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Skin is probably one of my favorite things to color. 

This isn't exactly a tutorial. These aren't always skin tones I use. I just kind of picked random tones that may or may not be skin colors (this is probably more manga oriented). 

I use Paint Tool Sai. I only use one layer of skin, opacity preserved. That means all my shading is on the same layer of the base. Recently, I've gotten into only using the marker tool, so I only used the marker tool for this. The only setting I changed was the blending capability. Like if you zoom in, you can see my strokes. 

Not sure if this'll help anyone or anything, as it was more for practice, but I'm glad if it does. uvu

[step by step] -- eye could have sworn by ArifeeSome kind of coloring tutorial by Arifee
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Used as a reference hereBunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] 
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Thank you so
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I've had Sai for a few years now and am only recently starting to use it but this is really helpful as far as color choice goes. Thank you!
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Ahh, I'm really glad!! 
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your shading is beauty :iconsempaicrydesuplz:
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omf i swear ive seen you before //stare
but thanks haha!!
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have you really lmao

you're welcome! :iconohdokiplz:
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Your digital painting skills are God-like O___O

I paint like a 5 year old compared to this XD
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Ahh, thanks! 8D 

Pfft, but you're new to digi painting. xD And your lines are way better than mine already. xD
And a good majority of your skills (ANATOMY, CLOTHES FOLDS, EFFING HANDS) make mine look like they were completed by a 5year old. |D
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I guess I'm new to it but still ^__^" Plus I spend a million years on perfecting my lines XD

Haha my hands still look like claws sometimes, they are the bane of my existence :P
But you have improved a lot, I can tell :) (Even if I haven't been on DA for a while...)
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this is useful
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I hope it serves some use! :')
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it already is! ^^
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This is beautiful. You shade absolutely wonderfully <3 :D
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Thanks so much! <3
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You're welcome :3 <3
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you sure are a fuzzy pickle

thats what I love about chuuu
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