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I am preparing an exhibition featuring art and footage from the short film project Black Milk. The exhibition will be held in Haugesund from august 16th during the international film festival. It will feature my original artwork and concepts for the film and script - plus a whole lot of behind the scenes footage and stories.

I know most of you can't make it there, but I am posting much of the content at our Black Milk fan page as well. Go ahead and like it! ->

More content on the facebook page will arrive as we are closing in to the final launch of the movie!

I Black Milk

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 25, 2010, 4:16 PM

It's been over two years since I was approached by a director who had heard about a project of mine called Black Milk. It was a story set in a highly stylized and minimalistic world – a world seemingly impossible to imagine when told. I had a screenplay without words and dialogue.

Luckily I've been a visionary with trained abilities to visualize… I had a series of paintings – surreal and symbolically laden landscapes inviting to a trip of subtle nightmares that did not need to be explained. I witnessed great enthusiasm around my paintings. Though everyone seemed to understand the potential of these visuals, no one could really point out what they were about. One of the biggest enthusiasts was of course the soon to become director for the project, Skjalg Molvær.

Together with the director, we started developing this project into a film format. It was decided to become a short film. I got deeply into storytelling, read myself up on screen writing, and together we started enhancing and pull together the story while preserving the original vision and look from the original paintings.

And what a look this film was going to have! My concepts for the film meant a lot of difficulties. It soon turned out that this project would become huge! The project involves special effects, computer animation, green screens, and last but not least, a giant set piece.

After a series of technical tests, research and even a great deal of pioneering, we were finally ready for production. It turned out to be a huge budget for such a small film. The artistic value of the project and the line-up of a great and talented crew involved turned out to be quite convincing. We received financial support from Filmkraft Rogaland, Vestnorsk Filmsenter og Norsk Filminstitutt. The film has now a budget of over one million nok, and is being produced by Genesis Film and Vidvinkel Film. This is by far my biggest project, and I've learned so much from the process of being involved with just about everything during pre-production.

The film is being shot in a grandeur warehouse/office building in Haugesund, west coast of Norway. The building houses the living quarters for the film crew and the studio itself. Currently we live there as a great art collective building sets, eat good food and enjoying the most exciting and productive summer ever! I plan share some interesting and resourceful stories from the many challenges we met during our work with this film trough my blog.

Read more about the project at (see also english version).
Follow production photos, behind the scenes and news trough Facebook.

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Now on Facebook :)

Journal Entry: Thu May 21, 2009, 12:39 AM

I am now available trough even more social web. My facebook page will keep you up to date with events, exhibition photos, news and other goodies :)
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250 000 for Black Milk
<img  title="Black Milk comp" src="…" alt="Black Milk comp" width="100%" />

Filmkraft Rogaland recently allocated 250 000 NOK in production funds for the short movie project I've been working on called Black Milk. A big thank to Filmkraft for giving us a greenlight from their part!

Filmkraft also gave funds for developing the project last year. This has been a tremendous help as this is a very complicated shot. It requires a certain amount of expertise within special effects, scenography and visual effects. Since last year we have run several test shots for lighting, makeup and special effects. Even though this is a highly ambitious project, the help from a talented and motivated crew has made this project very promising. The amount of time spent on refining the look and feel of the film trough careful planning has made Black Milk go much further than expected with limited funds.

As a short film, the process and careful preparation has been quite extraordinary, and by some, considered estimable, and as a bonus from this the whole process from early on is being recorded for an in-depth behind the scenes documentary.

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Exhibition in Oslo: NOW

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 19, 2009, 9:20 AM

Project description in norwegian
Read project description in english

The Meta Monk series will be exhibited during the By:Larm festival in Oslo, Norway, 18-21. february 2009! Limited edition prints will be available for purchase, and all of the six featured artworks will be printed on 1,5 meter wide canvas.

Facebook event

Egil Paulsen on Facebook

Final offer: Meta Monks Prints

In case you are interested in buying prints of the Meta Monks-series from either DeviantPrints or TheUntappedSource, now is your chance to get them trough the online (cheap) system.

In a couple of weeks I will be introducing the series in a more exclusive limited edition counting only 99 each! These prints will be signed, numbered and of course in a much higher quality. I spent about 12 hours together with an expert in the field fine tuning, testing and printing the first batch!

Prices and more details will be announced in time along with my upcoming exhibition which will be held during the By:Larm 2009 festival in Oslo, Norway 19-21 february.

- Egil

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2008 retrospective

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 30, 2008, 6:13 PM

Since it is almost a year since last journal entry, I figured it was time for an update. Though few deviations added, it feels like I've been having a lot of things 'going on' anyways. :P

Why not give me a chance to sum up my artsy year of 2008:

:bulletred: Made a series of paintings called 'Meta Monks' - a rather cryptic and esoteric collection of ink paintings suggesting recognizable meta-belief patterns. More closely described here
The Meta Monks-series will be exhibited at the ByLarm festival in Oslo early 2009

:bulletred: Came in contact with a film producer and director who were interested in a short movie screenplay I wrote called 'Black Milk'. Since then I've been working as screenwriter and production designer for my film. The film has been given money for production developement by Filmkraft Rogaland and Vestnorsk Filmsenter. Even though we are in pre-production, this usually indicates strong interest in full financing the project. More and more talented and great people gets involved and I believe this will be a killer milestone of 2009. Read more about Black Milk in my blog…

:bulletred: I was featured in Ilex Press’ new book Gothic Art Now with my two paintings Lost Circle… and Masquerade… (p.17). It is funny to have my earlier work published today because these are paintings I did when I was just a teenager :) Anyways, the book was nicely done and I felt well accompanied with artists such as Giger, Joachim Luetke and Erlend Mørk :)

:bulletred: Started on a potential Hell-series with a couple of concepts lurking around. As many artists tend to portray their inferno like a hot and horned place, I would go rather introvert and personal. We'll see what it turns out to be. The intro for the series could be concidered my latest painting, Omega…

I must admit my studies has taken a lot of my time this year. I am doing my last year on the bachelor degree of computer science and things got kinda busy. Everything went well this year though with grades and interesting projects. Actually one project worth mentioning was designing a prototype of a painter program specially made for people with no arms and legs. It worked :)

:bulletred: Mentioning studies, I've begun attending lifedrawing sessions every week and join café sketch crawling every sunday. So I actually draw more lines now comparing to 2007. In the army they say "Train hard, fight easy". I say "Practice hard, draw easy". My personal rule is however "Think hard, draw smart" :)

Goals for 2009:

:target: Solo exhibition (already mentioned the exhibition at a music festival, but..)

:target: Finish the short movie 'Black Milk'. Clean up some ideas and pitch some of my new film ideas.

:target: Apply for a master's programme in (probably) human computer interaction to complement my prime field of interest in computer science.

That was a lot of me-time. I wish you all now a happy new year and good luck with your great art.

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I've been tagged, omgs

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 26, 2008, 11:02 AM

So, I've been tagged by :iconsandrakristin:!
This is how it works:

1- Write again those rules.
2- Each person tagged have to write 8 things about herself/himself.
3- He/she has to write those things into her/him journal.
4- He/she will have to tag 8 more people at the end.
5- Go into their dA page and notice that you've tagged them.

8 things about me:
  1. I am extremely anonymous - I too often speak of 'one' instead of 'I'. This is however an exception :)
  2. My 3 most answers to questions is "Egil", "I study computer science, but my main Geschäft is art" and "heh"
  3. Most of the things I do I describe as projects. I tend to have a lot of projects going on
  4. I do drink a lot of coffee!
  5. I always speculate whether the things I buy can be considered Business Expenses
  6. I tend to be very paranoid concept wise, and claim to have inspired films, books and news articles which are made later than my own work - some very scarily related
  7. I hate talking about myself, but I remember that too late in all situations
  8. I suffer from contradiction

One more thing: I break rules. This tag chain is ended by me.

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2007 retrospective

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 31, 2007, 8:32 AM

As 2007 ends tonight, I thought it would be nice to sum up my year - mostly for myself to look back at what I did.

What did I do in in the year 2007

# I must have been quite active this year when it comes to art projects. My 4.2GB 2007 folder contains 20 folders with different paintings and photo manipulations. Some of them aren't finished yet, but I think it is a satisfying number in fact that I also have 5 folders each containing about 2-3 practices and pieces I did in art school spring 2007.

#I started to post videos of my speedpaintings on youTube. I have also started to go more traditional lately.

# As for education. I finished my year at art school. Parallel to that I am doing my bachelor in computer science. Right now I have 1.5 years left.
Fun subjects this year was data structures, human computer interaction (HCI), software design (the stuff with UML), project managment and web development.
Subjects I didn't enjoy was probably maths and business economics. My grades got super great this semester as I didn't have to focus on two different schools at the same time :D

# Exposure and fame! I still have to smile a bit when I found a blog or article where my name was enlisted among "Happy Famous Artists". I don't think I am really there yet, folks.

# I had my painting Kamicarus exhibited in Bucharest, Romania. That was cool, because it was my first exhibition where I was treated well as an artist and had my work printed and numbered. I already start to receive checks in the mail :)

# Was projected on some gigantic LED screens in Hong Kong. They had an art project with a couple of selected artists.

# Featured in Expose 5 with my piece Duchamp' Saw.

# A two-page article about MYSELF in a norwegian magazine called Pegasus.

# I got featured in the second issue of our very own dA based futureartmagazine future-art-magazine.deviantart…

# I have started to exhibit and sell art prints at a local cafe.

# I don't seem to remember more at this point :)

# Jobs. I haven't really done much commissions this year. I have painted collector's game cards for Fantasy Flight Games and Orion's Bell. But not enough to make myself a living out of it. I have actually rejected some pretty cool projects because I simply didn't have time or energy. But I have sold a few custom prints! I worked as a bartender/waiter at a hotel almost the entire summer.

# Life. I moved to Oslo during summer. The rest is pretty private and I don't really enjoy sharing that with all my scary +watchers. I have had my ups and downs like everyone else.


So whats my new year's resolutions? Hah, I don't think I have any. I don't remember my 2007'ones. Live unpredictable is my word of the day.

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he's got the BLOG

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 6, 2007, 7:41 AM


Yes you heard it folks! I call it the blogil - blogging with egil

What can you find interesting in such a narcissistic space as a blog? Well I don’t know that for sure either. But recently I have had the urge to express myself in subjects that does not really deserve to belong many other places than a blog. These expressions should perhaps not exist at all, but I am fond of interaction. And this is my part.

You are not obliged to find this roll of blog pages amusing, informative, or by any cause a correct approach to anything. But enough of this. This makes me feel like an old web 2.0 preacher. If you want to learn more about common blogging, read the dictionary.

This is my playground, and is basically not mingling with any communities. This way its a clean personal playground in the kingdom of Sounds like ego? You damn right it is! This is my Internet-closet, my sans-serif-shitter, and there is no way you will hit the flusher. There will be no ‘blog-rolling’ except my own personal or promotional sites. But I still welcome you all; friends, affiliates and stalkers!

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Exhibitions and Expose

Sat Apr 21, 2007, 12:18 PM

*Update* 19.05.07

115 by egilpaulsen    Duchamp Saw by egilpaulsen
The exhibition opened tonight, and is showing live from a web cam at their website Check that out NOW

My photomanipulated installment 'Duchamp Saw' was selected for another release of the Exposé artbook series. My scary toilet got featured in the surreal&horror category in this years Exposé V: The finest digital art in the known universe

Huge in Hong Kong ,)
Hem, yes. At the time I am working on an animation reel, because I am going to be a part of a campaign called Project Canvas. It is a free public entertainment (exhibition) where the work from selected digital artists will be featured with their work with the help from JM Network.

hongkongJM Network, is the investor, operator and marketer of Hong Kong’s largest outdoor huge light emitting diode (LED) advertising display network with daily view ship of above 1 500 000 people. They utilize LED video displays as a medium for broadcasting out-of-home advertisements and infotainment contents.

So, between the sequences of hired commercial content, the non-commercial art reels will appear. so that makes me slightly more huge in hongkong than before .)

Exposed in Romania
Kamicarus by egilpaulsen 115 digital art gallery banner by 115DigitalArtGallery
Digital Art Gallery 115 will be the first digital art exhibition in Eastern Europe. Selected artists from 32 countries will contribute with digital art, and I am proud to show off my work, and perhaps be an inspiration for their digital art community.

My painting, Kamicarus will be a part of the collection, with a limited number of 115 prints.

With many helpful contributors, the quality of the art prints and gallery is very high. I have seen some of the proofs, which looks amazing. I wish I could be there when the gallery opens in march. The exhibition will be held in the center of Bucharest, capital city of Romania. If any of you happened to be in the area, you know what to do..

me Well thats is fun, but how are things really going for me? Not much out of the ordinary. I study hard and try to be relevant and try to relate what I do with my relations. I don't exactly know what I meant with that. Anyways, I got wintersbreak now so that I can focus more on pending projects and act more bohemian again, heh.

Help me think of a new poll. I have my moustache nevermore!

The Untapped Source

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moustache, moustache anyone?

Tue Feb 6, 2007, 1:08 PM

+ -------------------------------
06 feb 2007: Newsflash everybody! Kay-ness has made a fantastic comic where she makes her own interpretation of Poe's Raven. Its great fun, not only because Im in it :)
Nevermore by KaynessArt
- --------------------

Salvador Dali's moustache was legendary. Dali once wrote:

"Since I don't smoke, I decided to grow a moustache - it's better for the health. However, I always carried a jewel-studded cigarette case in which, instead of cigarettes, were carefully placed several moustaches, Adolphe Menjou style. I offered them politely to my friends:

'Moustache? Moustache? Moustache?'

"Nobody dared touch them. This was my test regarding the sacred aspect of moustaches."

full metal expressionist by egilpaulsen
- I couldn't help making my own ID without joking around this.

<img  src="…" alt="mansoustache" align="right" > - Since I started growing a moustache myself, I was not able to stop reading stories, myths and joke around with it. I even have a bookmark folder regarding moustaches..

- However, my point is that today I visited, and I couldn't help noticing his great and lively moustacchio. I wonder if this is the new thing ... playful indeed, but mine is not fake!
I made my ID first, to be chrystal clear with you guys..!

Mansoustache .. wtf?

My website is still under construction, but the webmaster of the Egil team really gives results.
It has a philosophy that all of the content will be available at the front page, limited by stand alone pages for each work in the galleriah.

To solve this I am trying to use different dynamic solutions not to overrun you as a first time visitor. Please tell me what you think!

Kamicarus by egilpaulsen
My latest painting Kamicarus was featured on the front page of which ultimately gave me alot of recognition. I got about 9000 views in a couple of days, which restulted in many pleasant surprizes (..) :drool:

so, thats enough of my ego for now!

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:bulletred: First------------------+

:pointr: referring to…:

I've just learned more of the story behind the Canada shootings.
"…His name is Trench," he wrote in his profile. "You will come to know him as the Angel of Death…" I got this nameless feeling in my stomach which kind of worries me.

It makes me think of the "Todesengel"-series (Angel of Death in eng.) I made back in July 2005, a few months after the Red Lake High School massacre… in Minnesota, which my whole project was originally based on.

In the respect of the victims of the "Angel(s) of Death" I wish to feature my series again.

Mature Content

Todesengel 1 by egilpaulsen

Mature Content

Todesengel 3 by egilpaulsen

Mature Content

Todesengel 2 by egilpaulsen

I wanted to write a longer journal about this, but its really busy times for me.

:bulletgreen: Secondly ------------------+
Currently I am studying informatics at the Bergen University College. I am also studying art via an internet art school in Sweden. It inspires me alot! But it sure keeps me busy. I might post some school work soon, I don't know.
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Finally, after 12 months of military service along the border to Russia, I'm done! As a Norwegian border guard I was located right beside the Russian border, isolated from any kind of civilization in the nearest 3 miles. There have been many adventures, but even more non-adventures! Spending 6 hours a day in a watch tower all alone can be quite frustrating.

So now I've returned to the real world, meaning hours in front of the computer, create art and illustrations, meet friends, go to the movies, burn all the green clothes and just be a free man.
I got in to an art school this spring so by this fall I can soon call myself an art student. It will be the first time I actually learn something about art. That will be interesting.

As for now I've just been busy reading emails and your most welcomed comments and favs :) I got so much ideas and project I don't know where to start and how to start. But it will be nice to do something different than patrolling the border and play with guns :gun:

Btw, I submitted a drawing I made in my free time in the scrap section.… <-- bling!
in the army now. Manage to rush up an art series.. which ive had in mind since 21th of march 2005. Its because its based on the "Death angel" in MN.
I you feel this is wrong by me to do, please contact me via mail. It has troubled me everyday, and I must admit that this isnt something you do!   Im planning to write a longer text about this.…

Other news.. I was featured in the  MM CHAPTER 3 ON LINE with some of my artwork. You should have a look

I got to run now..


Wed Jun 8, 2005, 3:08 PM

have you ever had lack of inspiration and ideas? I don't know what im turning into, but i am thinking about ideas all the time and i cant stop it. had the feeling you got so much to create that you dont know where to start?
got so many ideas and concepts right now im about to explode. right now i couldnt hold it, so I sketched something ive had in mind for a month or two now:… on the artpad again :D This will be a photomanip. Im so sick of painting right now!!

Also Ive had much in mind all the way since 21th of march 2005. might end up as a serie... i say no more.
got quite much commissions to work on aswell. dont you just love being busy with something?
haha, envy me :)

btw, NIN's album With Teeth are one of the best albums made ever :) it striked me as if it belongs.

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weird and stupid experience -

I was at a party tonight celebrating my friend's birthday, then suddenly out of nowhere my shoulder started to hurt. okay, probably i didnt sit properly.. but it just got worse! the pain got so bad around my lungs it was almost hard to breath.. cold-sweating and not-funny I figured I had to leave before I fainted :P luckily my parents could pick me up and drive me home..
I was fighting my way to the car with the feeling having a huge rusty knife in my back.  mussst maake it!! aah
we found out it was a virus. dont remember the name of it, though between doctors its called 'the devil's grip' .. i find that namevery suitible.. now I am sitting here eating painkillers while everyone else is having fun :chew:
and i cant sleep  :voodoo-prophet: wooho
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draw me something :)

Sat Jun 4, 2005, 7:24 AM
o____0 <-- header

yeah.. so many new functions :D
Many thanks to Adia for buying me a print account for my birthday! prints will be available soon (if interrested..)

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||\ _  :invisible:

today ive been doodling a little on this paint thing adia gave me. very fun
check it out :D… shroom-boy… lord ?? :P…

draw me something! :gallery:

L L <--- footers
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" Egil Paulsen, your image Furioso deluge has been selected for inclusion in

I got this happy email last night.. w00t
I am going to have a whole page for myself in the book with an 'Excellence'-award in the Surreal 2D category.

Im on my way to an exhibition Ive taken part of now, showing my artworks Masquerade and Furioso deluge.  


The awardwinners in teh surreal category are…
Ive had a nice vacation in Stockholm, Sweden, this easter. Beautiful city.

I got interviewed by Phirebrush this easter, and I would like to share it with you.
If interrested, read here:…

As to this day, its been a while since a real deviation, or not really. But I got a couple of artworks on the way. Some I have a bit problems to get inspired finishing. pity.

Ive joined a contest over at CgNetwork. They are holding the challenge called "Master & Servant" I found the topic interresting, and jumped on. My main concepts are from earlier artworks Ive posted here. Man, there so many talented artists there I get shit nervous each time I browse the entries.

Anyways, follow my progress at this thread.…

wish me luck, I need it :P
Zdzislaw Beksinski, a leading Polish surrealist painter known for his images of death, was found stabbed to death at his Warsaw home on Tuesday

read more:…

Beksinski is one of my most inspiring artists I've ever seen. His art has meant alot for me. No paintings like his has engaged me more. An act of killing a 76 year is beyond madness. The motive and killer is unknown, and I don't wish to speculate any further

I suggest you watch his collection of his art here:…
I have recently been interviewed by a group, over at shadowness. thank you witam for the bother. I would like to share it with you deviants aswell…

One more thing, what do you get from the year 1999 if you turn it upside down and remove the '1'?