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March 10, 2005
Digital art that is as creative and good quality as this is hard to come by. The art within art concept is exceptionally well displayed in this piece and describes well the passion a piano player, or any artist or musician, can have towards their craft. Please enjoy Furioso deluge by ~sc0pe
Featured by suzi9mm
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Furioso deluge

This is a remastered version of an earlier photomanip called Furioso [link]
I accepted a challenge by Mark Snoswell to give it enchanced features like stormy clouds and water.. Since it went so well with the original concept, I tryed it out..
I still have a thing for my old version though, because I only used the piano and hands.. so simple!

EDIT: I removed some of the piano's back, because the composition got better this way.. Before this it had a big black area to the left that didn't balance the image
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careyanne75's avatar
Fell so in love with this piece that its now hanging on my bedroom wall, Its brilliant, Thank you....forever.
egilpaulsen's avatar
thank you so much. Glad to hear :)
careyanne75's avatar
You have such ethereal hands by the way
hadasaugh-sculpt's avatar
so beautiful, flowing fingers to create the musical expression of both joy and pain
Andra-Thea's avatar
Hi! This piece has been featured on my poetry blog here: [link]
I absolutely love the eerie way the hands seem to crowd into each other, yet still remain individualized. It must have taken a lot of work to get them to look that way, but I think that the result is definitely worth it!
katiegirl101199's avatar
so beautiful and... not sure what else to call it XD
ActYos's avatar
the wonderful piece featured here :)
aixado's avatar
fantastic !!:clap:
tatucito's avatar
Your work is feature here
[link] :heart:
Yukimasi's avatar
ow finally :D I know this deviations from years back and I have been looking for it for ages! I'm so going to buy a print of this.
egilpaulsen's avatar
thanks :) glad you found it!
Garv101's avatar
Absolutely amazing imagery! It has the chaotic feel of Rodan's 'Gates of Hell', yet the lighting is eerily serene. Brilliant work!

I can't resist a :iconplusfav: on it.
Garv101's avatar
you're welcome
riknard's avatar
next time I'm at the ocean (I'm a ton of miles away from either at the moment) I'm going to have to imagine that every wave crashing is ringing a different, nearly harmonious chord of sorts... fantastic idea and execution
egilpaulsen's avatar
thanks :) if you actually think about that when youre at the ocean, my picture surely had some impact
TLFinch's avatar
A mesmerizing shot scOpe

Kitty-Meru's avatar
O.o holy crow It's unbelievable!!!!
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