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I'm mostly a hobbyist artist working off commission. I long for art classes and want to get into the business of 3D modelling. I don't post around much, mostly because a lot of my art is commissions and i try to be respectful about posting other peoples' OCs. It's weird idk.

I'm anxious, but not at all unwelcoming. I appreciate kind words and love constructive criticism.

To Commission Me: Go here for Open Dates and Join my Discord if you want to set up a direct ping the very second I officially open.



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GunsparceHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured
world's nicest goat ///:>
It's Ravena! Hope you remember me, lol! ~
I do remember you! It's been a long time, how have you been?
Good, good. And yourself? ~
Busy, haha, but I'm as good as I can be!
piranha-haHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh so youuuuuu're the one who draws for all the psyke people. Lovely work you have!!
aaahh thank you so much, that means a lot coming from you ;o; black heart [version 2]