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July 11, 2007
Ayofe Theme for Symbian S60v3 by =eggy shows an elegant and stylish design for your cellphone. After seeing this one, I'm sure we can expect more quality works from him in the future!
Featured by mauricioestrella
Suggested by Kjherstin
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Ayofe Theme for Symbian S60v3

This theme has been designed to run on Symbian Series 60 3rd Edition. It's been tested using the Nokia N95 but should run on any Symbian S60v3 handset. As long as the screen resolution is 240x320, otherwise everything will be blown out of proportion.

All the elements exist of vectors and have been made using Illustrator. It's my very first theme ever. I do plan on releasing an updated version with an additional wallpaper but for now this will have to do :p

Credits go to the following people:

-Gerrit Vanoppen (designer of the original Ayofe visual style)

-Xcaliber & Gerrit (for designing the original icons)

-FOURimpressions [link] (creator of the Aerolove background which has been recreated as a vector in the theme)

But most of all, thanks to my girlfriend kjherstin ;)


<03 July> A few things have been fixed/improved and the input highlight (the search box) has been skinned now.

<08 July> A lot of standard icons, found in newer S60v3 phones, weren't listed in Nokia's theme studio. These have now been added manually as 'third party icons' and have also been themed.

<11 July> Some minor changes such as the way passive tabs appear in landscape mode.

<15 October> Carbide.ui 3.2 allows the calculator buttons to be themed so these have been done now. A bug/glitch with the tabs has been fixed as well.
© 2007 - 2021 eggy
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Sanzcloudz's avatar
this is unique...
husainpatan's avatar
ur theme looks awesolme! i hav an e50 but it says certificate expired please help!!
Thanhtai2009's avatar
try changing your phone day/time to 2010 or earlier before install this
gigahoo8's avatar
any chance this theme with .nth ??? work on my nokia phone?
Bloker's avatar
is there anyway we can port it to 320X240? can we do anything to help?
eggy's avatar
Well, simply porting it won't be easy. It probably isn't fully compatible with the latest version of Symbian to begin with. Porting it to 320x240 won't be so easy... I never had a 320x240 Symbian phone myself and if anyone would port my theme, I would rather do it myself I'm afraid... At least that way I can vouch for the quality.
dsma's avatar
Just brilliant work! I hope you'll not mind if I will create exactly the same job for symbian 9.4? :)
eggy's avatar
You'll have to ask the original creators of the Ayofe theme and icons (see the description) for permission, not me. I wouldn't like it if you would make an exact copy of my theme, however...
Stiria's avatar
just found this theme and absolutely fell in love with it! tried to install but it says certificate has expired >< judging by prev comments i'm guessing i won't be the only one who'd really, really appreciate it if you could renew the certificate?? thanks sooooo much <3
HellsPlumber's avatar
Awesome theme, great work =D
LacrimaArgenteus's avatar
It looks great! The only problem is that my phone says the certificate has expired. Any halp?
DashiWomann's avatar
My screen is 240x320 but when i try to instal your theme it says that the certificate is out of date. Do you know what i have to do?

Thank you, I really like your theme :)
lithium3r's avatar
There's some minor glitches in the theme. First of all since i have 4 rows of icons in the menu, those uppermost icons are above that squared line, same thing happens when you're writing a message. The text is partly above that line. Otherwise it's a great theme.
eggy's avatar
I wanted to release a version with an alternative background, since it's impossible to avoid issues like these with the current one. If it won't look strange on one phone it will on another. Carbide.ui is quite an annoying app in that aspect, on your phone the theme never looks the way it does in the application.

I never finished this second version due to some personal matters though. On top of that, I'm not currently using Windows either so I can't even run Carbide at the moment.
Opalino's avatar
zerojad's avatar
wo.. Pretty Cool, looks simple and light. :)
1qazxz's avatar
It doesn't work with nokia latest firmware unhacked phones due to certificate errors.
Here's the instructions for those who want this theme installed on their s60v3 handset WITHOUT HACKING it:
1: Download the theme from this page.
2: Go to [link] and follow the instructions to submit this theme for symbian certificate signing online.
3: Go to your e-mail inbox to confirm your sis submission to symbiansigned.
4: Wait a few minutes and then go again to your inbox to reveive the signed theme download link.
5: Download the theme from symbiansigned website and here you go! you can install it without any certificate errors.
1qazxz's avatar
Certificate error. Contact application supplier.
Kjherstin's avatar
:wave: I have featured this theme in the "Cell Phone Theme Feature" news article.
harrye's avatar
hey, i tried to install this theme but the phone came up with a "Expired cirtificate" message and failed the installation, wouldnt supposed anyone knew a away around this?
DYR-R's avatar
you should credit "heylove" too, since she has created the shaded-iconset which you get obviously "inspired" from...

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