in for a treat this year!
When it comes to common squares, counting up, there is a consistent pattern, for the first digit: 0, 1, 4, 9, 6, 5, 6, 9, 4, 1.  Rinse, repeat.

You will never see 2, 3, 7, or 8, as the first digits of common squares.


Ego-Man25's Profile Picture
Grant Nesselroad
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I officially live in Texas now, I'm a writer, not a fighter (and also I draw shit, yeah), and I'm something of a major gamer first, with stuff like anime and movies coming second. And when it comes to anime, Dubs FTW. Oh, and also Chinese films. Comments would be greatly appreciated.

Okay, there's more to me than that. For those of you who don't know, or haven't read my stories, I am what you would call an anti-shipper. Not only do I not ship, I actually mock shipping in my stories. You know, point out how unlikely the ship actually is. That's because of this little thing I like to call: OTP. An OTP is essentially what fans clingy onto as their "One True Pairing". These get roasted by me. ALL of them. In One Piece in specific, the main characters have a bond that makes romance look weak in comparison. They don't exactly have to love eachother, but then, they trust eachother with their lives. Shipping misses the entire point of that show in my opinion. Thus, I don't ship.

Oh, and one more thing: Yusuke Urameshi, is the best anime character to ever grace the medium. End of bullet. Now look at these stamps.

Frasier by ovstamps, Anti Yaoi Stamp by dementedmonkey, We Bare Bears Stamp by Amalockh1, Bleach Stamp by JackdawStamps, :thumb125537595:, Undertale Stamp by slayer-plz, Anti-IchiRuki by Flare-Flare, Shikeyy Support Stamp by rockettreverie, :thumb86678541:, Anti-Shipping stamp by shawnguku

Post the following if you engage in RPs:


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