Monthly Theme @ #TheFavouriteShowcase - August_PORTRAITS
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MayEbonyHobbyist General Artist
How on earth do you choose between all of those?  Incredible skill and artistry!
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Wonderful entries!:clap:
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PevansyHobbyist Traditional Artist
A fabulous selection of exceptional work all superbly drawn. Amazing talents all worthy of winning. Best of luck to all :) a toughie!
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Don't think its a really fair comparison. The coloured one obviously required better technique and understanding of lighting and shading in colour rather than just black and white. That makes quite a difference. The other artists here have different works with colour involved.
But yeah, as soon as I saw that coloured work; I knew that one stood out. :shrug:
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Hello, the intention of this poll is not to compare works, the intention is to expose "these" works and the others entering the Monthly Themes thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar… .

As we (@ :iconthefavouriteshowcase:) accept digital and traditional art, as well as photography, we never meant to compare what is incomparable. By a coincidence, all the 10 choosen works to enter this poll are traditional art but there were submissions of other medium.
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:lol: fair enough!
Kudos on sharing the various works though. I guess I didn't really do that with my earlier (bashful) comment. Sorry. ^^;

I still feel that there should be a little less difference in the types of art being shared. As an artist, its great to get the exposure but to placed amongst other types of art that may or may not have taken the same effort or time might be off-putting.
Just saying, something to think about the next time you guys pick out various works.

And again, good work on featuring the various artists !! I'm sure the artists are all grateful for it as well and I guess its not right off me to dis the effort you guys put in.  Thumbs Up
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I'm glad you commented :nod: Your words have been repeated for the last 3 years on this group and, as I understand your point of view, I always try to explain mine: I can't differentiate types of works for these challenges because then I'd have several polls and one prize for each winner. It's really difficult to move the members to participate, it's incredibly hard to get to you (by "you" I mean all dA), it's difficult to be heard and I'm the only one working on this. Don't get me wrong, I like to do this and no one is obligating me but, as this is a way to expose the members' works, it is easier and better, I think, to come to a poll and find something you like because it is your preferred medium...and no one said this would be fair, it's only a game - a game of exposure, everyone wins.

Thank you for your kind words and support :hug:
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XRlSProfessional Traditional Artist
There, i am glad you replied to the above text because now i have the chance to add my opinion as well.
Elsa, it took me almost one whole year to see you for who you are and what exactly you are doing in this site. It took me one year not because i am slow and i am lacking intelligence, but the way you did things wasnt similar to mine.(let alone the fact i am way too stuborn:D:D )

So since now i am finally capable of seeing you and understand completely your ways, please let me say this.
The amount of work and effort you put into everything you do, is extraordinary. If only there were a few more like you, this site would be much more different.
I really admire you, and respect you. By now, i find it very hard to refuse anything at all to you, simply because you deserve every single act of appreciation you can get, and you definitely have MY appreciation for that matter.

Thank you for being you. If you ever need a crazy,funny,schizophrenic artist friend, i am here for you.:cuddle:
Dont ever change! :love:  
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ArielRGH Traditional Artist
Elsa, this time you completely f***ed me. In a good way, though. The works are just way too good, and there's also the fact that several of my friends are participating in the poll. So I just couldn't decide and had to use a random number generator to cast my vote. Fortunately the vote went to one of my friends :)
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glunac General Artist
I voted lets see how it does.
They are all fantastic & of superior quality.
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