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All participants are voting to find our winners and they'll be revealed on the 20th January.
Stay tuned.

:wave: Hello to all members of Global-Photos

I thought it would be fun to have a contest. I really like contests! :D
Even if you don't win, it's nice to participate - you can show your work to others!

So, what is my idea for this contest?
To run a contest in 2 categories, Photography and Photomanipulation, with the theme "LIGHTs".

What do I want to see?
Anything related to light: it can be a candle, a fireplace, a rainbow, a strange glow, sun rays, xmas lights, dim light or bright light (but, please photographers, don't photograph the sun!: you'll ruin your camera, your eyes and ours!).

Some examples of beautiful lights:


Light by 1maliniak1 Last seconds of light by Invi-Light Light by Bufflyslayer
Last Light Best Light? by Capturing-the-Light
 If There Is A Light by WishmasterAlchemist Light Up My Life by closer-to-heaven
Be Light by solefield Light by michael746
Autumn light by WiciaQ  of Light by zemotion


Yellow Light by AprilLight Into the light by 38DDmisswhiplash
Dawn of Light by emilieleger Light in Her Rose Garden by AprilLight
light by BaxiaArt Into The Light by Velaija
Light the Way by Emerald-Depths
And Then There Was Light by emilieleger Sweet Light by ForestGirl

Only members can participate, so if you aren't a member just join us.
Take in consideration that this is a contest - to be fair, YOU and only you (who are participating) have to vote! Not in a poll, but in a private voting and if you don't vote, you won't be eligible to win!

The Contest folders will be open on the 15th November and you will have the opportunity to submit 2 (new) works to each folder.

On my behalf, I'm going to give a 150 :points: to the winner and 100 :points: to the 2nd place on each category. 
If we have more than 25 participations on photography and more than 15 on photomanipulation I'll add 100 points to each prize. 
Also, anyone wanting to give some prizes please comment below. 

Donations are also very welcome here :iconatlasmyworld:

Now, please pay attention to the rules:

Rules to enter the Contest "LIGHTs"

:bulletred: You have to be a member to submit to the contest folders, all submissions will be automatically accepted (only in the end I will see if you have fulfilled the rules and if your work doesn't meet all conditions it will be removed from the contest folder, so pay attention, please);

:bulletred: The contest starts on the 15th November 2014 and you have until the 30 December 2014 (it won't be extended) to submit ; then, we will be voting until the 9th January 2015 and I'll be announcing the winners and giving the prizes on the 11th January 2015;

:bulletred: All works should be submitted to the correspondent folder: 

      CONTEST Photography…
      CONTEST Photomanipulation…

:bulletred: ALL WORKS SHOULD BE NEW TO DEVIANTART, which means it can be a photography you have taken on 2012, for example, I won't pay attention to the camera data - the work must be submitted to dA on November or December 2014;

:bulletred: Provide a link or a thumb (if you are a Premium Member) on your artist's comments to this blog and please refer you are entering this contest;

:bulletred: You can enter 2 times on each folder and who enters to one folder may also enter the other, in a total of 4 works from the same author;

:bulletred: The submissions are automatically accepted, during the submissiom period I won't supervise them to make sure they fit the theme and follow the rules- so you will not have the chance to submit another work, please make sure you have followed the rules!, or your work will be removed from the contest folder and will not make it to the voting period;

:bulletred: YOU will be the judge!
ALL members entering the contest will have to vote and only the members entering the contest will vote. When the time comes I'll tell you how to vote. If you don't vote to choose your favourites, then you won't be eligible to win;

:bulletred: The prizes are:
  • 1st Place on each folder  -  150 points +50 points from donations (* +100 :points: if we have more than 25 entries on photography and more than 15 entries on photomanipulation)
  • 2nd Place on each folder  - 100 points +50 points from donations (* +100 :points: if we have more than 25 entries on photography and more than 15 entries on photomanipulation)
  • Features for all winners on Egil21's journal.
  • Features for all winners on Nameda's frontpage.
                                                                                        *more prizes may be added.       

:bulletgreen: If anyone is willing to give features or any prize to the participants please let me know by commenting below. 

:bulletgreen: Donations can be made to our support account here :iconatlasmyworld:- all donors will be featured at the end of the contest;

DONORS :icontomgarot: :icondulaniy:       

:bulletgreen: Please ask me if you have doubts, and if you have any suggestions please go on - talk to me - you're most welcome!

:iconglobal-photos: :iconatlasmyworld: :iconglobal-photos: :iconatlasmyworld: :iconglobal-photos:

If you are entering the contest please fave :+fav: this blog !

:iconthefavouriteshowcase: :iconglobal-photos: :iconsoulcollectors:

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