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Periodic table of Minecraft

By egeres
Periodic table of Minecraft
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This was an official t-shirt some years ago.
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D O N ' T   T R U S T   V E G E T A L
Meme man emotion 
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update the periodic table
theres now a hell of a lot more bricks now out
love to see how big it got after minecraft vertion 1.5
egeres's avatar
yes, i have to, probably i'll do that this thursday... should i add that new periodic table as a new deviation ?
drageta's avatar
i say ya
so people still have the old table to show how it all started.
I need to update my shirt... its still in beta :3
MineCraftatron85's avatar
Anyone notice that the BirchWood and PineWood is switched and the Bookcase and Glowstone have the same "Co"
egeres's avatar
didn't i fixed that D:, thanks for the advice
They should be in Latin.
sonicnarutoTDpg's avatar
All this needs is milk, nether brick and end stone...
will you be updating this...

(P.s. saw your work, how are you not featured???)
picknell's avatar
16 and 89, both cannot be Co ;)
egeres's avatar
em, sorry, 89 is Go (glowstone)
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This is pretty neat and nicely laid out. You might want to check some of your symbols though, it seems you have multiples of "Co" (coal, copper...bookshelf?) but after having to stare at it for so long to work on it I can imagine overlooking them would be inevitable, so I don't blame you for making a few mistakes. When I send this to my little brother to use as a wallpaper I doubt he'll even care. :D
Welcome2whereeverweR's avatar
Don't know if this is just me,
But does the Birch Wood say PW
and the Pine Wood say BW?
egeres's avatar
That's what I need!!! My 9 year old would so love that
egeres's avatar
^^ it's free, so if you wanna print it i dont care :)
ravenpeters's avatar
^ me too.

milk should be in the liquid table!
egeres's avatar
mm, yes, also, this table needs the endstone >_<
CXkacho's avatar
Looks good, but you mixed up Pine (Spruce) & Birch in the pictures.
Secret-Asian-Man's avatar
would love to have a nice big poster of this hanging on my wall
egeres's avatar
^^ i printed 2 t-shirts with the table
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