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It has been almost a year since I updated this... I just started a wordpress and I am going to try to write and post photos there regularly. I will still dump my art here, but I will also post new pieces on wordpress.
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I am back at Christina's again for a bit. I am helping her pack as she is moving to the mainland at the end of the month. She has a good start on things, but there is a lot to be done still. Boring stuff I won't write about. I had quite a few adventures over the last month or so. On mother's day we had a cookout at Old A beach. It was nice. Dysfunctional family is the best description, given by Guy. Everyone drank and ate and was merry. We had 2 Moms present most of the day, Vikki and Lena. It was also Guy and William's birthdays (or at least a day or 2 close). I chipped in the last 15 bucks I had and a small bit of weed. They had a full BBQ going, skewers with meat, shrimp, veggies, and pineapples galore. When in Rome... so I had some meat. It didn't agree with me, but I had a good time. Played at soccer off and on all day. Pulled a leg muscle, and then another one (abdomen) yesterday as I climbed the tree right out of my hammock, dumb move.

I had a "run in" with an older local who told me I couldn't camp where I was b/c it was a county park. I knew this, but I was out of sight and very few, if any, people came that way. The only ones I did see were the people camping deeper in, John, Vikki, Louis, and William. Anyway, he 'scolded' me in a not so harsh was, and on is way out he said I could camp as long as I wanted on the other side of the fence. I wasn't far from it and thought I wasn't allowed to cross it as it was land for Hawaiian Children. There is a camp, real nice one I stayed at once and got scolded, again not harshly, ages  ago when I first got there. Anyway Norman, the local, says it is partially his land (in a trust) and that it was MY LAND ALSO! This is a HUGE compliment coming from a local to a Haole (white person) like me. I moved as he requested and found 2-3 even better, in some ways, sites. It is funny how Hawaii leaches you lessons with love and not harshness. So many times has this sort of thing happened, both directly to me and stories I've heard.

Also got my USB cord for the Zune Brent gave me. It is real nice, but the software it uses really stinks.

Lauren called the other day. Her Grandpap is very sick and looks to be dieing. The story is very sad and since it isn't mine I won't share it here. Suffice it to say, as sad as that situation is, I was glad to hear from her. She mentioned coming to visit and that stoked me for sure. Also congrats to her for graduating. School sucks. That is a big accomplishment in my opinion.

Well, Zen just woke up so I am going to go deal with that. I'll write more some other time. Seems he is the center of the world when he is around. I am taking it as either training or a lesson... or both.
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Looking back and looking forward both share one thing in common. Looking. I am thinking this might be a good way to get my journals and notes into a digital format. Scanning might be nice, and fast, but it would not be searchable and quickly cut and paste editable. Either way I will do as many as I can on here. Then in the future sometime weave them together.

So it is my second day completely free. After Christina and Zen headed out Sunday, and I dealt with the car on Monday I have been playing constantly. Probably been smoking a one hit ever 30 minutes or so on average since sometime Monday. At least when I am awake. Last night I even got into a bottle of YEllowtail, a few Xannies, and more buds. All of this has lead to life at the eggrole center pretty fucking fun. I spend my days playing with the hacky sack, though I am still terribad at it. It is decent exercise also. Just jumping around for a while. Then I like to drum, sometimes to music, sometimes without. Sometimes I get into beat grooves, sometimes I just ramble into the day. I make sure to practice piano here and there through the day. I started yesterday. I know all the keys, and can run up and down with left and right hands. Still slow doing them together. I started twinkle twinkle today also. It is boring, but good practice when going up and down gets old. Dinners when Christina was here were usually pretty amazing. She'd have a pan of veggies for me all the time. Plus rice and nori. There was often more to indulge in as well. Now that I am solo again I am eating pasta, rice/nori (just ran out of nori, have 50lbs of rice). Nori is a dry seaweed wrap for rice. Add some sauce or veggies, whatever. That is a fast burrito like meal.

Also smoking so much I can't shake the munchies. Oh well, I have found 1 mac nut and 1 animal cracker at the same time is to die for! Sprouted bread is also good, and for you to. Must be kept in the cold for else it will spoil in the sun to quickly. Ha, I am rambling. Have been doing this since I started on a Jack Kerouac kick. "Dharma Bums" right now. I also just finished "Being Peace". It wasn't revolutionary really, but it gave a new found appreciation of standing in another person's shoes and seeing the problem from both sides. Being sympathetic to all, and striving for one peaceful global community.

Anyway, this was after a Castaneda kick. I actually need to get the last 2-3 chapters of "Journey to Ixtlan" done today. I hate being on 2 books at once. "Being Peace' was an exception because it was Christina's and I wanted to get it done asap. Now I should really get into more of her library instead of the stuff I can take with me... hmm.

Anyway, I think I am gong to go play in the gorge for a bit. It is nice and breezy. Just right for a little exploring!

Down into the gorge forever cursing the smell of bricklaying buffalo and their mad way of smoldering the earth in such a fine twiddle that you could almost miss it if you didn't stop to look.

So yeah I went to the ravine. There are at least 3-4 different moves I can practice there. Nothing high either, all nice and safe. Nothing I couldn't do, but I am sure i can harden them up with ground starts. Was really good fun. I had to overcome fear a few times in the moves for hard starts, but that is good practice. Got some good sun as well. Once face I could clear off nice would be great, but in the sun it was HOT.

Talking on AIM now to klinky. I am thinking about dinner. No nori, grr. More pasta maybe. I am thinking the gnocchi. Talk and talk and the sunset nears. I will have to pause this soon. I have been listening to Modest Mouse a lot today. I never liked them, but this album is great. I did many watercolors again. I think even a mixed media.
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So I have not updated this in ages. I moved to Hawaii at the beginning of the year and never looked back. I did some work trade in Pahoa, then got "kicked out" sort of. Basically we don't mesh well. At least the one owner and I. I got on well with everyone else. Anyway... after that I was homeless for a while in Kona. That was sick fun. Living on the beach, church meals, snorkeling and reading the days away. now I am in Kawaihae living with a friend and her son. I am helping out and will watch the house when they go to the mainland in a week or so. Basically I get this amazing house to myself for ~3 weeks to meditate, read, do art, whatever in. It is immensely beautiful as well. I am working on getting some photos up to flicker and or here.

Been writing a lot also. I suspect I'll have a nice collection of short stories from Hawaii. I meet so many people here and so much happens that the stories and experiences just roll on in. I love it. So much that I am going to go read and write a bit now.

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I'm in Pittsburgh now. It is less than 30 degrees almost every day. It is snowing now, something like 7 inches expected... I am leaving for Hawaii on Jan 21. It can't come soon enough.

Xmas was pretty good. Saw family. Saw some friends. Trying to see more before I leave again.

Been smoking tons of bud. Very little xan. Staying with Dad now. Ran out of food a day or 2 ago. He bought me some food, how awesome. I'll give him some money when I leave. I don't want to go out in the cold.

Drank a lot over xmas. Didn't seem problematic. Stayed in an old broken bed. The springs were shot. No one else liked it. I am light. It suited me perfect. Ate much meat over xmas. Seems more problematic.

Seems less "sad" here than expected. Still depressing in the cold. The people kept my mind off it. Not any longer though.

Still no tattoo. Must get started.
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hmm, for whatever reason I've been feeling better and better over the last few days. I started writing a story/screenplay I really like. I am forcing myself to write 10 pages in my notebook that are completely relevant to it every morning before I do anything else. I figure if I can keep up the pace I can have it halfway done before I even go home for Xmas. Plus it gives my mind something to focus on in the downtime.

The other night I was still feeling crummy and scanned a bunch of old work. I plan on uploading them over the next few weeks also. Most will end up in scraps, but there might be a keeper or two hidden in there.

I've got my flight book and I leave on the 18th for Pgh. I am kind of dreading it. I should want to see my family and friends more, but meh, I seem pretty uncaring. Moreso than the social side of things, I don't konw how I am going to fair in the weather. Two days ago it was 81 degrees here. I was sunning on the beach, soon I will be in sub 30 degree days and snow...

I had hoped to of secured a new place to stay by the time I left, but if not oh well. The winds of fate are a close friend of mine now.
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I have a cold. I am so tired. Not from the cold, just in general. I spent the past few months on the beach and I am tired. As expected I peaked maybe a week or so ago, should be downright shitty by the end of the year.

I am melting before my very eyes. A slow, soft melt. Like ice cream on a warm, but not scorching day. It doesn't happen all at once, but instead is a slow drawn out process. The first layer flows, gathering momentum like a coming avalanche. It creeps faster and faster until, drip, you've got a glob of french vanilla on your shoe. All the while, you are thinking about how your soiled your nice new shoes, the rest of the ice cream continues to liquefy. Before you know it you're knee deep in ants, being slowly devoured... and all b/c you didn't eat your ice cream.

I met a random guy on the beach, I think he was a cop. I was tripping and we had a long talk. Then I tried to talk to some lady, she seemed scared. My two thoughts I brought back were: "We are the grass" and "give some garbage".
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So I finally did it. I got rid of pretty much everything I owned, got on a plane bound for southern Florida, and made a go of it. I didn't have a plan or a place to stay, but the kindness of strangers won the day and I landed myself an apartment attached to a house about 3 blocks from the beach!

The landlady is cool as hell and I help her out when I can in exchange for reduced rent. She, just like all the other people I've met here, is super nice. A million times nicer that those meany Pittsburghers.

Pretty much every day I spend at least a few hours on the beach. Reading, listening to music, and swimming are my jobs for each day, and I do them with a smile on my face!

I still would like to get a bike, as walking to the store takes 1.5-2.5 hours depending on which one I go to. The one off the island is much nicer, but is about 1.5 miles each way, not the funnest walk in the world, but oddly enough it isn't something I complain about. It is kind of nice to have to set aside half a day just to grocery shop hehe. Gives you a sense of how slow life moves here; it goes beyond my mantra is "island time" to a point of almost feeling like you are living in a slow drying oil painting!

Once I get a usb cable I will post some pics!
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So a few days ago I crashed my car into my grandma's. Totaling hers, mine is jacked, but drivable... spent a few days in the hospital, more b/c I am a fucking lunatic than for injuries. The gravity of it all hit me pretty hard, I think it was for the best.

I am always so stressed out I guess, I gotta learn to just let it go. I knew this for a long time, but now it finally hit home so to speak. I am in the process of getting myself moved out of here (5 weeks time line). I plan to head south, get a job on a cruise ship for 6 months and then see how I feel.
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So yeah, I need to live on the beach. Specifically a non-tourist trap place. Someplace chill, where you can just hang with good people. A nice little sailboat and the endless oceans. Remote islands that just beg to be hiked. Untouched reefs and never-ending waves. Ahh, such it is to dream.

Oh yeah, radiohead show in 48 hours!
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Well not REALLY! About as bad as my troubles get is not having much weed and leaving for vacation in less than 2 days.

Pretty stoked to be going on vacation, Indy races and then Emerald Island NC.

I have done quite a few works in the past week or so, and I hope it continues through my break. I mean drawing on the beach? Come on!
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So the past few weeks have been pretty good. Once my foot healed I was able to enjoy the weather a bit. Had a good birthday, nothing out of the normal, but I didn't want any hoopla. Finally got a few blank CDs (thanks chrom and random dude at the record store) so I have in rainbows in the car finally. I am torn on using my last CD on Pulp, Blur, or Brian Jonestown Massacre...

I've been drawing a lot, but I end up not having the colors to finish so I have like 4 almost finished pieces. I kind of like it this way so I can do whatever I am in the mood for. I also got some acrylics so I am going to try my hand at painting for the first time in many moons.

I am supposed to give a presentation tomorrow, but I am so far over time it isn't even funny. If I go fast I can get done in 20min, and I have like 5... So I have been vegging out cutting that up all day really.

Oh yeah, the whole reason I wanted to update this. I got tickets to radiohead in aug! Woo I am more than stoked about it! Seats sold out in less than a day, but there were/are still lawn tickets available. This makes up for probably missing volta this friday.
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My foot is starting to feel better, but still hurts like whoa. I am so sick of sitting here, im bored... blah.

I tripped last night and it really cheered me up. I wrote a lot and had some good conversations.

Oh and I also made this little power point that I plan on plastering all over campus as a sort of "protest against not nice things". It basically show images of things like famine, war, basic inhuman acts. It is sad, but that is sort of the angle I was going for:…
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So last night I kind of got in a fight with the wall, and the wall won. I don't think I broke any bones, but I did a number on my foot. Stupid me I know, I just had a lot of crap on my mind and when I didn't have as much money as I though (and thus could not buy supplies) I got pissed and took it out on the garage wall.

Now I am stuck here at the computer and I can barely work on anything as the pain is so much and it is really awkward to work with my leg elevated anyway.

Music is filling the time for now. Kind bud is taking care of the pain.

Oh, if my foot isn't better enough to dance at the Volta show in a few weeks I will be a sad boy indeed. I am already thinking about maybe some heavy duty/steel toed shoes to protect my foot from a trampling... hmmm
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so i guess this is just me ranting about how i am fed up with the whole world. i have ramped up into hardcore recycling mode. like a million bags of stuff all sorted out. the problems isnt even that though. it is far more basic, almost inherent at this point, but it wasn't always this way. What am I talking about?


the endless NEED to just buy a new ____.

now don't get me wrong, I am all about moving forward, in fact that is what I am all about, but whey do i need a new cell phone with some new features to play with? I have several friends who have gone though multiple phones in one year. Like one breaks so they get a new one, it breaks they get new one.

why are we making shit that breaks so damn easy? companies BUILD IN FAILURE!

You can recycle until the cows come home, but so long as you are stll buying into their bullshit consumeristic system, nothing will change.

i may not have a future, but someone does, and is it really that hard to just do the right thing?
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