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Pirate Time Chapter 10: Maria Strutengald-Ascourt
Back in the Aratian Sea, The Max Pirates were sailing to their hearts' content towards Scarlet Island, with Max standing at the front, Mao playing The March Of The Black Queen from the speakers, Carmen forging a spear at the starboard, and their newest member Wilfred studying, and correcting their map.
"...I say," Wilfred said, "it is surprisingly liberating to join piracy, after Vincent's lockdown."
"We just chill out and hang." Max said. "Unless I feel like pirating.  BTW, the movies we stream, we stream illegally."
"I can get behind that," Wilfred said.
"Yeah... we cool that way." Mao said. "By the way... never got your full name."
"Wilfred Langsley Strutengald." Wilfred answered, bowing. "So with proper introductions out of the way... do you mind if I address the VERY large elephant in the room?"
"Yes~?" Carmen answered, grinding out some rough patches on the spearhead.
Wilfred pointed to the swimming Novana, who was 20 meters behind The Lowrider. "This lady has been ch
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Ego-Man Prompt: The Freedom
Luffy woke up to the alarm clock blaring heavy metal, causing him to fall out of bed. "AHHH!!!  HAD A NIGHTMARE!!!"
"Luffy... shut the fuck up..." Sanji tossed and turned in his sleep. "No one cares about your birthday..."
"...Wait, a nightmare?" Usopp asked, facing Luffy. "What gives?"
"I had a terrible nightmare, that I was afraid of things!" Luffy said. "That is so not me!"
Cue Chara walking in. "...At this point, either I'm in these stories, or I'm not.  Undertale is fucking dead."
Cue Yuri (from Doki Doki Literature Club) entering the room. "I heard someone else was interested in knives."
"...FUCK THIS, I'M OUT!!!" Chara jumped through a window, glass shards and everything, getting the fuck out of there. "FOR FREEDOM OR DEATH!!!"
"...How low can we go?" Zoro asked, stepping in. "How do we degenerate further?  How little does the author need to care?"
"We have a story." Luffy said. "About The Fre
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I Finally Did It. by Ego-Man25 I Finally Did It. :iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 0 7
Ego Made A Cut: One Piece Prompts: Null
Dusk in the New World. The Thousand Sunny, having recently docked at a new island, was moored off the southern coast, far out of the eyes of civilization. The Straw Hats, themselves, had just finished eating their dinner: shark sashimi with a lobster salad, and now, Usopp had just finished helping Sanji washing he dishes.
“All done!” Usopp said as he held up a clean plate.
“Nice...” Sanji said, putting the plate away into the cupboard.
“...So we’re both going to acknowledge Star Trek Discovery and The Orville, right?” Usopp asked.
“Oh yeah, no, totally,” Sanji answered, drying his hands off. “The Orville is just better, end of discussion.”
“Alright, thank you Sanji, for the truth,” Usopp said. “Hey, I’m going to screw around, having fun with Luffy now.”
“Kinda late though, don’t you think?” Nami asked.
“Then again, my love,” Sanji said, “the fanfiction DID
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Carmen In A Pose by Ego-Man25 Carmen In A Pose :iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 6 39
Pirate Time Chapter 9: Enter Wilfred
*In An Aratian Naval Ship, Towards Gothor Island...*
"...Ladies... gentlemen... I, Richter Donominio, propose a battle strategy."
That was Admiral Richter, garnering the attention of Captain Shack, Commodore Violet, Lieutenant Blonde, Lieutenant Novana, and many, MANY more Naval Soldiers aboard the ship.
"Due to our glorious friend Captain Shack's contribution, in the department of hiring someone to find and attempt to assassinate the Max Pirates," Richter began, "we now have intel, that The Max Pirates, are at Gothor Island, thus proving my suspicions dead-on, and our goal clear!"
There were loads of murmurs in the crowd.
Then, Blonde rose his hand. "Sir?"
"Eyes~?" Richter asked, as he turned to face Blonde.
"Does this mean we're going to storm the island, liberate it from Vincent's control, and instil an Aratian Navy Base there?" Blonde asked.
"You catch on fast, darling." Richter answered. "That IS indeed the case~!"
Violet then raised her hand. "Considering how Maxwell might
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 4 57
Pirate Time Chapter 8: Gothor, The Obsidian Island
"...Vincent, are you certain that these three are the ones?"
"Wilfred, this is me we're talking.  Of course they are."
Max slowly opened his eyes, and found himself in a black-leather couch.  Right at the ceiling was a portrait of pirates and navy men clashing together, with what appeared to be a man of long black hair, a moustache, and a royale beard, rising from the bottom, to the top.  He was seen in black armor and wings, with the exact grey eyes that Max had.
"What the fuck...?" Max asked.
"Ah, you're awake."
Max turned around, and sure enough, he saw the very man in the ceiling portrait, wearing a black tuxedo, and expensive black shoes, with one hand grasped onto a rapier, and the other holding onto a wine glass.  To his right, the very man with blonde hair who fired off the rifle that sprung the electric trap on Max in the first place.  He was seen wearing his black uniform and black hat, this time with black gloves as well.
"...Where is my crew?" Max a
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Moi. by Ego-Man25 Moi. :iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 5 19
Alolan Trial 14.1: Talking About Reboots
Mao was at a Pokemon Center, having Krabman, Cherie and Rick healed by the Nurse Joy from the other side.
"Wait, the fight you got in, ended in a fucking draw?" The Nurse Joy asked, her left eyebrow raised. "I thought that didn't happen in regular battles."
"Yeah, well I decided to go for tournament rules midway," Mao exhaled, "and sure enough, I see Rick falling in battle, before my eyes, as well as my new rival's apparently."
The Nurse Joy then handed Mao back his Pokemon. "Ah, THAT makes more sense.  Rivals can do that, you know.  They are, like, the essentials needed to make a trainer's life complete."
Mao sighed as he daydreamed. "Ah yes... and who could forget the legendary rivalry between Red and Blue...?"
"Have a lovely day," the Nurse Joy said.
Mao walked to the Poke Mart guy. "Okay, I'm gonna be buying some stuff, so bear with me."
At the end, what Mao ended up getting was more Potions, Paralyze Heals, Antidotes, and Pokeballs. "This is what I'm all about, bitches a
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 3 23
Pirate Time Chapter 7: White To Black
"Wait.... WHAT?!?"
That was just about EVERYONE, in the Carmine HQ, on Carmina Island, on the reveal that Max Slateman, and Violet Strutengald, were both siblings.
"Wait... how...?" Max asked, looking right at Violet. "She's my... SISTER?!"
"He's my brother?" Violet asked. "What the actual fuck, admiral?"
"I did some DNA testing, darling." Richter said. "You two, are siblings."
"...This is going way too fucking fast...!" Max called.
Mao placed his arm around Max's shoulders. "Hey, HEY.  You got your bro here, and you got Carmen here.  Now you got someone else too."
"But we just FOUGHT!!" Max said. "You know how awkward shit could get?!"
"...Would you mind if I told you who our biological mother is?" Violet asked.
Max gave Violet the hand. "Nope.  Don't want to know.  I am NOT ready for that stage in my life.  No way.  Uh-uh.  I am NOT gonna hear it.  Whoever had the wise idea to drop me off at the orphanage, was dead to me LONG ago.  I just
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 2 28
Pirate Time Chapter 6: Violet And Richter
"...Wake up... wake up... wake up."
"Ugh... I'm up, Nigel, for the love of god, I'm up..." Max groaned, before rising out of bed. "...Wait, why am I in bed?" He shot up immediately, before looking at Mao, and Carmen, the both of whom were in their own beds.
"Son... what are you doing?"
Max turned to face the source of the voice, that came from the burning fireplace: Bill March! "...BILL?!?"
Bill gave Maxwell the pause gesture with his right hand. "Maxwell, just what in the hell do you think you're doing out here, dressed like THAT?"
"...Thank you... SO much... for saving us." Max said. "And, uh... we took on the Copper Pirates, turns out there was this dude named Alder, we're here now, apparently THIS place is infested with NAVY folks, and-"
"Stop what you're saying." Bill commanded, prompting Max to quit talking. "Now, the reason that I brought you all here, is because I've established a brewery up on this mountain.  And I can sell directly to the customers in question."
Max thou
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 3 44
Pirate Time Chapter 5: The Navy Is Just Awesome
Navy soldiers were lining up, in front of the HQ building, all dressed in white and blue uniforms, with a fierce dedication to their jobs, as red sirens blared, with red lights shining.
"Lads, lads, calm down!" A buff, shirtless bald captain with an eyepatch said, as he stepped out to the field. "Captain Shack here... giving a report: Lieutenant Copper was recently captured by both the Maroon Pirates, and the Max Pirates."
"No...!" One of the soldiers whined.
Captain Shack gave the soldier a death glare. "Now laddie, now isn't the time for that." He then faced forward. "We have to prepare for the attack, and for the arrival of the esteemed Lieutenant Novana." He paused. "...Oh and also from Basil Island, Lieutenant Blonde, who not long ago, was your ranks, lads.  We are to treat them both as valuable assets.  That means Novana."
Cue a tall woman with purple hair, in a slightly form-fitting uniform, walking out of the HQ base, looking prepared
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 5 33
Pirate Time Chapter 4: The Maroon Pirates
These were the first words that were spoken that day: "...LAND AHOY!!!"
Max's eyes slowly rose open, with him yawning. "Aghhhh... shut up, you two, I'm trying to get through my hangover..."
"Rise and shine, Max," Carmen said, offering Max a roasted tuna.
"...Wait, how in the hell did you roast that...?" Max asked.
Mao raised his right arm. "Carmen had the flames going, I did the rest.  It's rotisserie style." He then brought out a tri-pronged fork. "Carmen forged this.  I just used it."
"...How... what... fuck it, not important." Max decided as he stretched out, before looking around. "...Wait, I think I recall... we followed these Copper Pirate guys..." He then faced infront of him, to see that The Lowrider was already docked onto a sandy shore, with the boat tied to a palm tree. "...Of course..." He then saw the Copper Pirate banner hanging on one of the palm tree branches. "...Ugh."
The three of them soon got off The Lowrider, eating the large tuna when they found a spot o
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 4 92
Pirate Time Chapter 3: Sailing The Aratian Waters
Max popped open a Shellshack Rum bottle, before pouring the rum in cups. "...A toast, to this crew.  We're three schmucks, sailing on these waters.  And with my bro Mao, and the new hot chick Carmen, we're gonna SHOW this world, a thing or two."
Carmen downed her shot. "...Ahh... *hic* I joined... ya know... I'm one of those hot chicks..."
"...Right on." Mao replied, downing his shot. "Woah... uh... why... didn’t it take long to get a hot chick...?"
"Bitch, you, like, da ONLY boy who questions that shit..." Carmen answered, downing three other shots at this point, already looking buzzed. "...You're like, studs and shit.  Just go for chicks who have low self esteem!  That's all you have to do!"
"...No, I want a challenge." Max said.
"Well good fucking luck, then," Carmen said. "...No I'm serious, you gotta have sex with these higher-up ladies, show them what fucking for.  Same with me and higher-up dudes.  Maybe you and I will have sex.  Who know
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 5 47
Pirate Time Chapter 2: Carmen And Novana
*St. Mora Harbor, Morellos*
Mao tied The Lowrider, on one of the wood poles on the white stone deck. "Aaand... we are HERE!!"
Max stepped onto the deck, taking in the sights. "...Woah."
St. Mora, from the looks of it, was a town, with all the buildings being made of white stone.  The people who walked around, looked to be wearing nicer clothing, with refined hairstyles, refined postures, and a generally more wholesome attitude.
Of course, this also meant that the first person to meet Max and Mao, was a Morellian Navy Lieutenant, this one wearing boots, bright white uniform, and a sword at her side.  She herself was black, with her black hair held in her white hat. "Piracy, no matter how small the crew, is a punishable offense.  Explain now, why you've landed on this island."
"...Shit, action already?" Max asked, cracking his neck. "Alright lady, if you must know, we landed on this island, to hopefully get laid, to have a chick join our crew, get some resources, so
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 7 45
Pirate Time Chapter 1: Beginnings Start Somewhere
So, insert some dumb, pointless prologue here about this being based on the 17th century, and then not, and then say it’s actually taking place in the mid-2000’s, because really, you can’t make up your damned mind.  But like, yeah, mid-2000’s.  What a time to be alive.  What with 9/11, Jon Steward absolutely owning Fox during his tenure of the Daily Show, cinematic universes not existing quite yet, the Nintendo Wii coming out, Teen Titans being associated with the best of Cartoon Network, and One Piece having a cringe dub that puts a whole new spin on the word “bad”... yeah, those were the days.  We could count on third movies of trilogies to safely be bad, given X-Men: The Last Stand, and Spider-Man 3.
But, fuck it.  Let’s mix in pirates, cutlasses, navies, gold coins, and wi-fi together.  Why?  Because we fucking can.

We cut to two young men, wandering the streets of Basilio Town, on Basil Island,
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 6 37
The stuff I make, and wish there was more of. Because that's how I am.


Well... this is a pretty humorous picture, to put it lightly, not to mention as in-character as you could possibly make it for Usopp. P...

Okay, this reminds me of a certain story that I've written, where some dudes were in a bathhouse rather than chicks. It had nothing to ...

Well then, let's get started, shall we? For starters, I like the idea of centralism being tossed out the window. You bring more of a na...

Now, as a One Piece fan, I must say, I very much enjoy how in-character you have Robin's reactions here. Yes, this not being OOC is a n...


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Just kidding. It's for me to show my awesomeness and the awesomeness of others to, well, others. Or something.

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Ryuko Time
Ryuko Time is a commission series where people can go nuts with what they want Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill to experience... within my limits, obviously.  That's right: I string together several random requests regarding Ryuko Matoi in a way where it become one coherent story.  That being said, One Piece is the series it's currently crossing over with. So yeah, go nuts, but keep in mind that my writing magic will be felt even here.

Price: 20:points: (may be subject to change)
Persona 4 Brig
You know that one videogame Persona 4? That one really, really good game?

Well I've decided to make a little commission stand about it. That's right: 40:points: will get me to making one of these stories.

Unlike Ryuko Time, these stories won't exactly connect together. (Though I can easily recind that statement later.) But they will ALWAYS be really good.

So, what'cha waiting for?

I'm Getting WarioWare Gold. 

14 deviants said Right on, dude.
3 deviants said Wait. WarioWare is a THING again?!


DuckTales (2017) Episode 22: ...I... have no words...
This is the entirety of Samurai Jack, in the fixed timeline.
...I was getting stressed... over a fucking fanfiction.

...This shit is why I don’t do fanfiction seriously anymore.
I will never understand how the Christopher Robin movie, a live action movie with CGI, made the right call to have Jim Cummings voice Pooh and Tigger. A big fucking movie like this, which you’d expect to only have famous celebrity voice actors, actually had the fucking sensibility to have a legendary voice actor reprise his roles.

It’s like when I learned that Lord Boxman was also voiced by Jim Cummings. That just made OK KO go from “Oh, it’s just some newer Cartoon Network show” to “I NEED to see this”.
...I got Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door back...!

...Now I feel complete.
Let’s be fucking real here: a port of Smash Bros. 4, would be nowhere near this big.  I mean, just LOOK at how fucking big the game is!  They changed EVERYTHING!  Look at all the characters!  LOOK AT ALL THE SONGS!!  Over 800 Songs.  With 103 fucking stages, too.  And every character returning.  AND THEN SOME!!!  Da Inkboys and Inkgirls, Ridley, both Simon AND Richter Belmont, Chrom, Dark Samus, and THE missing vibe from my childhood, that is back in full fucking force: King K. Rool.  Oh, AND his Final Smash involves him BLOWING UP DK ISLAND, NOW IN FULL FUCKING DETAIL.  And the character reveal trailers involve DEATH.  And one of the four modes on the menu?  Censored.  And there is more to come.

Basically, take that “it’s a port” excuse, and throw it in the trash.
...Fuck.  That’s, like, Newgrounds length.  I betcha there’s still posts on here from 2001.  Let THAT time capsule bring back either nostalgia or bring in a whole different perspective of the past.

I’ve been a deviant for around three of those years... but I have been visiting for ten.  Needless to say, this place is familiar territory for me. (...The memories...!)

...Jesus fuck, I was innocent back then, having that innocence corrupted in the best possible way (...and, also, not, because of Giygas, but, you know).


Ego-Man25's Profile Picture
Grant Nesselroad
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I officially live in Texas now, I'm a writer, not a fighter (and also I draw shit, yeah), and I'm something of a major gamer first, with stuff like anime and movies coming second. And when it comes to anime, Dubs FTW. Oh, and also Chinese films. Comments would be greatly appreciated.

Okay, there's more to me than that. For those of you who don't know, or haven't read my stories, I am what you would call an anti-shipper. Not only do I not ship, I actually mock shipping in my stories. You know, point out how unlikely the ship actually is. That's because of this little thing I like to call: OTP. An OTP is essentially what fans clingy onto as their "One True Pairing". These get roasted by me. ALL of them. In One Piece in specific, the main characters have a bond that makes romance look weak in comparison. They don't exactly have to love eachother, but then, they trust eachother with their lives. Shipping misses the entire point of that show in my opinion. Thus, I don't ship.

Oh, and one more thing: Yusuke Urameshi, is the best anime character to ever grace the medium. End of bullet. Now look at these stamps.

Frasier by ovstamps, Anti Yaoi Stamp by dementedmonkey, We Bare Bears Stamp by Amalockh1, Bleach Stamp by JackdawStamps, :thumb125537595:, Undertale Stamp by slayer-plz, Anti-IchiRuki by Flare-Flare, Shikeyy Support Stamp by rockettreverie, :thumb86678541:, Anti-Shipping stamp by shawnguku

Post the following if you engage in RPs:


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