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We are starting another month, don't forget that TheFavouriteShowcase has its Monthly Challenge: March is the month of PRIMAL COLOURS.
Any piece featuring the colours blue, red or yellow is accepted.

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Ice cold by HendrikMandla Anna by emuciss Elsa by CristianSJuarez Curtain in the Sky by SereneIllustrations
Predator by RuslanKadiev Clouds on the Sky by allison731 Bow Fiddle Rock by Rajmund67 
Cinderella by ElenaDudina The Moon Gate by VikingWidunder Floaty Hearts + Gilded Dreams by Snow-Owl Milky Way by LadyDattebayo 
North Sea Dusk with Walker+Dog: Norfolk UK by Coigach Commission - Ellie by pin100 Temptation 4 by jminsart 
 Proposings by Saskle demon of night by Varagka She And Her Dragon by avafury 
Escape Night by dfjuanma15 Akhiryonh - ART WAR Challenge submission by Nassima-Amir C :: Love Me Not by rimuu Speechless Message by Blusaga 
The Blue Moment #24 by romainjl Temptation 4 by jminsart apple by personnedali
Dazzled by ElenaDudina 2017 Year of the Rooster by MidnightTiger8140 Ultimate Spider-Man - Web-Slinger by DashingTonyDrake 
Crystal x by LS-1302 Cat love by dasidaria-art Take my dreams by FlashW
Foot-In-Mouth by sallemander <da:thumb id="658516582"/> Aries .zodiac. by Namwhan-K Parrot by beckhammond 
Captured In Love by coby01 Wishes by Dedina89  
 The Moon Gate by VikingWidunder  Spring Flowers by Clu-art
Jen in Magenta by JoseHerb Quebrada - 2016 by andresbestardmaggio Pyramidal abstraction by lazy-brush El rei lleo by arualmk
I miss Summer by dashakern  grapes and strawberries by PutyatinaEkaterina Beyond the Clouds by Ellysiumn
Keeping silence: Lake by artMARUSIK You Found Me by Mr-Ripley
Eurasian blue tit (Cyanistes caeruleus) by PhotoDragonBird Terra de Llegenda by arualmk

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AllArtSupport is having a contest with 2 themes: "STEAMPUNK" and "DREAMS"

All info here: CONTEST MARCH 2017 - CLOSED:iconallartsupport:
Six years ago, on the 12th November 2010, Stephanos MamoruK1N founded this group.
Last October Stephanos gave me the points to upgrade us to Super Group, so we have much to celebrate!
Our festivities started with a Portraits Contest.
Now, let's have another contest!

Contest Announcement (12th Fev 2017)

Today starts our contest with 2 themes at your choice "Steampunk" and "Dreams".
What do we want to see?
Good art, amazing pieces, all kind of traditional/digital art, photography or photomanipulation.
These themes have been chosen and voted by you on this poll
The themes are open to your imagination, so anything is possible.
Anyway, pay attention to the rules and read them carefully, so your work can be accepted.

Rules to enter the Contests "Steampunk" and "Dreams"
Bullet; Red

Take a look to the entries:

Time Will Shushh Me by KarinSPhotography A rose in the city of chimneys by Julianez <da:thumb id="664025124"/>
From love to hate-My Dark Valentine by Renata-s-art Dragon by TRYBcomPL


The sunrise of wayfarer. Diptych by OlgaSternik
Female fantasy portrait by Vilenchik Dreaming by Martith Spell To Diana by Kennyfiddler <da:thumb id="663307663"/>
Her Edges by RoopamLunia It is a time of romance by dashakern


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I'm taking care of two more groups: CelebrityPortraits and dream-club.

They are both established groups, unfortunately CelebrityPortraits was abandoned so I asked the Founder if I could take care of it, which she agreed.

dream-club has been very well taken cared of by the previous founder and it is a pleasure and a honour to manage it.

Both will join TheFavouriteShowcase on its Monthly Challenge along with the other affiliates.
Visit them and see if they are good homes for your art, I'll be very happy to welcome you.


Dean by jeanettk
Rachel McAdams by LandinDesign John Wick by cfischer83
Watercolor painting of Logan by chaseroflight Emma Roberts (Popfest) by PaulTheDoodlebug

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Snow White by Nikulina-Helena The Hara Of Reptar by Dragons-Denn In DeePesT SiLenCe by mimikascraftroom
The-Yellow-Speed by Mr-Xerty Ulquiorra-Rebirth by ainelovia
Ghost by dorothyPa04 KATZENHAUS II by anriloane
Keep of the Thousand Falls by Steves3511 Outside Hanging Castle Ball by bgerr

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