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Super Smash Brothers Ultimate - Isabelle Icon *SNAP* I caught a giant snakehead! But where's the rest of the snake?
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Wasn't she mentioned as to having done exercises to strengthen her arms in New Leaf? I seem to recall that.

Lol! Look out, Snake!

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The sheer agony in snakes eyes is scaring me

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how is she so strong!?

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Doomguy tought her many things. And if he gets into Smash Bros, the meme will be revived.
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Lol poor snake he had muscles but in the end he lost XD
BILLPC2684's avatar

snake gotten beaten up by a little dog girl XD

duckgirl786's avatar

Me against my brother

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I cant counter Isabelle at all except with Ganon oml. Very accurate.:nuu:

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Isabelle: "I told you,Mr. Snake. Not to sneak up on me..."
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I've never played SSBU before, but I do know this: Isabelle is NOT to be trifled with.

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Just watched Zero's analysis video on how a 15 years old Isabelle main won against the best Snake main in the world. I mmediately thinking about this
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Yet this isn't the strangest thing Snake has seen or experienced x3
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Who let the dogs out
scotttheravenger's avatar
i thought they would be good together. snake loves dogs so this just feels wrong
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This is so cute, and yet so hilarious! Isabelle never skips arm day. XD
Amazing work!~ :heart:
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Thank you! Kao Emoji-04 (Cute) [V1] Every day is arm day when she whips out the fishing rod. SWOLE Laze 
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One does not simply mess with Isabelle.
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Never underestimate the power of the mighty doge!
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*whispering* quite, take her out
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