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0006# free SoSugary gallery theme by Efruse 0006# free SoSugary gallery theme by Efruse
matching theme for G-Portal sites can be found here:

base theme by Oh My Morning
style transformation by Efruse

How to use? / How to install on your own So Sugary gallery?
  • after downloading the .zip file, you will see 5 things in it: a psd file (fejléc = header); custom.css; header.png (you can edit it in Photoshop if you load the psd file >> you should save it as header.png!); minta.png (preview of the theme) & a .txt file (for hungarians)
  • log in to your gallery and go to the settings >> theme settings. choose 'ohmymorning' theme as the base theme
  • settings >> theme settings >> Enable menu icons >> No
  • save the new configurations!
  • upload the header.png & the custom.css to your gallery in a private album (if you don't have an album like that than go to albums >> new album >> album properties >> Album can be viewed by: Me only! >> Update album
  • you're done!:) (Smile)
/sorry for my bad english/
ask me if you have a problem!

Használati útmutató / Hogyan kell feltölteni SoSugary gallériára?

  • a .zip fájl 5 fájlt tartalmaz: egy psd fájlt, amit ha megnyitsz Photoshopban szerkesztheted a fejlécet; header.png (fejléc); custom.css (css kód a galériához); minta.png és egy segítségnyújtó .txt fájlt
  • Lépj be a galériádba majd menj a beállítások modulba a vezérlőpulton keresztül. A Theme settings-nél alap témaként az ohmymorning-ot válaszd ki.
  • Mentsd el a beállításokat.
  • Egy privát albumba töltsétek fel a custom.css és a header.png fájlokat!
  • Készen is lennénk!:) (Smile)
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nicky83 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2018
Thank you so much for sharing, it's amazing! I'm using it in one of my gallery and I had no problem uploading it :)
exotictastes Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2017
Just a notice: ohmymorning doesn't have the base you're referring to.
Efruse Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2017  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Well SoSugary has a theme called "ohmymorning" which is made by the owner of so I thought I should refer to that since I just rewrote the original css file.:)
exotictastes Featured By Owner May 13, 2017
That makes much more sense. It wasn't very clear.
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