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Scratchie Brushes

They don't have to be gore brushes - I just like that colour red. :)

Scratch from 8mm film, use however you like, check out the rest of this account for more grunge badness.

Brushes x 6
500 - 700 px
Photoshop CS

Love Sid
© 2006 - 2021 eggler
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Thank you so much
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Iintimidating 12  hi i used here thank you so much for the brushes
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Thank you for your Brushes!! :) (Smile) 
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how to download?
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thanks for sharing
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I've used these here : [link] : thank you much!
Y34RZ3R01SH3R3's avatar
Used 'em in my latest. Thanks for uploading them helped my styling lots.
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Sorry, i no it now ;)
Kinomiki's avatar
How do you download them..? :nuu:
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Heyho, I couldn't resist using those wonderful brushes as background addition, thank you so much for making those!

oh yeah, he's the link if you wanna see how they were used (no worries bout selling them to Russians or something lol no one hardly pays visit to my dA page :D ) [link]

Have great holidays (christmas etc etc)
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Does this include photosop CS2?
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They should be fine in CS2. Sorry for the almost half-a-year late reply.
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it's ok better a rely than none at all ^_^ ty
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does this work for photoshop elements i think 6.0...?
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I used some of those brushes here: [link]
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how do you even get the brushes?!?!
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Depends on what version of Photoshop you use. Have a look in your help file, but it'll involve you to download them, put them in a special folder and 'import' into your brush palette.
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Oi, I totally fell in love with those brushes and using them in almost every drawing to make it look at least okay. Feel free to check the gallery - oh you want to be linked? I forgot about that, but it's not stealing right?
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Some brush makers require you to give attribution, but I do not. :)
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